deep learning

An Overview of Deep Fake Technology

Deep fake audio and video technologies can be used separately and together. There are different use cases for each and their combined uses. However, the combination can create more convincing results in the end products. Within the computer vision field, deep fake videos use artificial intelligence technologies including machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, generative […]


Deep Neural Network for cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases causing suffering and mortality to millions of people globally. While humanity finds reasonable solutions for other diseases, minimal improvement has been achieved on cancer. Yet, many scientists work hard on finding solutions. When you check, you may come across over four million papers related to cancer. […]


Top AI Stories on Technology Hits

Editors’ pick for readers of the topic Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence This post aims to introduce the AI (artificial intelligence) topic and the AI tag on Medium and provide selected stories related to AI hosted on the Technology Hits publication on Medium. Artificial Intelligence is an important topic on Medium. In fact, #1 in the […]