Sea Born

A haiku, based on Irish sea folklore Illustration by author Born of sea is she. Sometimes woman, sometimes seal, All times the selkie. Being Irish and loving folklore, and the sea, I’ve always been drawn to the selkie legend. Those ocean dwellers that shift between human and animal form. — Sea Born was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium,… Read More

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Daily Digest —Tuesday Selected stories from 8,400+ writers supporting 78,000+ readers on ILLUMINATION This daily digest covers a small number of selected stories from contributing writers on Tuesday. It is pleasure for us to share these eclectic and engaging stories submitted to ILLUMINATION today. These inspiring pieces include many topics. Here is the link for those… Read More

Featured Stories from ILLUMINATION

Daily Digest — Thursday Selected stories selected from 8,300+ writers supporting 75,000+ readers on ILLUMINATION Dear Readers, This daily digest includes a small number of our selected stories from contributing writers. It is pleasure for us to share these eclectic and engaging stories submitted to ILLUMINATION. These inspiring pieces cover many topics. You can subscribe to our… Read More

When Building Personal Boundaries The idea and concept of Personal Boundaries may be things that differ greatly from person to person. That may be the case when it comes to each specific building block, that comes to making up somebody’s personal boundaries. Though the many building blocks may differ, they are all trying to establish those boundaries for… Read More

NFL: How Tom Brady continues to defy the odds at 43 as he eyes astonishing seventh SuperBowl

Tom Brady preparing to take a snap as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers overcame Washington Football team 31–23 in their NFL wildcard match-up When Tom Brady was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the New England Patriots in March 2020, few predicted he would make another SuperBowl, but here we are again. On Sunday, Brady will be… Read More