Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Lead Editor

Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Jeff Herring

Repurposing Does
Create webinars and info-products from your tips

Cristina Comunian

When did we lose it?
An open question to the

Emma Laver-Scott

A Free Verse

Amy Culberg

Why It’s So Easy for Some People To Ignore the Pandemic.
How individualism is killing

Harry Hogg

A Bad Day
For one is less bad than for someone

Dr. Preeti Singh

A Special Gift
Gesture of

EP McKnight, MEd

How a Man Virus Blocks Coronavirus Pfizer Vaccine
Twenty nine word story of thousands dying from two virus, one active and one

Rae B

Why the US should walk like an Egyptian into the

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

A Life Lesson In the Least Likely of Places
A moment of inspiration on the wedding

Renay Intisar Jihad

Pairing Down to Free Myself Up
Renay Intisar


Richest Place on Earth
Do you know where is the richest place on earth? Not New York, not Dubai. The cemetery. In the cemetery, you find songs…

Thomas Hahn

This Young Woman Built A Million Dollar Empire From Her Hobby While She Was A Teenager
3 things we can learn from her

Selim Furkan Gul

Unleash Your Creativity By No Ready-Made Agenda
It may be your superpower. Unleash

Vic Bowling

Debunking Three Myths About Raising Bilingual Kids
My initial lessons learnt on how not to lose a battle with the child and

Charlene Marron

An extended haiku about achieving inner

Kevin Doberstein

Mystical Serenity
Poetry for the peaceful

Kamarun Kalam BA SW/ BACP Acc

Personal Power
If I was to ask you here and now- “Do you feel you have power in your life?” How would you answer? What do you think of…

Eviona aminda

3 Countries have had remarkable success against Covid-19, Followed by WHO guideline.
Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa are considered to Have reflected the

Catherine Jones Payne

The U.S. Presidential Election Will Not Come Down to Amy Coney Barrett
The Supreme Court may rule on a number of election questions, but there will be no 5–4 vote to hand the presidency to…

The Maverick Files

We Need to Lose Our Glasses to Really See the World
Coz they’re colored whether we know it or

Josh Bolstad

Is Suicide an Act of Selfishness?
We say it is, but is that really true?

Sethuraj Nair


Lulu deCarron

A Tragedy, And A Divine Intervention
There Are Days When Things Happen Not Easily

Clément Bourcart

Take Your Productivity To New Heights With This Simple Trick
Adopting a laser-focus approach to achieve business and personal

Annelise Lords

Psychosis: The Line Between Reality And Delusion
A Story on the Reality of our world

Tree Langdon

“And Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson”
Robber Baron Landlords

Zen Michael

To “The Man in the Arena” Fighting Coronavirus, I Say Thank You
To all, I am

David Rudder

She’s a grand golden

Alberto Guerrero

How to Avoid Being Late to The Party
You don’t want to miss out this

Randy Shingler

Warm Friendships
Feeling close bonds of warm friendships
People with whom we can freely share
Knowing sometimes silence is enough…

Harry Hogg

Nowhere Man 3
Returning to life stood

Paul Myers MBA

My First Year As a Writer
A writers story — 7 lessons after 12 months as a part-time

Deena Thomson

Things I learned in 2019
A year of

Alexandra Forsyth

Thankful and Blessed
A haiku with some morning

Janice Arenofsky

Sibling Rivalry
Storms of

Vee Goldman

Comfort In Darkness

Katherine G. MacRae

I Wish You Could Have Stayed
I wish you could have

Sean Myers

Alabama is Back to Being a Laughingstock in U.S. Politics
All it took was for Tommy Tuberville to open his mouth for us to know we were back to the old

Jim McAulay🍁

Creative Response
An examination of how 3 leaders handle

Bill Abbate

How to Make Sense of Emotional Intelligence
Why emotional intelligence is important in your

Laine Kaleja

The Power Of Consistent Schedule
And the important role of Saturdays in my weekly

Christian Soschner

Why Talent Matters and Why Not
Conor Mcgregor Returns to the


Down by the Sea-Side. Stories From Illumination and Illumination-Curated Writers
A Little Light

R. Rangan PhD

Introduction to Science & Soul
A publication by R. Rangan Ph.D. and Laura Griffith Machado,

Matt Reicher

A Life-Changing Chance Encounter
A customer in a busy retail store became my friend and changed my

Vixen Lea

The Backyard Fortress
The importance of letting children retain their innocence during this time of

Katherine G. MacRaeGet Organized at Home
Clear the

Adelia Ritchie

On the Radio, Woe Oh Oh
Pedantic punditry’s finest

John Ross

My Girlfriend’s Mom Blocked Me on Instagram

Devin Arrigo

The Individual is the Ultimate
A poem about being true to

Floyd Mori

Cut the cake into pieces.
Take a bite at a time for

Kevin Buddaeus

From Multimillionaire to FBI’s Most Wanted to Charitable Christian
The mindblowing life of Florian Homm — the rise, fall, and rebirth of one of the most notorious hedge fund managers in…

Trista Ainsworth

Keep Abundance Flowing
Taking good care of your resources brings

Daniel A. Teo

Here’s what a 14-year-old thinks about Donald Trump……
Im not sorry if this offended

Patrick M. Ohana

Please, Pardon Me
For not reading your

Terry Trueman

My Friend Sherry
The last time I saw my friend Sherry was about a week before she

Mark C. Titi

Why Nonprofits Need to Put Fundraising on the Back Burner
Shock therapy is needed to jump-start charities in peril before it’s too

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