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Health, Fitness, Lifestyle CollectionS My Recent Articles On Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Topics According to my health care professionals, I was supposed to be disabled or dead by now. But I’m healthier, happier, and more successful now. I want to share my recent stories published on Transhumanism Leadership – Medium. These stories are important to […]


What Is Biohacking & What It Means to Society

In this article, rather than on the broad subject of transhumanism, I focus on biohacking. My aim is to broaden our horizons by providing perspectives from multiple angles. I want to inspire and encourage my readers to have a new mindset looking at biohacking from a positive outlook rather than the eyes of an enemy. […]


New Habits for Fat Loss

Eating more protein and healthy fat in my meals relieved the hunger and reduced food cravings. Whenever I feel like eating a snack, I asked: do I need more glucose in my bloodstream? Pausing for a moment and asking powerful questions became a habit. My next discovery was intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. Fasting […]