Curated 100 Articles on Vocal Media

In this post, I share my selected 100 articles published on Vocal Media. If you enjoy writing, you can join Vocal as a creator to find your voice, reach out to a broad audience, and earn income from your articles. I also write on Medium and NewsBreak.  Please enjoy these articles freely available to all Internet users. Design Thinking for […]


Rewiring Brain by Activating BDNF & β-Hydroxybutyrate

How to initiate neurogenesis and enhance cognitive reserves with simple lifestyle habits Using this empowering knowledge, my sensible biohacking, transhumanism, and longevity toolbox included powerful tools like BDNF (Brain-Derived Neuro Factor) and BHP (β-hydroxybutyrate). I learned ways to increase BDNF and BHP naturally, which I want to share in the simplest possible way in this […]


Selected Articles From Transhumanism Leadership

Heath, Fitness, Lifestyle, LEADERSHIP, MENTAL HEALTH Topics Eclectic stories addressing interesting and important life matters for individuals and society Introduction Transhumanism is a leadership movement to encourage human beings to live their full potential focusing on self-improvement, personal development, and transformation approach. The goal of this movement is to help us go above and beyond in efforts […]