Why one has to learn to be patient

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Why should we be patient? The reason we should be patient is that we have to wait everywhere. Waiting requires killing time somehow till our turn comes. In our daily lives, we have to learn to wait.

I am sharing some of my experiences and I am sure you will relate to it and agree that patience is a virtue and must be practised. It will be useful when you require it. You will laugh and not crib too much about your situation.

Waiting for a flight: Where do we have to wait? The picture above clearly indicates that the person is waiting to catch his flight. He is sitting in an airport lounge till his flight arrives, It is announced and then he will board the plane.

More often than not, flights are delayed due to technical faults in the plane. It could also be bad weather conditions and the flight will not take off.

#1. My experience I do remember that I had to go to Canada and my flight was late, in fact so late that I sat at the airport all night and the plane only came after12 hours. I froze because the airport in New Delhi was freezing cold. I lost all my connecting flights and reached one day late at a conference venue, where I was the keynote speaker. Fortunately, I was in time for my session.What could I do but be patient?Photo by billow926 on Unsplash

At the doctor’s clinic: When you visit a doctor’s clinic. Do you need to wait? Despite the fact that you take an appointment when you go to meet the doctor, you have an endless waiting time. Sometimes, the doctor has not arrived from his hospital visit, another time he is still seeing another patient and there is a line of people already waiting to meet the doctor.

#2. My experience: Once, I had rashes all over my face and body and was also very itchy. I took an appointment and reached Max hospital straight from work. I was hungry, tired, burning with the illness, and could finally have access to the doctor herself after 1hour and 45 minutes.

When my turn came, I was exhausted and wanted to shout but nevertheless, I was relieved, my turn had come and the doctor examined me. Without even the test she said I was down with chikungunya. That is too much suffering. It takes a long time to recover. It is a cutting pain, in between numbness and piercing pain. it hits your muscles and nerves combined and makes you lifeless. A small mosquito injects you with this terrible illness.

The doctor’s medicines were good and it was worthwhile seeing her but there is no medicine to date for chikungunya and it is deadly. It does not give you death but maims you for a long time.

Both waiting at the doctor’s clinic till she investigated and the time is taken to recover was painful. You could cry but still, you had to be patient.

What is the lesson learned? S M I L E and be P A T I E N T.Patience is a virtuePhoto by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Waiting in an office: How many times have you experienced that you have been given an appointment to meet someone in an office. When you go there, the person has either forgotten or is busy in another meeting.

#3. My Experience: I have many experiences but this one that I am sharing, I can never forget. Some years ago, I was invited for the post of Professor and Head of a department.

When I reached there, the secretary asked me to wait in their visitor’s lounge. I waited for almost I hour and I told the secretary that I was leaving because I could not wait any longer. She insisted that the chairman was busy in another meeting and she would inform him.

The chairman met me and in five minutes flat, I was offered the job. He said that despite waiting for an hour, I looked calm and responded sweetly. I looked extremely patient and he was bowled over.See, there you are: Patience is a virtue.

I was able to get a job because I had been patient. These are the lessons that you learn when you are patient you have an advantage.

So what our takeaways?

* Patience is important in all fields of life. In some cases, you have to be patient because there is no other way. While traveling if you are not patient then you have to return home. If you want to go then patience is the answer.
* At all important places, waiting is important. It is not only your time but busy people like doctors are attending to other sick patients. They are not free to be able to attend to only your needs and you have to accept it.
* At various job interviews and meetings, you actually win over people by being calm and patient.


Finally, I would like to say that covid-19 has taught people to be patient because there is no other way to exist. You have to stay in isolation, wear masks, be patient by sitting at home and working alone. Use this time fruitfully. This is forced patience.

In good times also patience will help you in being calm, think coherently, take actions cautiously, be friendly with people, and leading your life peacefully. Forget being angry. Be calm and patient.

Be patient! It will go a long way in achieving your goals.Patience is the key to success. Learn to wait and be patient always.

Congratulations to Dr. Mehmet Yildiz and all the editors and writers on achieving 10000 followers in the publication Illumination Curated. I feel fortunate to be part of the family.

Patience is a virtue was originally published in ILLUMINATION-Curated on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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