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ILLUMINATION is a unique and significant publication on Medium contributed by 20,000+ writers growing rapidly on Medium. We are delighted to add new writers bringing different perspectives each day. Our editorial team embraces diversity, values our writers, and helps them find their writing voice in a collaborative platform.

You are welcome to join our diverse team engaging in a Slack channel. This service is complementary and optional for our writers. We value diversity, freshness, originality, and authenticity from new voices. We strive to empower our writers and support our readers. We give voice to all ethical writers at any level (absolute beginners and the most accomplished ones). We create a collaborative atmosphere by cross-pollinating them with support.

New Writers, please review our onboarding pack before submitting your stories to our publications. This will help your stories get published faster. If your questions are not covered in this welcome pack, please contact Dr. Mehmet Yildiz on the Slack workspace directly, especially if your stories get delayed or you need writer access to specific publications.

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Please leave your inquiry and details using the form below.

The most important information is your Medium ID. If you can’t provide your Medium ID, we cannot add your account, as it is the only way to register writers on publications.

We need your Medium ID to give you writer access. By submitting this form, you consent to your Medium ID and email address to be used in correspondence for publication activities such as informing your participation, featuring your stories, and updating publication in the Newsletter. Your contact details are kept safe and private.

Please review this onboarding pack before submitting your stories.

AI-Generated Content Policy for ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium

We don’t accept content written by artificial intelligence tools but we have a viable solution to make writers and readers happy.

About Chief Editor

Dr Mehmet Yildiz is the founder and chief editor of Illumination Integrated Publications on Medium.

ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications include:

Technology Hits
Readers Hope
Illumination on YouTube
Illumination Gaming
EUPHORIA by Dr Mehmet Yildiz

You can show your interest in supporting his publications as an editor. His free content strategy and marketing newsletter can be accessed from Substack. He also writes for News Break and Vocal Media. You can subscribe to his Medium profile to receive whenever I post an article. If you are new to Vocal Media, you can join via this link. Writer applications for NewsBreak. Medium writers can repurpose their stories on Vocal Media and NewsBreak to maximize their income and broaden their audience.

He posts his lifestyle, health, and well-being stories on EUPHORIA. He writes practical articles on preventing significant diseases and valuable nutrients for health. His focus is cellular, metabolic, and mental health on EUPHORIA.

If you are new to Medium, you can join by following this link. Opportunities for writers and readers are endless on Medium. Thank you for subscribing to his content on Medium.

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Meet other editors from this collection.

Invitation to be part of our YouTube Journey by Aiden, who is our YouTube coordinator. You may contact him on our Slack workspace if you want to be featured on YouTube.

Aiden also has his own website supporting two Illumination publications.

Information about ILLUMINATION-Curated.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz (Founder & Editor) will answer your inquiries from this form.

For new writers, please provide your Medium account ID to be added to the publication as a writer. It is essential. We cannot add you to the publication without your medium ID. For example, his Medium account ID is

Affiliate Marketing Education, Partnership, and Earning Passive Income

If you are into affiliate marketing, you can explore opportunities for freelance writers published on Medium.

If you plan to write for NewsBreak, you can apply using this link.

You can download NewsBreak app to read local news and articles for free.

To repurpose your Medium articles, you can join Vocal Media for free and publish your articles. Your content can earn passive income from Internet readers.

As our partner, you may Join WordPress to create your website and blog and get a $25 discount from the usual price.

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New Year Updates from Illumination Editorial Team

Helpful Guides for All Contributors

Onboarding Pack for New Writers

New writers, please read this pack before submitting your stories.

Master Copy: Onboarding New Writers

Publication-related stories can be accessed via the attached collection.

Starter Kit for Writers of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

Meet Editors of Our Publications

Collection of Editor Bios

Introducing Writers Bios

Curated Writer Bios

Invitation to ILLUMINATION YouTube Channel

Invitation: Join ILLUMINATION Gaming Publication as a Writer

Invitation to Write for ILLUMINATION Videos and Podcasts Publication

You might check more guiding stories on Illumination’s Blog Publication.

Thank you for joining us. Please contact Dr. Mehmet Yildiz on Illumination’s Slack workspace when you need help. If you don’t have access to Slack, please send a request using this form with your Medium account ID. It is a free and moderated service for writers of Medium, Vocal Media, and NewsBreak. You may check his articles on EUPHORIA .

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