Five Powerful Tools to Regulate Emotions & Knock Chronic Stress

Practical insights and empowering perspectives from psychoneuroendocrinology Why should we take the responsibility and burden of others’ disappointments? Psychoneuroendocrinology is a big word to pronounce. It may scare some of us. It is a relatively new discipline giving us valuable perspectives into the inseparable body and mind connection, particularly in dealing with toxic stress. This […]


What Can We Do About Liver Disease?

The liver plays a significant role in maintaining good health. If the liver gets sick, the entire body suffers. As documented in a paper titled Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Evolving paradigms in the World Journal of Gastroenterol: “NAFLD is a pandemic disease worldwide, which has been paralleling the ongoing epidemics of obesity, type 2 diabetes, […]


Bioidentical Hormones For Longevity and Vitality.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz Medical breakthroughs substantially changed our lives. They contribute to our longevity, vitality and enjoyment. Bioidentical hormones are one of these breakthroughs, but their value is still not well known by the public for several reasons. What can we do? My biggest wish is to reduce suffering and pain from those who are […]