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I compiled essential articles which can help you become a successful writer on Medium. A Practical Guide for Writers I shared my recent experience on this story. My 12 Months of Experience on Medium

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Writers of ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, and Technology Hits can submit their stories to these social media platforms. Quora Pinterest LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Reddit How to connect with me I established three significant publications supporting 7,000+ writers and serving 70,000+ readers on Medium.… Read More

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I reflect upon insights from my professional experience in the¬†industry Technology design and technical leadership are a passion for me. I do it for living and enjoyment. Sharing my experience in the most simplified way is my ultimate goal to delight my readers. In this story, I want to share my recent seven stories in… Read More

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Reading List on Technology Hits Selected stories for enjoyment of our readers Background on Technology Hits My aim is to bring writers with backgrounds from all aspects of technology and create eclectic stories which can offer something for everyone. I have a connection with and access to thousands of writers on Medium and other platforms. I… Read More

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Navigation Links For My Medium profile Explore my leadership collection Explore my technology collection My guidance to writers to perform better on Medium I will make other collections available for the following topics soon. About platforms and social media created for success of writers ILLUMINATION Writer Resources ILLUMINATION-Curated Writer Resources Technology Hits Writer Resources My… Read More

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Introduction Greetings from a new Editor of Technology Hits. This is my first day. I am excited to be here and meet you. Technology Hits is a new publication established by Dr Mehmet Yildiz recently. Technology Hits publication covers seven key domains in technology arena. We crated personas and called them technicians, philosophers, entrepreneurs, entertainers,… Read More


ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, Technology Hits on Medium Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yilidz – Editor in Chief Volume 80 for ILLUMINATION-Curated, Sunday Digest for ILLUMINATION, and Editorial Picks from Technology Hits are ready. Daily Digest for Readers We compiled remarkable stories for your enjoyment. Many thanks ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, and Editor of Technology Hits. They are full of… Read More