mental health

IMPACT OF Emotional Stress ON HEALTH

Energy is power and essential for the continuity of life. It is impossible to survive and thrive without physical and mental energy. They are basic requirements for all living beings. Many factors can drain our physical and mental energy. The fundamental aspects are nutrition, sleep, and exercise. When we lack these three core requirements, something […]


Going Above And Beyond

The meaning of transhumanism. Humans have the ability to look towards and plan for the future. This capacity for future-orientation distinguishes us from other creatures. Our brain has evolved and developed a unique part — the neocortex. This structure, also known as the prefrontal lobe, enables us to think about, plan, and visualize the future, as well […]


My Perspective To Heroic Life

A heroic life might be what our heart and soul desire, but only a small number of us can achieve this goal. Most of us scale between various ranges based on our capabilities, effort, and aspirations. Despite medical advances and lifestyle options, life is still short. I haven’t heard of anyone who has lived over […]