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Eliza’s Remarkable Fat Loss Journey

This story inspired me so much that I share it with my friends, colleagues, and readers. After ten years, Eliza did not gain any weight, kept her lean muscles, and became a successful businesswoman. She was kind enough to attribute her success to Adrian’s stringent and well-proven method. The story resonates well with me because […]


How I Solved Some HEalth Conditions

Health & Fitness 12 Entangled Health Conditions I Owned & Fixed By Myself How I transformed my problematic health and fitness situations by methodical trials & errors Introduction and Context This story puts me in a full vulnerable position bringing all my physical and mental health conditions in one place. This is my honest and defenceless piece of sharing […]


New Habits for Fat Loss

Eating more protein and healthy fat in my meals relieved the hunger and reduced food cravings. Whenever I feel like eating a snack, I asked: do I need more glucose in my bloodstream? Pausing for a moment and asking powerful questions became a habit. My next discovery was intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. Fasting […]