How to Architect Digital Transformation

Why should we architect digital transformation? Architecting digital transformation can address the root causes of fundamental issues that we experience in the digital world. The proliferation of digital media in the form of images, sound, and videos created a massive demand for our infrastructure to scale globally. Relentless sharing of these media types can create… Read More

Fantastic Stories from Creative Writers of ILLUMINATION-Curated on Medium

Dear WordPress Friends, In this post, I provide a list of stories submitted to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication on Medium today. The list includes links to the profiles of writers and their stories. Please enjoy these outstanding stories. Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Rebecca Romanelli Dreams are Our Allies, Even if We Don’t Remember Them Randy Wolken What’s… Read More

Remarkable Stories Submitted to ILLUMINATION on Medium Today

I want to share fascinating stories selected from 5,000+ writers contributed to ILLUMINATION on Medium. I provided the writer name, link to their Medium accounts, and link to the stories. Enjoy and connect with as many writers as you can. You can subscribe to our mailing list to stay in touch with our progress and… Read More

Outstanding Stories on Medium

Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curated I compiled outstanding stories from top writers contributing to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication on Medium. You can read these stories on Medium. Please enjoy. Rebecca Stevens A. White Privilege Up Close and Personal Emily Kingsley United We Smell Simona The Mystery of Consciousness — Illuminated by Science Dr Mehmet Yildiz I Don’t Like My… Read More