About Dr Mehmet Yildiz

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I use this site as a platform to connect with my readers, collaborators, mentors, and proteges.

I am the owner and chief editor of ILLUMINATION Integrated publications serving 150,000+ readers on Medium. More than 13,700 writers contribute to my publications. You can use this form to be a writer or make inquiries about my publications on Medium. My editorial profile on Medium provides some highlights of my writing and editing career.

My professional background is technology, leadership, and cognitive science. I work as an Enterprise Architect solving complex digital transformation problems for several large business organizations.

I have been working in the IT industry over the last 40 years and leading complex enterprise architecture initiatives for large corporate organizations over the last 20 years.

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My expertise was certified by the Open Group as “L3 Distinguished Enterprise Architect”.

My major solution focus is on the complex digital transformation initiatives using agile principles. I share my expertise in several practical books and articles on Medium.

I like collaboration, sharing, mentoring, and helping people in my networks. Their success, joy, and happiness make me motivated for creating stronger bonds. This trust-based bond helps us grow mutually.

I am a writer and entrepreneur at heart.

My goal is to empower writers by engaging and collaborating with them meaningfully.

Writer inquiries for my publications can be accessed from this link.

Reciprocity, kindness, diversity, inclusiveness, and synergy are my core values.

I authored several books and keep writing on various platforms.

The recent ones are Medium and Vocal Media where I share my personal stories.

On Medium, I established multiple publications contributed by over 10,000 writers and followed by 137,000 readers. I serve as an Editor in Chief for these publications. They are called ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, and Technology Hits.

I recently started contributing to News Break as a writer.

You can access my Medium stories from this link.

My stories on Vocal Media can be reached from this link.

Writing Style: I reflect on the insights from my practical experience to provide value to my readers using a unique and plain narration. Feedback from my readers states that “His content is original, simplified, methodical, value-driven, and aims to address the compelling issues of the digital world and modern corporate enterprises. He notably refrains from theoretical and convoluted content in his books and articles.”

Summary of my professional background

Technology and Solution Focus

IoT, Data Practice and Platforms, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cognitive, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Edge Computing integration, Enterprise Modernization, Digital Transformation

Delivery Approach

Agile Solution Methods (certified), Design Thinking Practitioner (certified), Architectural methods and governance models.

Architectural Method Experience


Appointments and Memberships

IBM Senior Inventor, Member of the IBM Academy of Technology, Member of Business Architecture Guild, Member of ISF (International Security Forum), Architecture Board Member for multiple corporate organizations, Assigned author for The IOT Magazine, The Startup , and Data Driven Investor on the Medium content platform. Editor and review board members for multiple international conferences and symposiums.

Industry credentials

Publicly available on Acclaim.

How to connect with me and follow my ideas

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