Agree to disagree? Sure. But how is there an argument on what’s right and wrong.

America is spinning on its head and it’s about to go all B’Boy on you!


The events of January 6 shocked many but frankly, I wasn’t among the many. In fact, people across the globe saw this coming. Anyone who knew to read the signs in BIG, BOLD letters splashed across America, knew this was coming for a long time.“The greatest democracy in the world,” was reduced to a mere battleground vying for white supremacy.

So where did things go wrong? Let’s find out.

No, it was not losing the 2020 elections.

No, it was not losing the elections, 03 times in Georgia.

And no, it was not losing the Senate Run-off in Georgia.

It was winning the 2016 elections.

Donald Trump was not supposed to even qualify for the presidential candidacy. What even made him eligible? But no, he was deemed eligible.

Okay, but he wasn’t supposed to win. I mean, how on earth did a ranting, misogynistic, orange reality star, become the President of the United States of America?

I’ll tell you how! He was the perfect excuse to shed the cloak masking America’s deep rooted hidden caveman. America was back to its roots…its roots of white supremacy, racism, misogyny, and blatant arrogance.

But arrogance for what you may ask? The belief that they were better than anyone else. They have always believed this but it was usually subtle and under the layers of glitz and glamour.

Now? It was right there in the open and Donald Trump was the poster boy for it!

Right from his insensitive mocking of the disabled, to openly calling for shooting of People Of Color(POC) by the police during the BLM protests, Donald Trump has been a raw wound that just refused to heal.

America has always positioned itself as a country to look up to…one that is bound to fulfill your dreams…but guess what, the dreams were more accessible if you weren’t an immigrant or a POC. With everyday occurrences of newly minted Karens and Kevins, it was just a matter of time when things were going to come to a head, and they did.

January 6, 2021 marked a particularly dark day in American history. White supremacists and domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol in a desperate attempt to overturn the Joe Biden victory. And this was incited by the present President of America- Donald Trump.

But America showed it’s true colors by allowing this. It was proven and broadcast to the whole world that there were, in fact, two Americas- one for Whites and the other for POC. The manner in which the rioting and storming of the Capitol was dealt with, was an antithesis of how the BLM peaceful protestors were treated.

With bare minimum police on ground, there was no sign of the geared troops who were armed to the teeth for the BLM protests.

What happened America?

Where were the rubber bullets, the teargas, the batons, and military grade weaponry?

That’s right, you can’t use them against your own!

Because that is exactly what happened. With numerous reports coming in of off duty cops being involved in the riots, and with white supremacist, pro-Nazi allegiance, it was not surprising that the rioters were dealt with, with kid gloves.

The Black America, of course, questioned this very treatment. No, they weren’t asking that the rioters be shot at like it happened at the BLM protests. They were simply asking to be treated the same way as the rioters…not to be shot at, and allowed to protest peacefully!

As an Indian closely following American politics, this day was expected. But what made it worse by a thousand fold — spotting an Indian Flag waving amidst this rioting. It was one of the most embarrassing and cringe moments I have felt in a long while.

But it’s not over yet. With social media giants, to Republicans rushing to disown Trump after this going-down-in-history moment, the hypocrisy shone through.

You are the ones who enabled the man to bring it to this point, and now you rush to shirk off any responsibility. Yeah, people remember. Worse than these convenient deserters, were the ones who insisted that Trump was not responsible for this rioting. In fact, this legion even wanted to push a motion to overturn the Biden victory.

Yes, you Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley!

With some even resisting a removal and an impeachment, I give you Bernie Sanders’ word — Why impeach Trump at this late date? One word, says Bernie Sanders: ‘Precedent’. If this doesn’t signify the absolute necessity of an impeachment, I don’t know what will!

With an emergency declared in Washington, ironically by the President, keeping in the January 20, 2021 inauguration, America is gearing up for more unrest. The Biden- Harris duo is the ray of hope that America is heavily banking on. As the saying goes — Time will tell!

Agree to disagree? Sure. But how is there an argument on what’s right and wrong. was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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