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Moreno Zugaro

If You Only Watch One Documentary in 2020, Watch This
I’ve watched it twice in one

Andrew P. Brown III, Ph.D


Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

PO (personal opinion) of the Day
From my mind to your computer or

Ankur Patel, Ph.D.

I Ask Myself This One Question Every Morning To Live Happy Days
Its power could make you happy

Tree Langdon

My Poetry Biography — Tree Langdon
Illumination Poetry

Brett Chrest

Walking the Catacombs: My Parents are Selling My Childhood Home
After 40+ years, there’s a lot of crap to rummage

John Hendry

Don’t Put On Those Rose Colored Glasses
Just because Biden won doesn’t mean it’s going to get better

Floyd Mori

The Evangelicals’ Support of Trump is Puzzling
Much of his life and actions seem contrary to their

René Junge

Why It Is Great to Be an Artist in Germany
In Germany, too, artists are entrepreneurs. But among entrepreneurs, we are

Modern Messy

5 Relationship Lessons from Rumi
And how they are so relevant

K Ann

How At-Home Yoga Videos Changed My Life
My Back Pain Has Almost Disappeared and My Creativity and Confidence Have Increased Like Never

Tree Langdon

Reflections on Love and Life
A Selection of Stories by Tree

Trista Ainsworth

An Abundant List
Creating holiday cheer by supporting

Deepak Sethi

Relationship Between Balanced Diet And Good Health.
Importance of balanced

Amy Culberg

Attention, Female Trumpettes!
Women, can we talk?

Keno Ogbo

The Making of Butternut Squash Soup: A Story of Random Punctuation
Seeing the new in the

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Profiling In Reverse
The stereotype proved right!

Clément Bourcart

One Sure Way to Become More Successful
Use this simple mindset to achieve more in business and in

Jacopo Pagni, MSc.

3 things to know when you want to create a habit according to a behavioral study
A behavioral study suggests how to create a

Gurpreet Dhariwal

Success — The Glenn Bland Method
At earliest we make our habits and in the last our habits make

Najwa Helyer

My Fun-Uncle Is Not An Addict, He’s Just Sick
An honest recollection of my family’s experience and

Guy D. McCardle, Jr.

Vincent van Gogh
A troubled genius who never tasted

Terry Trueman

Just because we’re afraid of the answers, doesn’t mean we can avoid the questions: ego-self, life, meaning, what’s…

Sana Hashmi

3 Topics To Look For in Barack Obama’s Upcoming Memoir
A Promised Land is set to be released on November

John Ross

Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply move

Agnes Laurens

Tanka about being

Annelise Lords

Leading From The Heart
A Story about being a Leader or a

Ephraim Champion

Improve Your Life With This One Habit
Don’t keep things in your

Naf Beltran

Stop Obsessing With Your Subtitle When Your Title Is Good Enough
A subtitle is only needed for

T. Mark Mangum

T. Mark Mangum, Fiction writer (my Fiction Bio)
Imagination, wonder, thought, surprise, drama, adventure, and intrigue. I am an avid reader of fiction, all genre and I…

David Rudder

Cold Ink
Then circle slowly on thin

Nancy Ann

And Then There is Me
A Poem about being

Phil Matthew

Traveling Will Show Us What We Value
Hint: If it fits in your bag, it means its important to

Olya Aman

How Writer Can Live and Create in a Story-Book Style
I don’t need wine, cos’ I’m rather intoxicated with

Rose Bak

3 Things You Should Watch on Thanksgiving
Football is awesome, but these classics really represent the best — and worst — of the


Yes My Darling
A poem of love and

Vee Goldman

Black Monday

Manfred James

5 Things to Have in Mind After Spending 3 Months Sending Resumes Unsuccessfully
Don’t give up!

Patrick M. Ohana

An acute

Sachin Mishra

Who’s Your Best Friend
Your passion is sufficient to fuel

Alyssa Di Grazia

This is why our world sucks
Have you ever wondered why the world we live in is so unstable? So cruel and unfair, I know you

Lawson Wallace

“ Writing my Memoir
Writing because it’s cheaper than

Clément Bourcart

Being Effective at Running Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard
Want to stay on top of things and feel in control? Follow these actionable

Kevin Buddaeus

7 Signs That You Are Highly Intelligent
There is a good reason for your daily

Monami M

What Plants Can Teach You About Personal Growth
Adopt these mindsets and keep moving forward in

Abhishek Verma


Aldric Chen

Do You Hate People Who Talk Money All The Time?
I don’t. In fact, I enjoy such

Neha Sandhir S

A Spiritual Experience
For the soul by the

Terry Mansfield

Wobbly Me
Things are not always as they appear to

Samantha Scott

Struggling For Inspiration? What If You’re Already Surrounded…
Taking inspiration from what’s already around

Tim Maudlin

7 Effective Principles To Achieve Mindset Clarity
A digest of mindset

Giorgos Pantsios

A Simple Gesture CAN Change The World With The Butterfly Effect
Spread positivity one step at the

Amanze Collins

Out Of Curiosity
The impulse towards better

Julian Drach

Is Marriage Losing Its Meaning Nowadays?
And what type of bond will you form?

Raphael Paul

5 Quick Tips to Help You Wake up by 5 a.m. Tomorrow
Yes, you too can become a

Florian Hoffmann

Are You Still Thinking or are You Already Asking?
We constantly make assumptions and sometimes they hurt. Read here what causes them and how active questioning can lead…

M. Mollenthiel

On John Rawls vs Robert Nozick
Who Has the Better Vision for Society?

Ivette Cruz

I Became Resilient
Now I can

Ahsan Chaudhry

Freedom Can Be a Nightmare
You Don’t Need Too Much of

Zahra Ali

Fight Over You
My desires call me out
A choice I have to figure-out
Though roads of illusions pull me, I seek Your route
Without You…

Estelle Bardon (MyLibook)

How I Made Learning to Read Fun and Engaging for My Child
Estelle Bardon tells us the story behind the creation of MyLibook, a unique personalized book series to support early…


Sleep Procrastination
A poem about induced sleep

Ananya Ashok

A slow morning

Incantations by Shirin

What to Do if You’re Tired Without Having Done Anything
Advice for getting rid of those quarantine

Amy Marley


Sonam Lama

Success Cannot Be Pursued It Must Ensue
I was obsessed with success. However, I learned if you chase it, it will elude you. So have compassion, love and…

Jaysankar D Talukdar

It’s time to revisit- A micro


How I Have Faced My Subconscious Prejudice?
Imagine my state of mind as an immigrant. I grew up for twenty two years in India, got soaked with the ideals that…

Lori Lamothe

love in the time of

Viraj Acharya

The Uncomfortable Relationship With Birthdays
That odd feeling we

EP McKnight, MEd

How Kim Ng Became the New General Manager of Pro Sports, Miami Marlins
A short poem of the latest breakthrough for women in a male dominated pro sports and a long short story of perseverance…

Kamarun Kalam BA SW/ BACP Acc

Diseases Of The Heart
Diseases can manifest at two levels within our heart. The more commonly attributed diseases cause a malfunction within…

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