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Thomas Oppong

Struggle to Wake Up in The Morning? You Don’t Have to be a Morning Person to be Successful
Tap your energy cycle to boost your productivitymedium.com

Sebastian Purcell, PhD

Why The Buddhists and Aztecs Insist That Happiness Follows The Words You Say
What Crosses Your Lips Pre-Frames Your Mindmedium.com

Remington Write

How the Old Folks Shopped
And how the New Folks still do at Cleveland’s Famous Westside Marketmedium.com

Daniella Mini

Dear President-elect and Vice President-elect: The Bar Has Been Set High
Please, don’t let the voters downmedium.com

J.D. Harms

A Poemmedium.com

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

Fish-bone in Her Gums
It wasn’t bad enough to make her become vegetarianmedium.com

Haris Mohammad

5 Science-Backed Techniques to Help Your Brain Remember What You Learn
In the end, what you remember is what you knowmedium.com

Nikhil Vemu

UPI — India’s Way of Secure Digital Payments
It isn’t a Hyperbole that the World smells Innovation in India’s UPI.medium.com

Darcy Thiel

There’s No Place Like Home
So why can’t Dad just stay there?medium.com

Brian Dickens Barrabee

There’s A Ninja In My Bathtub
Trapped with no place to escape, the Ninja’s were apprehended with no one hurt.medium.com

Pene Hodge

Surviving COVID
This is what I didmedium.com

Dr Michael Heng

Why Data Science Needs People Management Buy-In
From Data Analytics to People Analytics to Enterprise Analyticsmedium.com

Harry Seitz

A Season of Survivor Was Filmed on an Island Nicer Than Mine
The toughest job you’ll ever love.medium.com

Christian Soschner

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Sleep Quality
Why Steve Harvey Is Wrong With His Statement.medium.com

Adriana Sim

3 Ways I Haven’t Honoured My Friendships Over the Years
Some mistakes are just unfixablemedium.com

Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

Enchanting Love of Nature
You were my morning sun peeping through the window.
Waking me up from a beautiful dream
You were my breeze in the…

Melissa Raise

We had OUR 21ST CLASS today!
Teaching fitness to adolescent kids has taught me a lot about resistance and perseverancemedium.com

Tom Handy

How to Make Your Marriage Last Forever
Keeping a marriage together is simply using the right wordsmedium.com

MaryJo Wagner, PhD

How to Use Free Tools for Better Writing
Grammarly, Spellcheck, and Find and Replacemedium.com


Living In The Past Can Be More Addictive Than Drugs
Living in the past is like an addiction. If you stay where you are, eventually, you will end up slowly destroying…medium.com

Kapil Goel

2 Powerful Lessons From The Story of Darby — A Salesman
Stickability Vs Quitabilitymedium.com


Parsley — Not Just For Decoration
A tanka and a stutterer’s response to an acrostic challengemedium.com

Randy Wolken

What Gives You The Rest You Need Now?
Rest gives you the energy you need to be awesomemedium.com

Daryl Mowat

Numbers are Meaningless; Words have Meanings
Have you ever wondered what the meaning of meaning is?medium.com

Rebecca Romanelli

Let Your Inner Weirdo Out
I’ve encountered and known thousands of people. I’ve never met a ‘normal’. Everyone’s weird in their own way.medium.com

Eunice Gikonyo, Msc Psychology

How To Earn Respect
Start with not trying to earn respectmedium.com

Eshan Samaranayake

What We Think of as Reality Is Just an Interpretation
Lessons learned from ‘Deviate’ by Beau Lotto.medium.com

Neha Sandhir S

Swallow Your Pride
Cherish being alivemedium.com

Erwin Leonardy

Getting a Job During a Pandemic
Graduating during a pandemic is beyond our control, but our attitude towards it is within our control.medium.com


Guadalupe Can Use Some Help Here
Lost: immigrants, 360 children, 545 parents, separated at the border of US and Mexicomedium.com

Aamna I. Rizvi

A French Philosopher’s Morning Checklist for An Empowered Life
Her list has relevance to our lives even after a full century.medium.com


I Am Celebrating 5 Years of Not Wearing Uncomfortable Footwear
Good Decisions Deserves Acknowledgementmedium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

Unusual Experience of Life
Valuable lessons learnedmedium.com

Tim Ebl

The Body Odor Encounter That Nearly Ruined Flying For Me
Just aCanadian trying to get to Cancunmedium.com

J.D. Harms

Couldn’t Think What to Say
A Poemmedium.com

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

The New Covid Learning Gap In Education
I predict this will impact many students for years to comemedium.com

Kris Franklin

College Football Bets for 11/21
Following and betting along with this blog over the season would have you up $310 so far. Check out the preview to this…medium.com

Nusrat Nisa

5 Platforms Where You Can Earn Money by Transcribing Audio
Rates, test systems, and my experiences with listening to people talk and writing it down.medium.com

Fleur Sauvage

6 ft Apart

Thomas Oppong

3 Underrated Habits That Can Help You Get More Done in a Day Than Most People Do in a Week
It pays to completely clear your mind and begin againmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Checklist for Quality Submissions
Improve quality and readability of your storiesmedium.com

Stuart Englander

Every Choice You Make
Has a bearing on the world you live inmedium.com

Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, Ph.D.

10 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Write on Medium
#2 and #3 are my favorite.medium.com

Jason Ward

People who gain incredible skills after head trauma
Acquired Savant Syndrome is an extraordinary conditionmedium.com

Myriam Ben Salem

Servant Leaders and the Art of Healthy Communication
Sometimes ignorance is the most effective way to disable abusersmedium.com

Daniel A. Teo

My Mother Died In My Arms
A Short Storymedium.com

Mayank Pamnani

13 Incredible Life Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg
Tap into a billionaire’s mind.medium.com

Alexandra Forsyth

Thankful and Blessed
A haiku with some morning gratitudemedium.com

John Cunningham

Let your goals be your guide
Tips for creating stronger systems to achieve successmedium.com

Kimberly Thomas

Free versemedium.com

Zachary Minott

This Quote From “The Good Place” Will Make You See Life in a Beautifully Different Way
Life is nothing more than a wave that forms, rolls, crashes, and withdrawsmedium.com

Steve Alexander🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

An Open Letter to the Georgia Voting-Eligible People Who Supported Joe Bidenmedium.com

Thomas Dylan Daniel

How To Write With Power
We write because we love it. And it makes us better. Here is a short guide to what I’ve learned about writing with…medium.com

Geri Shumer

How to Make A Thanksgiving Side Dish In Five Minutes
And everyone will LOVE it!medium.com

Shirley Willett

The Fifth Dimension Brings Different and Even Opposing Perspectives Into Coherency
We need to illuminate 5D perspectives for the crises we face in the world todaymedium.com

James Jordan

Fighting off ADHD Hibernation
There’s a difference between getting away to recharge, and hiding from the world.medium.com

Audrey Malone

How to Do Effective 1-Minute Meditation Sessions for Mental and Physical Health Benefits
Learn three simple techniques to get you started on a journey to a better well-being.medium.com

Julia E Hubbel

The Physical Cost of Outrage
It’s not pretty. And it might be killing us.medium.com

Jill Reid

Voice Your Own Opinion in Your Writing or the Message May be Lost
The story is yours to tell.medium.com

Dan Cadmus

If Your Pursuit is Happiness, Find Happiness in the Pursuit
Get lost in the process on the path to fulfillment.medium.com

John Teehan

Reach Your Goals By Eliminating These Bad Habits
No bad habit is insurmountable. Your goals are always within reach.medium.com

The Maverick Files

If Death is Our Wake-up Call, We’ll Always be Too-Little-Too-Late
And hitting snooze is not an optionmedium.com

Isaiah McCall

Are The Star Wars Prequels Better Than The New Films?
“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.”medium.com

Nihan Kucukural

Don’t Worry About the Future
Your current concerns will be history.medium.com

Manas Bhardwaj

1 Simple Trick to Make a Good and Everlasting First Impression
Smile 🙂medium.com

Fareeha Arshad

I Was 23 and Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Death
Until the Japanese Senior Citizens Saved Memedium.com

Desiree Driesenaar

How 3 Secrets and Magic Metaphors Spark Our Stories
This image combines an eye and water. So, what about tears?medium.com

Terry Mansfield

A Killer Performance by Keanu Reeves in ‘John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum’
Keanu Reeves delivers more entertaining mayhem in the most recent installment of the ‘John Wick’ action movie…medium.com

Britni Pepper

Don Trump Can Save the World
But he won’t. Here’s whymedium.com

Kristina Segarra

Pfizer Vaccine Won’t Help You Now
Why you can’t fall into a false sense of securitymedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

Seven French Students from Delaware, Canada, and Billy Joel
What could possibly go wrong in that equation?medium.com

Darcy Thiel


Floyd Mori

My Friend Has Become An Activist
Although she grew up with white privilegemedium.com

Mark C Watney

A Confession to My Wife
For Torturing Her with a Poem by Gerard Manley Hopkinsmedium.com

Jeanette C. Espinoza

The Common Bond Between A Black Woman and A“Karen”
We both want to reach for our phones to dial 911, but for very different reasons.medium.com

Casi Mclean

The Secret To Claiming Your Destiny
How to discover the passion to live your dreams.medium.com

Brylin Phillips

Practical Ways To Improve Yourself
Improve yourself with just a little practicemedium.com

Muda El Masry

Advices that changed my Writing style
3 Pieces of Advice that will help new and old writers reach their goals.medium.com

Drama Llama

The Cognative Theory a Bunch of Bananas
The ‘aha’ moment when the penny dropsmedium.com

Piyush Kamal🎖

How Can Perception Hacking Boost the Bottom Line?
Lessons from nature, airline, and amusement industrymedium.com

Yve Laran

New York City Moment I Miss
Friday Nights at the Moviesmedium.com

Kaz Matsune

These Are What I Was Able To Accomplish in 2020 Because of COVID (You Still Have Time To Do the…
I look more peaceful.medium.com

Tina Viju

This Holiday, Please Fill My Empty Chair
With Lifemedium.com

Marjorie J McDonald

How to Increase Your Productivity
Writing strategies to implement nowmedium.com

Crystal Jackson

The Things We Learned This Year We May Too Soon Forget
When 2020 is over, I hope we’ll remember what we learnedmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Imagine Sheldon On Medium
Reflections from the inner world of rowdy writers, editors, curators, publishers, and platform ownersmedium.com


Poetry and Walking
The Lockerbie Writers Poetry Safarimedium.com

Karen Madej

An Interview with Destiny
Celebrity guest presenter Madame Illume welcomes youmedium.com

Joe Luca

Sadness vs. Depression: Ain’t What They Used to Be
One Man’s Storymedium.com

Paul Thomas Zenki

Why Science Should Take the Soul Seriously
Long relegated to the realms of religion, myth, and superstition, the soul is actually our most useful concept for a…medium.com

Kevin Farran

The Donald Donald Nursery Rhyme
How Trump’s behavior will be sung in years ahead.medium.com

Luke Beling

3 Simple Ways to Radically Reduce Stress
You owe it to yourself.medium.com

Neil Shurley

Breath Mints
A short storymedium.com

Emmanuel A. Anderson

6 Things That When You Do You Can Be Great at Conversations
The skills that make one better at conversationsmedium.com

Simon Spichak

Lessons Learned from a Government Agency that Posts Surreal Memes on Social Media
How to make your messaging attractive to your target audiencemedium.com


The Way Forward
How (and why) treating the Green New Deal as a boogeyman only ensures we all lose.medium.com

Chris Holman

Should Education be Free?
How the country will benefit and pay for it; meanwhile, reducing inequality.medium.com

Karthick Nambi

I Am An Indian Dog
I was called an Indian dog by someone on Facebook for my opinion.medium.com

Shweta L

How The Brutal Communal Violence Changed My Life 24 Years Back
I saw with the naked eye they set my neighbor on fire.medium.com

Michele Thill

Change Your View On What You See
Take a NEW look on this old 2020 yearmedium.com

Erwin Leonardy

Mustering up the Temerity to Start a Startup in These Uncertain Times
This is the life-journey of a fledgeling tech-entrepreneur who attempts to go against the tide.medium.com

Cocoa Griot

My New Canvas
I decided natural is my new normal.medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Stories from ILLUMINATION-Curated
Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz — Editor in Chief Please enjoy and share. Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Cocoa…digitalmehmet.com

Adam Tabriz, MD

The Rise of Industrial America and the Dawn of Individual Liberty
A Chronological Glance at the Inverse Relationship between Corporate Personification and the Individual…medium.com

Øivind H. Solheim

The Crowd
– we reach for the light
longing for clarity 
longing for what we do not see

Douglas Pilarski

Can’t Buy a Hat
-blues lyricmedium.com

Jack Burt

The Great Human Race

Rich Sobel

When is the Last Time You Talked About Axolotls?
Heck, do you even know what they are? I didn’t!medium.com

Charles Roast

I Had A Great Day Saturday
What’s wrong with me?medium.com

Regina Clarke

Apartheid In America: The Demon of White Privilege
We reap now our own desperate heritage as white people who have yet to come to terms with the darkness of our ancestors…medium.com

Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC

The progress of negativity may be destroying youmedium.com

James G Brennan

Michael Tom Dillon
And his big auld haunted housemedium.com

Audrey Malone

The Not So Surprising Last Words of a Billionaire: Steve Jobs
What reaching the pinnacle of success truly meansmedium.com

Bhavna Narula

My Heart Is Bleeding
I wonder if spilling words will help stop itmedium.com

Liam Ireland

5 Ways How Illumination Curated Works For Advanced Writers
Illumination Curated, Where High Flying Writers Spread Their Wingsmedium.com

Francine Fallara

French Kiss
Universal Lovemedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

How I was Taught to Deal with Flashbacks When in the Middle of One
PTSD can really knock the wind out of you at times.medium.com

Nihan Kucukural

Is Time Speeding up? Have a child!
Or try these other meaningful ways to slow down your time.medium.com

Utpal Kumar

Zoom Video Meets Cause Rise in Plastic Surgery
Zoom Dysmorphia seems real.medium.com

Michele Thomas

The Leaves Beneath My Feet
Autumn’s last callmedium.com

James Jordan

The Best Opportunity is Right Now for Writers
Learn about the writing business from the history of Rock and Roll Musicmedium.com

Nabil Alouani

Why Literally Everything You Do Matters
Your impact on yourself and the world is greater than you think.medium.com

Maria Cross

Covid-19 and Vitamin D: What to do While You Wait for the Vaccine
Here’s what you need to know about the role of vitamin D.medium.com

Dr. Dion

Back to Life. Back to Reality. Back to the Here and Now.
In the late 1980s, R&B group Soul II Soul released a single entitled, Back to Life. The song had a simple refrain…medium.com

Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D.

Insights at the Intersection of Science, Art & Religion.
A response to the Mind and Life Institute’s XXVth Dialogue with His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, 2012medium.com

Douglas Pilarski

Make a Speech Like Desmond Tutu
It’s you and your audiencemedium.com

Leo Guinan

Reflecting on My Startup Journey: Week One
What the Hell am I Doing?medium.com

Vixen Lea

I want a man who wants to text me back
Why you are worth more than an afterthoughtmedium.com

Eira Braun-Labossiere 🌻

Pyjamas of Love and the Sugarplum Fairy Project
“Because every child deserves a new pair of pyjamas.”medium.com

Christopher Akinlade

Between Failure And Poverty of Dreams
That we may dream and daremedium.com

Jan M Flynn

How To Show Your Family and Friends You Love Them This Thanksgiving
Hint: from a distancemedium.com

Dr. Manishi Pallavi

Happy Diwali
Diwali is a festival of lights over darkness, so fill your heart with the light on this auspicious occasion.medium.com

Piyush Kamal🎖

The Subtle But Practical Art of Meaningful Detachment
The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror; it grasps nothing; it refuses nothing; it receives, but doesn’t keep…medium.com

Suntonu Bhadra

5 TED Talks To Watch Today
covering diverse ideas, worth spreadingmedium.com

Henery X

Every Move That’s Made Should Be Meant To Elevate Us Highermedium.com

CR Mandler MAT

The Day I Screened My Calls
A poemmedium.com

Edward Robson, PhD

5 Reasons Dating is a Waste of Time
For single peoplemedium.com

Helen Cassidy Page

Where Did All My Average Reading Time Go?
Did I become a cr*p writer overnight or is Medium messing with the algorithm again?medium.com

Yve Laran

Voluntary Confinement
Grateful to remain safe and soundmedium.com

Mark Alden

5 Reasons Donald Trump Will Run For President In 2024
Don’t say goodbye to the maga hats just yetmedium.com

Rich Sobel

Can We Use Ancient DNA to Recover Extinct Plants and Animals?
Using DNA to recover lost traits and maybe even whole animals is not out of the question anymore. But should we?medium.com

Tom Handy

Why Sex and Money Will Make You Question Everything You Know
A look at why sex sells and money does notmedium.com

Lynda Coker

Why Order Bumps are Draining Your Wallet and How to Stop the Leakage
7 Ways to break our love affair with order bumps and upsellsmedium.com

Paul Abela, MSc

Will Your Life Improve Under a New President?
The Republicans and Democrats represent different sides of the same coin. What America needs is a new coinmedium.com

Mayur sarda

In my 30’s I am thinking in a lot different way than I used to in my 20’s.
In my 20’s, I have made many blunders like any other 20 something. I was never honest with myself, but now in my 30’s I…medium.com

Sandra Barrett

The Squad-Empowering People One Tweet At A Time
Other politicians could learn a lot from them, if they choose to listen.medium.com

Bill Abbate

A Fresh Look at Air in the World
Interesting facts most people do not knowmedium.com

Kiranjeet Kaur

20 enzymes that are used in the food & Beverages industry
Enzymes name and its usesmedium.com

Francine Fallara

Slowly but surely ascendingmedium.com

Steve QJ

The Left Still Doesn’t Understand Trump’s Appeal
Dismissing Trump’s supporters as racist is way too simplisticmedium.com

Sebastian Purcell, PhD

The Aztecs and Stoics Explain How to Gain in Happiness (Even While Losing Daily Joys)
The Key Is To Interrupt Your Thoughtsmedium.com

Roger A. Reid, Ph.D.

Why You Should Write Your Story, Even If You Think Others Won’t Get It
How to get past your doubts and give readers what they want.medium.com

Rebecca Stevens A.

You’ve Got Loads Of White Privilege, Start Sharing It!
White privilege is like winning billions of dollars in the lottery. You’ll never be able to spend it all in your…medium.com

Mehmet Yildiz

One Core Leadership Capability To Empower Writers
How three essential points can get you started, increase your confidence, and sustain your motivation for any…medium.com

Carolyn Hastings

When Love is a Pain in the ‘But’
my pre-emptive, retrospective admission to inadvertent plagiarism and copyright infringement — or notmedium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

The Dream and The Reality
Life is dutymedium.com

Sarah Towle

Why this Rio Grande Valley Lifer Swerved Off a Secure Career Path to Save Lives at the Border…
When victims of Trump & Co’s cruel immigration policies got stranded in Mexico, Gaby Zavala stood up for their rightsmedium.com

Leah Njoki

Surprising Things I’ve Learned as a Kenyan Living in Australia
What’s it’s like to be Black in the land down under.medium.com

Matt Stevenson

Elon Musk Is a Better Marketer than Steve Jobs
Three marketing rules from Tesla’s Cybertruck announcementmedium.com

Deborah Levine

A Bermudian-American Poem for Thanksgiving
We came to America without a clue
When November rolled around and Thanksgiving, too
Stories of pilgrims sailing in hope…

Jonah Angeles

I Spent Seven Years in University and All I Got was a Useless Psychology Degree
The story of how university made me lose my mind, and how I got it back and found myself in the process.medium.com

Douglas Pilarski

My Polish Hill
Say it in Polish: Polskie Wzgórzemedium.com

Chris McQueen

How I’ve Found The Key To Successful Relationships
What you can do to unlock this door to deeper bondingmedium.com

Johannes Mudi

A Tale Of Xavier
A poem in honour of a friend on her birthdaymedium.com

Abena D

6 Ultimate Steps For Success in Life
Success is more than money and material thingsmedium.com

Robert Trakofler

poetry and spoken word by Robert Trakoflermedium.com

Rory Spanton

A Top Scientific Journal Just Published a Racist Algorithm
How a flawed face recognition AI sparked scientific outragemedium.com

Desiree Driesenaar

Hey Girls, Can We Please Start Birthing the New World?
She is ready to be born!medium.com

Øivind H. Solheim

#StoptheLies, #StopTheSteal
Stop the Trump Supporters’ Shameful Offensive to Discredit the Electionmedium.com

Nicole Chardenet

How To Become A Canadian
Had enough with the Ignited States? Then it’s time to break up. Here’s how.medium.com

Arpit Ravichandran

5 Ways to De-Stress Yourself
A guide to living the ‘Happy Life’medium.com

Paul Myers MBA

Not Everything New Is Good for You
A story about the pain of innovationmedium.com

Muad Arshad

Did Trump promote ‘Crab-Mentality’?
“If I can’t have it neither can you”medium.com

Petr Swedock

Who Is Going To Do The Hard Work?
Reconstruction Begins. Again.medium.com

Belinda Mallasasime

Knowing When To Let Go of A Dream
I became a Dreamer after listening to ‘Super Trouper’ by Abbamedium.com

John M Dabbs

Signaling The End for Apple
The M1 Chip and the unprecedented end of a good runmedium.com

James Jordan

Why do we Need Permission?
Stuck between doing what I want and doing what I shouldmedium.com

Jordan Mendiola

The Importance of Being Picky on Who You Spend Your Time With
Be picky because you only have one life and a limited amount of time on Earth — might as well make it count.medium.com

Mukundarajan V N

The Gut Instinct Is Not a Wild Guess
Our gut feelings may be more rational than we thinkmedium.com


Seeking Help For Emotional Wellness
Hiding is not healingmedium.com

Erin King

Why Trumps Followers Are Just Adult Toddlers And It Has Nothing To Do With Politics
Nearly 10 years in the daycare business has explained everything.medium.com

Tree Langdon

Ode to the Sun God
Life Goes Onmedium.com

Dr John Rose

Stories From My Head.
My Thoughts and Meditations on Creating Story Ideas.medium.com

Jamie Golob

Why Shiva Lingam Have Earned the Title of God Stone
Awakening Kundalinimedium.com

Sophia Lill

7 Alex Trebek Inspiring Quotes
Alex Trebek Died on the 8th of November 2020medium.com

Keira Fulton-Lees

In Mila’s Eyes
Poetry on Medium ∙ Autism ∙ Child Abuse and Neglectmedium.com

Jennifer Friebely

My Fantasy Job Writing For Joe Biden
Hey, you never knowmedium.com

Tom Hanratty

Master Bao and the Lessons of Power
Spiritual power cannot be taken. It can only be given awaymedium.com

Viki Hines

What My Son’s Death Has Taught Me About Life
From grief to gratitude — Lessons learned the hardest way possiblemedium.com

Viktor Marchev

5 Easy Ways To Be Less Frustrated While Working At Home
#3: Get Rid Of Perfectionismmedium.com

Bill Myers

Government Testimony: Check Reality Before You Panic
Will traffic flow really double & increase golf-cart vs. auto accidents in the retirement community?medium.com

Vixen Lea

Finding the Razzle-Dazzle
When plain old sobriety just isn’t enoughmedium.com

Haneen AbuFarha ✍🏼🇵🇸

Forget About Fixing Your Life: Burn it to Ashes & Start From Rock Bottom
You Deserve Better Than What ‘Others’ Say You Deservemedium.com

Myriam Ben Salem

My Takeaway From the Joker Movie
My two friends hated it and were shocked when hearing how much I love it…medium.com

J.P. Novice

Don’t Study For A Master’s Degree If You Can’t Find Any Job, Here’s Why
Do not escape reality. Put your head down, and keep hunting.medium.com

Simon Spichak

The Planet Where it Rains Rocks
On K2–141b it rains rocks and the oceans are lavamedium.com

Bebe Nicholson

Why Nelson Mandela Can Model Our Way Forward
“Minds that seek revenge destroy states, while those that seek reconciliation build Nations.′′ Nelson Mandelamedium.com

Godofredo Rojas

The Power to Say *No* to the Wrong Money
And get great things.medium.com

Randy Shingler

Arc Of History
Arc of history always being on our side
Inevitably moving towards what is right
Knowing arc germinates wide and deep…

Nicole Chardenet

Why Are Some Women Still So Afraid Of Personal Power?
It’s time to stop asking for it nicely. Just seize it, dammit. And stop voting for The Patriarchy.medium.com

Rosa Walker

I Tried to Unplug My Family From Devices for One Day
Learn from my attempts to disconnectmedium.com

Geetika Sethi

Things That Make You Human
Are always the things that do not make you needymedium.com

Dr. Manishi Pallavi

Stick Bug
An excellent and fantastic creaturemedium.com

Maruf Hossain | Unfiltered Life Perspectives

Understanding the Value of Your Writing
Writing is an art; find your purpose in writingmedium.com

Neeramitra Reddy

8 Stoic Quotes That Can Change Your Life
Timeless pearls of wisdom from ancient Athens.medium.com

Agnes Laurens

Pizza Delicious
Tanka about pizza.medium.com

Jean Carfantan

Into the Crypt of Language
The secrets of creationmedium.com

Rob Stux

Authentic Happiness Comes From Speaking Your Truth
The power of speech generates order from chaos.medium.com

Christopher Akinlade

That We May See No Evil, Prepare
Here’s how you can avoid becoming another statisticmedium.com

Cairo Walker

Face the Fear and Accelerate Past the Rate of Change
The COVID-19 Pandemic sped-up trends that were already happening — reduced office space, digital acceleration, and…medium.com

Keith R Wilson

Looking for My Father in Emerson’s Essays
I recently opened for the first time, a volume of essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson from the collection of old books in my…medium.com

Dr. Preeti Singh

A Chance to Be a Celebrity
A novel experience at a beauty contestmedium.com

Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

Blue Solace
Shades of inspiration and peacemedium.com

Douglas Pilarski

secret sky
no one knows we are heremedium.com

Rob Cyrier

How Introverts Can Thrive in an Extrovert-Dominant Workplace
Good news — there is still a need for your quiet creative approach in solitude.medium.com

Emily Wilcox

A Boy Named Lilac
A poem about self-authenticitymedium.com

Utpal Kumar

Find Better Reasons Behind Other’s Functioning
It will help in avoiding demeaning or even idolizing others.medium.com

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

Parenting’s Worst Nightmare is Suicide
This Too Shall Pass?medium.com

Mark Alden

It sweeps through you like a sudden wind gustmedium.com

Vanessa Robinson

Why We Voted Down Right-Wing Populism
But we’re not donemedium.com

Kenneth Silvestri

Illumination Curated: Alternative Healing
Similia Similibus Curentur: The Gift of Homeopathymedium.com

Michele Thill

To Look Through the Eyes of Love
It’s a NEW way for us to see…medium.com

Mayank Pamnani

12 Major Reasons Why You Cannot Sleep and How To Deal With It
Understand your sleep better.medium.com

Roger A. Reid, Ph.D.

Still Looking for That Dream Job? Maybe I Can Save You Some Time
3 truths I learned after searching for fifty yearsmedium.com

Steve Alexander🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

Only A Writer Would Have This List
A list of places I’ve been, things I’ve done and that have happened to me over 72 years that is of interest to no one.medium.com

Liz Porter

Letter of Gratitude to Dr. Mehmet Yildiz and Illumination-Curated
You’re making a difference, Sir; I thought you should knowmedium.com


55 Viral Stories That Attracted A Million+ Views
Readers can enjoy and writers can learn from these outstanding stories.medium.com
Poems of Popular Poets
Selected poetry pieces from ILLUMINATION-Curatedmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

An invitation to fiction writers to unite and collaborate for productive funmedium.com

James G Brennan

Dropping the Fart
A chaotic response to “chaos”medium.com

Kevin Farran

12 Thoughts When Spooning at Dawn
How to know if the choice was right, a review when cuddling after 40 years.medium.com

Aric D. Mayer

Heal An Ill
Eat this haikumedium.com

Payal Koul

Reclaim your Rhythm in life

Shrish Tariq

Plant Immunity: Qualitative and Quantitative Resistance
Plant immunity consists of dual resistance mechanisms that are qualitative and quantitative in nature.medium.com

Jacquelyn Lynn

Authors: Are You a One-Trick Pony?
If you’re writing a book, don’t be a one-trick pony.medium.com

Jack Holmes

You Shall Not Pass: Common Law Rights To Privacy In Your Home
A Historymedium.com

Sumera Rizwan

American Elections 2020
How our world sees itmedium.com

Jim Woods

Find Inspiration In Your Creative Family Tree
Think like your creative heroes to find untapped creativitymedium.com

Jeanette C. Espinoza

Dear White Women: Now That We Have Your Attention, May I Have a Word? (Part Four)
Five more thoughts from the heart of a Black womanmedium.com

Kevin Buddaeus

China Is Keeping A Close Watch On The 2020 US Elections
The sleeping dragon is waiting for his moment to strikemedium.com

Viraj Acharya

How To Get Yourself Out Of A Rut
It’s more than just taking a breakmedium.com

Abena D

How to End the Cycle of Relationship Self-Sabotage
Work on yourself before you delve into a serious relationship. It might help you.medium.com

Josh Kiev

The Journey of Traveling Ailments
The Battle of “Old-trition”medium.com

Bhavna Narula

How to Become Employee of the Year?
Anger shares his proven strategiesmedium.com

Jean Carfantan

The Separation Game
Longing for unitymedium.com

Jim West

We Desperately Need Election Reform
It’s easy to do and it must be donemedium.com

Anu Anniah

5 Interesting Ways to Travel From Your Living Room
Traveling back in time to journeys from long ago is a great way to experience old travels in a new light!medium.com

Jeff Herring

“I Traded My Couch for a Mouse”
How a Counseling Psychologist Became One of the Good Guys Onlinemedium.com

Adebola Alabi

5 Ways to Build Resilience During Tough Times
Resiliency is your belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.medium.com

Rebecca Stevens A.

How My African Identity Was Erased By White Supremacy
Colonialism is another form of white supremacy that seeks to establish white culture as superior to black and brown…medium.com

Christopher D. Connors

What Jeff Bezos Can Teach Us About Success and Innovation
Jeff Bezosmedium.com

Mukundarajan V N

Empathy, the Emperor of All Virtues, Has a Dark Side
Rational compassion seems a better choice than empathy in making a difference in the worldmedium.com

Rebecca Sealfon

Breakthrough Stories Make All the Difference
A couple of popular pieces can really raise your profile as a social media writer. Here’s my story, as well as my…medium.com

Tee, Conscious Creative

Do You Need A Quitting Coach To Help You Help Other People Exit?
Firings can be drama-free & allow the fired person keep their dignitymedium.com

Aurora Eliam, CMP

Wisdom on Embracing the World With Love and Understanding
Meet Amma, the mother of millionsmedium.com

Debbie’s Reflection

The Party Never Stops in Madrid
Why we love Madrid so much!medium.com

Akeena M.

Clichés May Be Annoying but They Persist Because They’re True
Here is my take on one of them.medium.com

Anne Bonfert

The Last Day of Freedom
The story about the last hike before they took our freedommedium.com

Tania Miller

How Expectation Shapes Our Life
Expectations create our reality and change our futuremedium.com

Matthew Royse

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Become Smarter
The secret lies in your daily habits not how much time you havemedium.com

Jessica Cote

Here’s A Little Ditty About A True Story
You wanna hear gruesomemedium.com

Jamie Golob

5 Ways to Stomp Out Anxiety and Win Back Your Happiness
Every now and then we all need a little help finding our smilemedium.com

Christopher Akinlade

Overcoming the Booby Traps of Predigested Questions
And how to stop groupthink from destroying your teammedium.com

Jake Mura

4 Squares by Gary Vaynerchuk About Career and Happiness
as always, Gary tries to lead us to happiness instead of empty wealth, often called “success” nowadays.medium.com

Brandon B. Keith

Don’t You Dare Open Another Browser Tab, App, or Document
A Strategy to Reclaim Your Time, Focus, and Confidencemedium.com

Paroma Sen

The Moment
The One That Was The Truest By Farmedium.com

Aaron Meacham

Treating the Poison of American Masculinity with American Literature
How can diverse male literary voices help us have conversations about positive masculinity?medium.com

Zachary Minott

How to Effectively Lose All Your Friends and Destroy Your Relationships in 7 Different Ways
A warning from the perspective of a former scumbag that has succeeded in trashing and crippling his past relationshipsmedium.com

John Green

Give the precious gift of your attention
Stop talking and really listenmedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Editorial Spotlight on ILLUMINATION-Curated — #1
20 selected stories by editorial team for discerning readersmedium.com


Editorial Spotlight on ILLUMINATION-Curated — #2
Curated stories by editorial team for discerning readersmedium.com


Editorial Spotlight on ILLUMINATION-Curated — #3
Curated stories by the editorial team for discerning readersmedium.com

Jack Krier

7 Effective Night Habits That Will Ensure Morning Success
A productive morning starts the night beforemedium.com

Myriam Ben Salem

Shall We Talk Politics Without Politics?
Hint: The origin of politicsmedium.com

Jess Tam

5 Best Deepak Chopra Advice For Awakening Your Consciousness
“Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the…medium.com

Lucia Siochi

Who I Am Led To Why I Write
Introducing Lucia Siochi, Writermedium.com

Jill Reid

The Real Reason You Never Get What You Think You Want
Goals are best achieved when the method and process aren’t cast in stone.medium.com

Adam Tabriz, MD

Is Populism riding over the Free Speech?
The use of populist in various sociopolitical domains as a nickname to debunk discord or rationalize suppressing…medium.com

Jax Hudur

How to Become the Machiavellian Prince at Work
Put on your ‘ungodly’ hat to preserve your integritymedium.com

Neil Shurley

Happy National Donut Day!
November 5 is the most delicious day of the year.medium.com

Maria Marmo

COVID-19 — Welcome to the Hunger Games!
Life is a double-entry system where every loss is someone else’s gainmedium.com

Danni Pelcher

The Dirty F-Word
An exploration of the word ‘feminist’ and what that should mean to you.medium.com

Tracy Stengel

My Farewell to Being A Smith
We had a long run, but we needed to part waysmedium.com

Anita Durairaj

How to Stand Out as a New Writer on a Crowded Platform
Think of yourself as a small business trying to survive the competitionmedium.com

EP McKnight, MEd

The US 2020 Election of the Century
A day of much anticipation, every vote needs to be counted to tell the truth of the people and by the peoplemedium.com

Eshan Samaranayake

Gut Microbes Could Provide Protection Against Radiation Damage
These could potentially benefit cancer patients who are receiving radiotherapy.medium.com

Martina Doleckova

The First Question to Ask When Your Relationship Hits a Wall
This instantly sets your bottom line.medium.com

Mayra Boppre

6 Signs You Are in the Right Company
How to spot them working remotely — first impressions matter!medium.com

Debbie Walker

Collection of Curated Stories on ILLUMINATION
Selected stories by Debbie Walker hosted on ILLUMINATION-Curated.medium.com

Diana Bernardo

This Is My 100th Medium Article
The good and the bad of a two-year-long journeymedium.com

Andrew Jazprose Hill

The Ongoing Plot Against John Lewis
And the Tireless Struggle to Stop Itmedium.com


How to Train Your Mind to be More Proactive In Life
It starts with a simple change like — Instead of saying I can’t do this, say I chose not to do thismedium.com

A.M. Cal

The Secret Suffering of C.S. Lewis
Coping with grief through storymedium.com

Brandon Ray Langston

A Sad Way To Be: Feynman And Frida On Becoming Somebody
Unsurprisingly for such a serendipitous moment, I read a letter that the brilliant physicist Richard P. Feynman (May…medium.com


How To Be A Better Person To Others And Yourself
It’s normal to feel like you could be doing more when it comes to self-improvement.medium.com

Khannas Kiran

Power of Loving Those Who dislike You — My Life Experience
Hate is too great a burden to bearmedium.com

Thomas Oppong

The Meaning of Life is The Meaning You Decide to Give it
Take no less than 100% responsibility for your meaningmedium.com

Erin King

Finding Love Is A Scavenger Hunt, Not A Coin Toss
Life gives you clues to create order from chaos. You need to follow them to find love.medium.com


Lessons Learned From Childhood Shows
Why songs like “I’m Mad At Disney” are created in the first placemedium.com

Liv Mello

Why You Should Stop Calling People Talented
Simply put, it’s offensive.medium.com

Jim Latham

My Daughter Succeeded Where Marie Kondo Failed
I ditched my hard-copy dictionaries for digitalmedium.com

Isaiah McCall

3 Key Takeaways From Kanye West’s Interview With Joe Rogan
An incredible conversation between two of the most powerful men in the worldmedium.com

Andrea D’Angelo

What If You Couldn’t Do What You Love Anymore?
You are many thingsmedium.com

Sarah Shoshana Rosen

Vote Like You Care About The People Around You
It’s not blue or red. It’s decency.medium.com

Dan Cadmus

Embrace Your Past No Matter How Checkered
You and you alone are in control of your narrative.medium.com

John M Dabbs

What Would Emily Say?
I published my first children’s book.medium.com

Jason Ward

Are Books Getting Longer?
The short answer is yes. But why?medium.com

Susan Randolph

I’m a Democrat Poll Worker in Texas — I Feel Like a Blueberry in a Bowl of Tomato Soup
A few words to my fellow election clerks and votersmedium.com

Christine Macdonald

Forced Change
Could A COVID-19 Layoff Be Exactly What You Need?medium.com

CR Mandler MAT

All Hell’s Broke Loose
Writer’s Bias and the destruction of free-thinkingmedium.com

Salvatore Cagliari

Nuclear power and doomsday scenarios connected
Nuclear power seems to be a relatively clean energy source. But when something happens, the situation can get very…medium.com

Ryan Porter

The iPhone 12 Pro is the Attention-Seeker’s Smartphone
You can have the most clout in the room for just $999medium.com

Eira Braun-Labossiere 🌻

Sometimes You Just Need a Cookie for Breakfast
The sanctity of the soft cocoa cookie.medium.com

Charles Roast

I Have Forty-Four Titles Waiting To Be Written About, But Can’t Remember Why I Wrote The Titles
So I decided to write about the titles.medium.com

Kavish Kamat (KK)

Stay Unhealthy To Stay Patriotic!!
So you are not a party animal who is out on street till the early hours of the morning, you don’t like to smoke or…medium.com

Jameel Randeree

What It Was like Earning a Living 20 Years ago
I’m a millennial that is about to put on his “boomer” shoes to tell you a short story about how work-life was back in…medium.com

Alex Crisafulli

The War After the Election
Scenarios of a Stolen Election, Mass Protest and Even Violence and Civil War Afterwards — And What We Can Do to Prevent…medium.com

Laura Izquierdo

Your Desire to Be Normal Is Holding You Back
The normal thing to do isn’t always the right thing to domedium.com

Terry L. Cooper

November 11, 1968
Lest we forget indeedmedium.com

Shabaira Junaid

Reflections After the End of My First Month on Medium
I failed to meet my writing targets for the better part of the monthmedium.com

Allison Gaines

How You Can Cosplay a Popular Black Character Without Terror
We can cosplay without disrespecting othersmedium.com

Shannon Hilson

7 Subtle Signs You’re in the Wrong Relationship
That sinking gut feeling you can’t seem to shake isn’t the only sign they’re not the one for you.medium.com

Sarah Kelly

6 Poisonous Thoughts About Medium and How To Reframe Them
Don’t accept defeat by your own doubts.medium.com

Daisygwoods (Cocoa Griot)

Great Gents: My MENtors
Some superheros don’t wear capes.medium.com

Jaye Frances

How to Sort Out the Truth From the Lies and Live a Happier Life
How much of the crazy do we let in?medium.com

Piper Steele

One More Empty Chair at the Table Tonight
A COVID-19 storymedium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Fiction or the Bugs Suck on Medium?
A preliminary assessment with disappointing results for bothmedium.com

Lindsay Brown

Your Strong Friends are Getting the Short End of the Stick
How to support emotionally strong peoplemedium.com

Ellen Clardy, PhD

Why Countries Rich with Resources can be so Poor and How to Prevent It
A Discussion of “Does Information Break the Political Resource Curse? Experimental Evidence from Mozambique”medium.com

GFC: Grown Folk Conversations

Practice Kindness
Three Things You Can Do Today To Help Your Fellow Manmedium.com

Julie Nyhus MSN, FNP-BC

It’s affecting your relationshipsmedium.com

Michael Burg, MD

An Open Letter to the Critic of my Views on the Trump Car Rally I Witnessed
Thank you so much for setting me on the right path. You’re making Michael great again.medium.com

Lynda Coker

Once You Go Over the Edge — It’s Not Nearly as Scary
#4 — Finding the artist in you is a matter of trusting yourselfmedium.com

Claire Splan

How I Turned $900 into More Than a Quarter Million Dollars
The smartest, laziest financial move of my life came from watching Netflixmedium.com

Elan Cassandra

Social Awkwardness: You’re Thinking About It Wrong
It doesn’t need to hold you back.medium.com

Sidd Chung

When You Try Too Hard to Fit In, You Forget What’s Right
Don’t let yourself be a puppet unless you’re the puppeteer.medium.com

Tom Hanratty

Master Bao and the Loaded Sleeves
Desire is the nourishment that does not nourishmedium.com

Primal Dhillon

How to Change Your Role in Your Unhappiness
Learn about the four basic pillars of a happy attitudemedium.com

René Phongam, DPT

Why You Should Stop Waiting for 2021
COVID-19 doesn’t have a calendar.medium.com

Øivind H. Solheim

How We Can Create Meaning
Is there a simple answer to a difficult question?medium.com

Nicole Chardenet

What *One* Gift Would You Give Humanity?
Except world peace. Try not to answer like a beauty pageant contestant.medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Peer support is essential for success.medium.com

Riku Arikiri

Should You Lie To Motivate Your Peers
Dissecting the philosophy behind manipulating motivation in others.medium.com

Amanda Spiller

Stop Asking If I Was Close To Her
Some tips to support me as I grievemedium.com

Aaron Meacham

The Duty Which Lies Nearest
Hildegarde sensed something moving in the darkness.medium.com

Ntathu Allen

How to Be Happy And Practice Gratitude Daily
Even if you feel unworthy and unhappymedium.com

Jan M Flynn

In Middle Earth I Am Illiterate
A free verse poemmedium.com

Carolyn Broadfield

How To Emphasize Clarity In Your Writing
Understand the ladder of abstraction.medium.com

Ria Tagulinao

What Do Your ‘Evergreen Quotes’ Say About You?
Some quotes motivate you. Others reveal you.medium.com

H.Daneel Olivaw

Entrepreneurship 101: lessons from S. Walton, J. Bezos, H. Ford, H. Schultz
Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos, Henry Ford, and Howard Schultz all applied these principles, grew them into habits. You can…medium.com

Vanessa A.

Are School Meals Designed with Kids Health in Mind or Big Food Industry Interests?
I checked out the nutrition of my local area’s school breakfast to find out.medium.com

Walter Rhein

How to Write a College Paper
The secret formula that guarantees successmedium.com

Amanda Gabbard

Keep Your Home Clean with these 4 Quick and Easy Routines
And seven great hacks to make it extra easymedium.com

Allison Gaines

How Facial Recognition Software Became a Disastrous Tool For Law Enforcement
Assessing the technological advancement of racial discriminationmedium.com

Teri Daniels

9 Inspiring Speakers Reveal Our Hidden Biases
Without exception, everybody has them.medium.com

Dan Chigwada

Understanding Bracketing Effects To Make Better Decisions
You don’t realise the full consequences of your actionsmedium.com

Deborah Barchi

7 Ways to Feel Like a Child Again
Who needs a fountain of youth?medium.com

Anne Bonfert

Hiking in the Snow
An adventure in the alpsmedium.com

Melissa Bee

Our Love for MyLibooks
How these books have helped my child learn to readmedium.com

Carolyn Hastings

Relaunching #twittle
100-letter micropoems to #twittletweet and #twittleonTwittermedium.com

Luke Beling

The Best Thing I Can Do for My Marriage Is Wash the Dishes
Happy Wife, Happy Life.medium.com

Anaïs Schlienger

3 Lessons You Can Learn From Robbert Pattinson’s Career
It is all about proving your pointmedium.com

Nihan Kucukural

Please Don’t Change the World.
We kind of like it as it is.medium.com

Enzo M. Battista-Dowds PhD. RD.

Is One Simple Mistake in Diet Apps Causing More Harm Than Good?
New expert guidance suggests app developers have a golden opportunity to improve lives.medium.com

Alan Lew

Would You Vote for a President Who Channels Ascended Masters?
Is it time for 4th Dimensional psychic political leaders?medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Invitation to Create Writer Bios
Readers of ILLUMINATION-Curated want to know their favorite authorsmedium.com

Robert Trakofler

Not Forgotten
Memories of a fine soulmedium.com

Shawn Jr

Loneliness is not what you think it is
You are feeling exactly what you are suppose to be feelingmedium.com

Jennifer Friebely

When You Need To Use Hostage Negotiation Techniques To Communicate With Your Boss
You have a serious problemmedium.com

Dianne Sullivan

How to Turn Working for a Bad Manager into an Opportunity
Because their incompetence is your chance to shinemedium.com

Mr.M (Muthu Raja)

A Writer’s Toolbox
Stephen King’s Tips About Writing Toolsmedium.com

Denise Scholander

Tales of Woes
A short poem of humanities price of thoughtlessnessmedium.com

Agnes Louis

Do You Eat Carbs?
Uh… What?medium.com

Adebola Alabi

How To Upsell Any Customer And Boost Your Business Profitability.
Business Lessons From Amazon That Will Increase Your Customer Lifetime Valuemedium.com

Sarah Towle

The Seven Deadly Sins of Trump & Co’s Immigration Agenda
And why the only way to heal as a nation is to vote them outmedium.com

Sarah Kelly

Remote Work Burnout? Change These 3 Habits
Like any operating system, your WFH mindset needs updating.medium.com

Martin D. Hirsch

Springsteen’s Reflections on Life Mirror My Own
My idol Bruce Springsteen has a new album out, “Letter to You,” along with a documentary film. I caught him talking…medium.com

Abayomi Omoogun

What Is?
What is life?
Is it about understanding it
Or experiencing it.

Charlotte Brown

No, Getting Married Does Not Mean I Want a Child
One doesn’t always lead to the othermedium.com

Danell teNyenhuis Black

Last Chance For Sanity
Open your eyes, Americamedium.com

Levi Borba

How to Make Measurable Goals and Stick to Them
This Is About a Mistake I Made Twice, and You Should Avoid at All Costmedium.com

Aggee K.

I Listen to This Playlist to Boost My Productivity
Picture this:medium.com

Adriana Sim

7 Things I Track Regularly to Improve My Health, Wealth, and Productivity
And the tools I use to get my life together.medium.com

Nini Mappo

Tensed Up By America’s 2020 Presidential Elections
A Haikumedium.com

Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

Rinsing My Heart of Scars and Abuse
A True Story of closing off past pain.medium.com

Paul Abela, MSc

The Death Road, Bribery and Swimming With Crocodiles in The Amazon Rainforest
Deciding whether to swim in crocodile-infested water was the easy partmedium.com

Blaine Coleman

It is October 2020 and I Have to Wonder, Where Did the Year Go?
Almost election day and it seems like yesterday was a lifetime agomedium.com

Ahsan Chaudhry

That Plastic Bag Scene from American Beauty … I Need to Remember
I saw the movie “American Beauty” 12 years ago. Recently I came across the shopping bag scene on YouTube. YouTube has…medium.com

Marijke McCandless

Mindfulness Helps Unlock the Feisty Writer Within
Meditation helps us dis-identify from our self-critical voices and encourages us to pay attention: both fodder for good…medium.com

Sidd Chung

If You Want to Get Better at Life, You Have to Become an UberEats Bike Courier
Helmets are overratedmedium.com

Lisa Holliday

Mama Cass Did Not Die By Choking On a Ham Sandwich
The true story of Mama Cass Elliotmedium.com

Dew Langrial

7 Ways to Be a Hero Without Doing Anything You Don’t Want to Do
You have to challenge the idea of a stereotypical heromedium.com

Deborah Levine

Ginsberg’s Daring Legacy
Originally published in The Chattanooga Times Free Pressmedium.com

Danielle Godfrey

Did The ‘Old You’ Have It Better?
The dangers of comparing yourself to yourselfmedium.com

Bryan Dijkhuizen, BA.

The benefits of being alone
It seems that we find it more and more difficult to be alone. And when we don’t have company for a while, we often feel…medium.com

Ziva Fajfar

NASA’s top 5 greatest missions
Endeavors that have been inspiring us for almost 60 years.medium.com

Nicole Bryan

One Devastating Lesson People Learn Too Late In Life
Strategies and mindsets for reclaiming your time and living the life that you deservemedium.com

Kimberly Fosu

Dear Friend
A poem about mental healthmedium.com

Amy Colleen

My Son Will Be Privileged From The Moment He’s Born
Reflections on how to handle the raising of a white, middle-class boy child.medium.com

Akeena M.

Pitfalls of the Perfectionist
We neglect major pieces because we’re hell-bent on controlling the subjective.medium.com

Phil Truman

Why Algorithms Scare Me
Confessions of a social media phobemedium.com

Sajina Ignatius

Red Dragons
A poem on bad daysmedium.com

Louise Morris

5 Signs You’ve Reached Your Peaked
#3: You think you can plan your life.medium.com

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Five Questions To Increase Curation Chance and Reading Fans
Critical questions serving as a self-editing checklist for writersmedium.com

Sabah Ismail✨

A Whatsapp Interview with Someone Who Has Had an Out-of-Body Experience
The story of a young woman who suffered from crippling anxiety and depression for 15 years and is now an award-winning…medium.com

Fatim Hemraj

Bipolar Disorder Is a Superpower
Bipolar disorder may be an invisible illness, but those who suffer from it, are notmedium.com

Jazz Parks

How Stoic Philosophy Changed My Life Forever
Learn to be content; accept the way things are — become your Best Self.medium.com

Sofiane Ghecham

Done is Better Than Perfect
5 things That May Stand in Your Way and How to Deal With Themmedium.com

Selim Furkan Gul

The Ultimate Guide for Postmodernism: What Is Postmodern Philosophy?
Let me explain the postmodernism, which we encounter frequently but cannot determine exactly what it is.medium.com

Ajay Sharma

Why Should You Not Try to Predict the Future?
Predictions Can blind You to Current Opportunitiesmedium.com

Muad Arshad

A personal story on harassment
It is an invisible cry inside a victims, all their livesmedium.com

Kapil Goel

3 Financial Mistakes You Must Avoid — Once You Start Earning
And how to escape these financial traps.medium.com

Anouska Parr

10 Brilliant Things I Have Learnt From My Unconventional Family
And how you can apply them to a conventional life…medium.com

René Junge

How to stop bad habits and replace them with good ones
“The power of habit is truly strong” (Publilius Syrus)medium.com


From beginner to influencer : Short notes to build your enterprise leadership pathway
The Prologue: The Who and what! : Characterizing the general profile of the aspirantmedium.com

Levi Borba

2020 May Be the Year of Anger, but Gary Chapman Has the Solution
Do not let Cortisol destroy your relationships.medium.com

janny’s heart

My Brain is Screaming Panic Attic
Snap, crackle, pop!medium.com


El Paso: Enthusiastic Journey to Draw Near Separated Children
Circling the holding centermedium.com


A Deep Dive Into Management Thought
Since humanity people have been thought about managementmedium.com

Brenda Karl

Five-Minute Writing
An exercise in self-discovery.medium.com

Anthony M. Davis

A Revealing Dream Can Make You Change Your Life
The truth about yourself in the hearts of others shows something has to change.medium.com

Kelaiah Amador

A Productive Quarantine Story
On personal development, finding your passion and dealing with adversity.medium.com

Holly Kellums

Making Everything Into Racism
How Making Everything into Racism Leaves Real Racism Unaddressedmedium.com

Karthick Nambi

What’s happening To Secular India?
India has recently joined the bandwagon of segregating people based on religion. It took new heights last week with a…medium.com

James Jordan

Why do I Need Permission?
Stuck between doing what I want and doing what I shouldmedium.com

Tim Maudlin

CHECKLIST An Acronym Story
Why you should consider creating checklists and how to do itmedium.com

Kim McKinney

Maybe Being The Common Denominator In Your Relationships Is A Good Thing
Why do we always assume it to be bad?medium.com

Henner Townlove

3Blotting Technique used for Identification of Nucleic Acid
Basics techniques in the genetic engineering fieldmedium.com

Sylvain Saurel

Procrastination Will Always Be a Problem if You Are Not Able to Answer These 3 Questions
It is absolutely necessary to take the time to answer them.medium.com

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.

My Unconscious Sings To Me
and I listen~medium.com

Sarene B. Arias

Love is the Best Kind of Crazy
5 tips for staying centered while falling in lovemedium.com

Lee Nourse

Luke, Modern Renaissance Man
In memory of my dear friend Thomas “Luke” Lukaszekmedium.com

Wendy Belessis

Ever Thanked a Friend for Being a Lifesaver? You Were More Dead-On Than You Thought.
Friends are more than our confidantes. They are critical to a life well AND long lived.medium.com

𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒈 𝑴𝒂𝒕𝒉𝒖𝒓

Is Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Worth Spending a Penny for?
Know whether you should go for this $549 laptop or notmedium.com


An antidote to information overloadmedium.com

Brenda Karl

The taste of a life well-lived.medium.com

Akeena M.

What is to be found at the Crux of Success?
Resist for short-term relief, embrace for long-term gainmedium.com

Karen Hough

Things I Miss
Not least, I’m mourning my second officemedium.com

Kathleen Hall

When Poverty is the Elephant in the Room
The awkwardness of income inequalitymedium.com

Valentina Colapicchioni, PhD

The Line-Dried Laundry Smell: Origin and Ingredients
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have studied the phenomena that take place on a wet fabric and they…medium.com

Cheshta Mann

5 Tips to Make Your Post-Retirement Life Easy
#2. Know the magic of compoundingmedium.com

Hazel Halil Halim

How to calm down your racing mind?
Left nostril breathing and its benefitsmedium.com

Kim Petersen

How a Masked-Lover Loves You
Love behind a mask is never going to get real.medium.com

Rebecca Romanelli

Dreams are Our Allies, Even if We Don’t Remember Them
Dreams create the link between our subconscious and conscious mind and can affect our emotions and thoughts after…medium.com

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