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Featured Stories Issue #2 Selected stories from 8,500+ writers supporting 80,000+ readers on ILLUMINATION Dear Followers and Readers, We started a new series featuring stories submitted to ILLUMINATION. We present our second issue today. We selected a small number of engaging stories from a broad range of topics for your enjoyment today. We also share links… Read More

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Please enjoy my new articles covering various on News Break. How To Make A Six-Figure Income From Blogging And Writing | News Break Discovering Millions of Free Datasets | News Break Charisma Is Not As Mysteries As It Sounds | News Break Useful Lessons That I learned About Real Estate Investment | News Break Why… Read More

How To Make A Six-Figure Income From Blogging And Writing

I offer a quick taste from my realistic perspectives and professional insights in the field. The more you earn the happier I can be. I am on your side as a fellow content developer. However, this story serves the purpose of checking reality to prevent disappointment, rejections, and withdrawal from practice. You can read the… Read More

How To Start With News Break As A writer and Become Successful

This is a personal invitation from me to top writers and bloggers to join News Break Creators program. News Break is a unique platform for writers and readers. It is new to me, but I genuinely enjoy the experience as a writer and reader. It is an innovative company with integrity. I received what promised… Read More

How To Be A Successful Writer On Medium

I compiled essential articles which can help you become a successful writer on Medium. A Practical Guide for Writers I shared my recent experience on this story. My 12 Months of Experience on Medium

Simplified Stories On My Technology Collection

I reflect upon insights from my professional experience in the industry Technology design and technical leadership are a passion for me. I do it for living and enjoyment. Sharing my experience in the most simplified way is my ultimate goal to delight my readers. In this story, I want to share my recent seven stories in… Read More

Short-Form Stories on Medium

What is the purpose of short-form stories? After reading many articles on several publications on benefits, my understanding is that short-form stories have three main goals. 1 — Introduce your readers to your profile using short stories from various topics. 2 — Collaborate with other writers and enhance your network. 3 — Demonstrate a variety… Read More

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Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Editor in Chief We share our daily stories with readers using various ways and tools on different platforms. Here is the link to our publication to read more stories.ILLUMINATIONWe curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.medium.com You can access the digest… Read More

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Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Editor in chief Please enjoy and share. Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Thomas Oppong 3 Underrated Habits That Can Help You Get More Done in a Day Than Most People Do in a WeekIt pays to completely clear your mind and begin againmedium.com Dr Mehmet Yildiz Checklist for Quality SubmissionsImprove quality… Read More