Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #6

Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #6 Hey there, I hope you are doing well. This is the fifth part of my story. To read the previous part, click on the links provided below. Happy reading… The Ring Of Love #1 click here The past that repeats #2 click here Misunderstanding #3 click here The future too has no mercy #4 click here […]


Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #3

Samuthra — The Princess Of Ocean #3 Misunderstanding Image by Mark Basarab from Unsplash In a moment I received a call from Jhanvi and she said, “Aahsiv… She….. not….. yo… Ri…”. “Hello Jhanvi I can’t hear you repeat again,” I said. “Aahsiv get up… Aahsiv get up….” Jhanvi cried. And suddenly… Suddenly Riya pressed the brake of the car. The phone […]


The Real Frankie Hargrove

The story behind the label society wants you to see Photo by Pam Bailey By Pam Bailey This is a tale told in three parts: the person you most need to know, the making of his undoing and the many ways we fail people like him. It’s part love letter (to the friend who has enriched me), part […]