Enterprise Architecture

A Modern Enterprise Architecture Approach - Chapter 1

This chapter covers the fundamentals of enterprise architecture. In any business venture, fundamentals must be met first so that further progress goes on. For this reason, I start with the definition of enterprise architecture within the modernization context and introduce the fundamental techniques to deal with enterprise complexity. In consecutive chapters, as another fundamental aspect, […]


The Importance of Digital Intelligence

Key benefits for leaders, entrepreneurs, the economy, and the society Digital intelligence has been a great interest to me since I started working with information technology and computers four decades ago. In addition to my work, I have been studying the field and always and learning new methods, techniques, and tools.  Digital intelligence is the aptitude […]


My Top 50 Stories on News Break

My News Break Writer Profile How to join News Break Creator’s Program. Please enjoy “My Recent 50 Stories Published on News Break” You can read these stories on your PC by following these links. Or you can download News Break app to your phone from this link. 3 Joyful Exercises for Low-Fat, Lean Muscles, and Dense […]