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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Join Us On Goodreads
Inviting writers to collaborate with published authors and millions of readers on

Rich Sobel

How Keeping Brain Cells Alive May Help You Fully Recover from Stroke
New work shows that there are little subcellular packages that can deliver powerful healing to brain

Rahuldeb Das, Ph. D

Don’t Rely Too Much on Love
Is it really worth so much

Viktor Marchev

Why Breathing Exercises Are So Important At Reducing Stress
How only 10 minutes a day can help you successfully reframe

Holly Kellums

The Truth About The Truth
And Why It Will Never Be Totally

Dr. Shiza Mumtaz

Royalty In Disguise: Chapter 5
I cannot even forget the smell. In fact, that rancid, foul smell is still clinging to my

Floyd Mori

Going Backwards On Medium Is Not A Good Sign
But it’s not a reason to

Alex Markham

Would You Like a Spotted Dick?
The classic British dessert is loved by children for two distinct reasons: its taste and its

Charlene Marron

Jewel Royalty

Tree Langdon

How The Story Grid Changed My Writing
It’s A Sorting

Christina M. Ward

Mama’s Birds
a free verse

Louis Dennis

Growing up
A short

Patrick M. Ohana

AI Paused
A quick

Adelia Ritchie

Acrostic Artichoke
An acrostic vegetable

Lawson Wallace

Revisiting Pain by Writing My Story
And Wondering if it’s Worth

Geetika Sethi

Did You Know That Wit Beyond Measure Is Man’s Greatest Treasure?
So always continue to Dream Big, Sparkle More and Shine Bright!

Trista Ainsworth

Love Sent in an Apple Pie
Abundance can be shared across the

Camille Cordova

The Beauty of Having “Crazy” Dreams
When taking action for what seems impossible takes over your

Joanna Myles

Facemask Musings Entry Number 1
My musings on our new ‘have to wear’ item in

Annelise Lords

Friendship and Resumes
A story on

Lily Dune

30 Seconds at a Time
That sliding door

Katrina Paulson

The Astonishing Concept of a Conversation
Can we talk instead of argue?

Julian Drach

3 Things I Learned From Tracking My Sleep For 2 Years
#3 Don’t sleep before 10

Jeff Herring

7 Universal Laws of Social Marketing Success & Profit
It’s all based on Relationship…

Laine Kaleja

How Accumulated Growth Over Time Brings Fascinating Change At The Right Time
A moment when dots are connecting, and things are finally making

Ntathu Allen

7 Simple Yoga-in-Bed Stretches To Unwind After A Stressful Day
even if you’re too tired to

Shreya Badonia

I Am Looking For…
An ode to

The Maverick Files

Hello, From the Other Side
Acrostic Poem on one of my favorite singers —

Bill Abbate

Your Life Depends on the Questions You Ask
How questions can change your

Christopher Harvey

The Practice Of Thought-Stopping
A method of stopping overwhelming thoughts that can cause depression, anxiety, and many other

Liam Ireland

Four Excellent Reasons Why You Would Be Mad Not To Read This!
And that is just the beginning some beautiful reflections!

Rich Sobel

What is the Intimate Connection Between Our Delicious Spot Prawns and Diseased Starfish?
Is the loss of starfish affecting the supply and price of these delicious spot prawns?

Henery X

Are You Grateful?

Liam Ireland

How Visibility Equals Success On Illumination
Writing a writers bio is a no

Pach Deng

Self-Improvement Could Be Ruining Your Life
Why feeling bad is actually good for

Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her)

Two Hilarious Instacart Mini-Stories
Need a mental break?

America Zed

An acrostic poem for

Shamar M

My First Month on Medium: 11 Tips for Others
Blunt and direct guidance from a new

Randy Wolken

What Are You Grateful For Today?
Giving thanks changes your outlook on

Clément Bourcart

Why Your Writing Matters — And How It Can Transform Lives
You have a story to tell, and you have a voice. Make it heard and the world may be a better place for

Kensho Keith

Measuring Men
Tell me what’s the measure of a man? And why don’t I measure up?

Vee Uye

You Don’t Need to Finish a Damn Thing
As long as you’ve learned from an experience, you can move

Judit Lovas

How to Start Creating Your Own Version of Success: 3 Practical Tips from a Career Coach
In 2016, I landed my first public servant position. I was over the moon. I just got a job for which most people would…

Patrick M. Ohana

Poet or Writer?
A little typed

Suvi Helena

“They Killed Our Dreams”
The forgotten children of a forgotten

EP McKnight, MEd

How We Got Sold on Plant Burgers
Plant based burgers comes in an assortment, Impossible, Beyond, Incogmeator or

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Another Milestone Moment
My second and third $10 earning


Train Car #8
The beauty of the

The Maverick Files

Running & Writing —The Mantra for Success Isn’t Too Different
Because the human body and mind are designed to be

Bebe Nicholson

How to Kill a Multi-Million Dollar Business Without Really Trying
Take your clients for granted and expect the money to roll

Sofia Isabel Kavlin

Pessimism Is A Habit
Harnessing cognitive restructuring to change our

Brian Dickens Barrabee

Mommas Please Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Wealth Managers
When they were seated and calmed down, I tried to make the students and myself more comfortable with each other by…

Michelle Jaqua

Sending My Panties in the Mail
And other strange things I’ve never done until the

Maria Rattray

Welcome To the Grandest Party Of All
And to the thesis of your life…

Adam Prescott

Conference Call Less, Smile More
How to keep engaged with your team when you can’t stomach another #$@!ing conference

Sylvia Emokpae

How I Grind
Mother by day, hustler by

Christopher Madsen

The Beggars Tale
Part Two: The Planet

Aurellia T. Elisha

The 5 Depressive Symptoms Easily Misconstrued as Laziness
What people call lazy might be a sign of

Thomas Dylan Daniel

What Can You Learn By Writing Online?
Writing online has changed the way I do… everything. Somehow, I’m more stable now than I’ve ever

Jeff Herring

Content Marketing Builds Endless Streams of Ideal Client Traffic
(True or False?)

Charlene Marron

Runner’s High

Amy Culberg

6 Ways to Get Your Flow Back!
You fell off the horse. That’s okay. Get back

Brett Chrest

Marriage Crisis 2020: the Water Temperature for the Hot Tub
Hot tub operation is not as trivial as it

Vaibhav Kalekar

Writing for the Soul
Let the words guide

Eizza Misa

What Flight Attendants Want You to Know
Oh boy, another list. But I’m glad I can finally share

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