Top Seven Social Media Tools for Freelance Writers to Amplify Content

How writers and bloggers can use social media platforms meaningfully and productively with minimal effort I see social media as a serendipity machine for writers and readers. Sharing content on social media can be beneficial for freelance writers. The bigger and more engaging your network, the better visibility you can gain via social media. However […]


Digital Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

I created a resource page for beginners interested in digital affiliate marketing. The main audience are writers, bloggers, and social media influencers. This is a collaboration group. We share articles and blogs and you are invited to introduce yourself and network with the group members. Follow and like our group titled Digital Affiliate Marketing on […]


What Happens If Lose Google In Australia?

There is an interesting situation in Australia with substantial implications. I don’t know the answer but have viewpoints from different angles. Google is an embedded entity of the nation and the backbone of the digital economy. Here is my article elaborating on this situation in Australia. What Happens If We Lose Google And Facebook In […]