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Ten Practical Steps Fixed Lucy’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Her unbearable fatigue looked like a metaphorical onion with multiple layers. Addressing each layer with the help of medical specialists and a psychotherapist identified underlying causes and solved Lucy’s chronic fatigue syndrome holistically. Then, she re-experienced an abundance of energy. Why Lucy Felt So Tired All the Time Lucy always felt tired and sluggish in her mid-twenties. […]


Fixing Three Health Conditions Accelerated Rosalia’s Fat Loss

These cultural and health issues were causing her fat gain, brain fog, anxiety, and mild depression. The Cultural Effects of Food In Rosalia’s Weight Gain Since her childhood, Rosalia has had significant digestive issues. Her parents migrated from South Italy had a solid hedonistic tendency towards food. Her immediate and extended family considered food as entertainment […]


How Jennifer Healed Her Brain Fog

A 64 year old breast cancer survivor naturally cured mental fatigue with simple lifestyle changes orchestrated by healthcare professionals Six hundred million people worldwide suffer from cognitive dysfunction. Brain fog is one of the conditions related to cognitive dysfunction. Like many people, I also suffered from brain fog, ironically in my younger years when I […]