The Evolving Role of DNA Tests in the Emergence of Personalized Medicine

Despite drawbacks, DNA tests and genetic info look necessary due to potential health benefits, availability, and affordability, based on my 15 years of experience. DNA testing is a relatively new technology that shows the potential to revolutionize our understanding of genetics and improve healthcare with the emergence of personalized medicine and proactive healthcare. This piece […]


Pursuing Link Between Obesity and Cancer

This article provides an overview of the relevant studies mentioning intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets within cancer prevention and treatment context. My aim is to create further visibility on the possibilities of using these natural practices that can be confirmed with new studies. We know that environment, genetics, and lifestyle have an impact on the […]


Deep Neural Network for cancer Research

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases causing suffering and mortality to millions of people globally. While humanity finds reasonable solutions for other diseases, minimal improvement has been achieved on cancer. Yet, many scientists work hard on finding solutions. When you check, you may come across over four million papers related to cancer. […]