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The purpose of this story is to bring all my review articles in a single place for easy access. I study the economic, business, technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation progress from various states, highlighting notable initiatives and programs. This resource can be helpful to readers undertaking research on these topics related to these sates in North America.


Top AI Stories on Technology Hits

Editors’ pick for readers of the topic Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence This post aims to introduce the AI (artificial intelligence) topic and the AI tag on Medium and provide selected stories related to AI hosted on the Technology Hits publication on Medium. Artificial Intelligence is an important topic on Medium. In fact, #1 in the […]


What Happens If Lose Google In Australia?

There is an interesting situation in Australia with substantial implications. I don’t know the answer but have viewpoints from different angles. Google is an embedded entity of the nation and the backbone of the digital economy. Here is my article elaborating on this situation in Australia. What Happens If We Lose Google And Facebook In […]