Curated 100 Articles on Vocal Media

In this post, I share my selected 100 articles published on Vocal Media. If you enjoy writing, you can join Vocal as a creator to find your voice, reach out to a broad audience, and earn income from your articles. I also write on Medium and NewsBreak.  Please enjoy these articles freely available to all Internet users. Design Thinking for […]


Rocket League

Rocket League: A super explosion of a game in the United States and becoming widespread globally Technology plays a vital role in human brain development. The developmental benefits are not only for children but also for adults. If you are into online gaming, probably you heard about Rocket League. This popular game is not ordinary; […]


Reviews of Trending Online Games

If you are into a free and trending game, this article is for you. Shooting may not be everyone’s cup of tea; however, this game offers more than shooting. I have been interested in computer games as a developer, researcher, player, and a technical reviewer for a long time. People play computer games for various reasons. […]