Big Data Analytics

Why Smell Is Critical For Artificial Intelligence

When I mention AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines can smell now, my friends exclaim with the statement of “So What”! The best way is to explain to them the importance of smell in our lives. This article introduces considerable research to olfactory development in computer science and engineering at a high level and points out recent […]


Big Data Lifecycle Management

Many business organisations use Big Data generated from various sources such as transaction systems, media, and streaming data from the Internet of Things. In this post, I introduce the lifecycle management of the Big Data process at a high level and with simplified language gleaning from methods I used in my data solutions. The key […]


Business Value of Big Data as a Service

In this short article, I want to briefly introduce the business value, architecture, use cases, deployment, and service model of Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) which is a novel and rapidly growing Cloud-based service. The service is offered to support big data and analytics solutions in a cost-effective manner. This service can be considered […]