4 Crucial Tips to Set up a Catchy Instagram Business Profile for Marketing this year.

How to reflect on your identity to establish an online business page.


To market your brand, you need a platform with various global users to make it achieve its heights. Instagram receives 1 billion+ active users on monthly basis.

According to a recent study, 90% of the users on the platform follow mostly business pages related to e-commerce, motivational experts, or other entrepreneur tips content. Instagram is considered as a famous social media to follow brands.

Businesses like beauty products, consultants, coaches, and social media agencies are daily marketing their services on Instagram to get their target audience.

And brands are receiving their reward from the clients and revenue they are generating from advertising. Because they have established their professional existence with the informative content written on their profile.

Carousels posts won most engagement over other types like videos and single images in 2021. And 46% of B2B marketers opted for IG for organic curation.

You also can implement the tips on your business page to market effectively, and attract a more serious audience to your brand by crafting a perfect Bio for your service.

Bio plays a significant role in catching the trust of your customers who are visiting your profile for the first time. It signifies your credibility.

How to produce the best description above your feed to get the most trusted clients and followers.

Here are some smart tips to follow:

1. Decide about your suitable profile picture.

If you are managing or selling a service, you need a suitable logo and if you want to market yourself as a personal brand — get a nice photoshoot today. Use a high-quality lens and produce an image with confidence which defines your personality to the people and who you are in real life.

Keep in mind to maintain direct eye contact with the camera to get the attention of the viewer. It will define your presence online and people will know you better and approach your business by making a contact because it defines you as the human in front of the stranger.

For a product logo: open Canva and then tap on logo design to create a brand name easily free of cost. Templates are also available to choose from.

2. Username must be the full name of your business or your own.

In the space below your username and profile of your page, there is space to mention your 2nd identity. Write your passport identity with the profession mentioned.

* As done by experts and other influencers on the platform. Example: social sam |IG strategist and Sophie| Digital marketing advertising their service\products to attract people and a run successful brand.

Stacy|| social media strategist, Marie|| Health coach, Venice || copywriter, Danielle|| website designer.

This trick helps people to identify you by searching your expertise in the search box.

3. Bio must be informative and define you.

In BIO include your business aim — why you have started it and what you want to receive and what people get from your expertise as a service.

Decide the relevant category that suits you best like Entrepreneur, blogger, digital creator, writer, or any other available. This will give you an applicable personality to perform and how an audience will define you.

Add a link to your website or create a link tree to collect work at one place. To make it easy for the follower to visit your worksite. Example: Facebook, podcast, E-book, and contact access. This will provide impact and confirm that you are professional to other visitors.

Give a location of your city and a 3-word quote that you consider in life. The result is that your profile will get rescued by people from your bucket niche and surroundings to make remote connections.

Like: London, the UK with the domain of work.

4. Make beautiful highlight covers.

Step 1: Use Canva to make highlight covers according to the story type.

Step 2: Enhance with elements, text, and gradients for unique highlights. Keep with the same theme.

Step 3: Download after the final touch on your smartphone. And then transfer to Instagram.

Step 4: Tap the highlight in which you want to put the design.

Step 5: Click the option of more in the corner and then edit the highlight button.

Step 6: Now tap on edit cover to change your old cover in the circle.

Step 7: Select the preferred icon for that one.

Step 8: At last you will get an aesthetic circular cover and tap. It’s ready.

End thoughts:

Your Instagram profile matters the most to get the trust of the audience. Give impact to your first place viewer on your page in a positive style. It will finally look professional in the desired way. And people will approach you.

People will understand what you are trying to showcase to them about yourself. Learn to display your identity on the right track.

I hope this blog post helps you in creating your authentic social media presence.

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