Can This COVID-19 Be a Wake-Up Call to Value Every Single Individual We Interact With?

This is doable when we stop being self-absorbed and start being more self-aware!

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

I need to start this with a confession: I’ve been dreaming of becoming a doctor when I was a little girl! I, unfortunately, didn’t get enough points (long story for another time) and was directed to engineering.

Today, I’m pretty sure social conditioning played a role. Still, I can say, confidently, it was also coming from my core part that was, luckily, never fully shut down.

It’s way deeper than the social status and proof of success granted to doctors — the distorted social lens part. It’s rather about an exquisite universal correct principle we call service!

This thought makes me recall a brave man moving reflection. He’s a security guy:

That moment when you start doubting your choice and asking this question, “Why the hell am I doing this?” and that a little boy appears scared, crying, and saying, “Officer, can you please help me? I can’t find mommy?”That’s when you realize it has never been about you!

I will not hide the admiration I’ve always had for doctors — at least those who have stayed loyal to their noble mission and have fiercely fought against the corrupted system and the miserable work conditions for many!

My admiration is, currently, multiplied ten times witnessing the outstanding commitment and selflessness of not only doctors but all the incredible medical staff. We will never be able to thank them enough for their priceless contributions in those hard times.

My point here is that every single individual has their place in this world — even when they’re not yet contributing to the economic balance. A high number of people are still struggling to find the most optimal way for their voices to be heard.

They need society to use their minds creatively. They need people to exploit their passion the right way so that they could give back to the global economy as much as possible. You can count me in this group!

Interestingly, this Coronavirus — I consider as a blessing — is proving the financial contribution is crucial for sure, but way less important than living a meaningful life, being in service, and making an impact no matter how big or small.

Sometimes a smile or a sincere and uplifting compliment goes a long way.

This story happened a couple of months ago in a supermarket: I was in the deli section admiring the service quality of the responsible person with a smile. I was waiting for my turn while another customer asked for information. He was looking for sausage.

I need to provide you with some context here: in Tunisia, we don’t produce sausage. We have a similar product we call “Merguez”. When it exists, it’s seldom local.

The client was a tourist. So, the employee looked confused since he didn’t even know the word. I saw it and quickly translated it. I felt he was relieved but still embarrassed. So, I added, “Oh you don’t have to know it at all, you know! It’s not part of our locally produced food! He’s a tourist, and we forgot to tell you about it; it’s not your fault!”

And I continued talking to him about it so that he could form a better idea. His questions and comments were showing how much he was actively listening! I was impressed with his internal security.

I can be so bothered by passive listeners! When I was about to go, he told me, “I wish all customers were like you”, to which I answered, “No; I was the honored one!”

What I’m trying to say here is that I’m hoping this COVID-19 could trigger a magical shift, make people less absorbed and consumed by their concerns, give them space to be present, and observe what is happening around them!

We all spent nine months in the mother’s belly — okay maybe less in some particular situations. We were all granted by the divinity the same internal gifts:Our power of choice, the Principles Center, and our four forms of intelligence or seeds of greatness. ~ Reformulation of Stephen Covey’s work.


We were born in different environments we never chose in the first place — some way less privileged than others. The grownups — conditioned themselves — finished the work of conditioning us, whether our parents/caregivers are emotionally imbalanced or suffering from a dangerous mental health disorder from the ClusterB DSM classification.

Some of us were harshly abused physically, emotionally, or even both; others in a more subtle way. And, after a while, we all leave this body the same way. The question is:How would you want to be remembered?

At the end of the day, we are no different. We all crave the same needs, and the best way to give back to the world would probably be by getting people to feel less offended and more valued.

What if you decide to make every single individual you’re interacting with feel they matter; that they have their place in this world? What if this was your most honorable success?

I am maybe writing those lines with torn eyes and shaking hands; still, with a heart full of the faith that a new wisdom era will be emerging out of this chaos.

With love, Myriam

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