Artificial Intelligence

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating disorder affecting 6.2 million Americans. And many more millions are affected globally.

The purpose of this article is to introduce a drug named aducanumab branded as Aduhelm by Biogen in the United States. I aim to provide perspectives covering a broad range of thoughts and sentiments by professionals and the public as reflected in traditional and social media. Media sentiments demonstrate both celebration and apprehension. I wrote […]


Why Smell Is Critical For Artificial Intelligence

When I mention AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines can smell now, my friends exclaim with the statement of “So What”! The best way is to explain to them the importance of smell in our lives. This article introduces considerable research to olfactory development in computer science and engineering at a high level and points out recent […]


Cognitive Transformation

Who hasn’t heard the term “cognitive computing” so far? Most of us in the IT industry most likely heard, read about it, or already started working with the cognitive systems for various practical use cases. Would you like to have a quick taste? Then, keep reading! I simplified this complex topic as much as possible […]