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Featured Stories Issue #48 Selected stories from 9,400 writers supporting 93,500+ readers on ILLUMINATION Dear readers, We are delighted to provide you with fresh stories every day. We compiled engaging, informative, and interesting stories from our growing collection today, External readers can access them via blogs on Word Press. Thank you for the following ILLUMINATION and for reading the… Read More

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Featured Stories Issue #6 Selected stories from 8,600+ writers supporting 82,000+ readers on ILLUMINATION Dear Readers, We are delighted to present these featured stories on ILLUMINATION today. This is our sixth issue. Thank you for your feedback on the previous five issues. We are glad you enjoy our new service. Today, we compiled a small number… Read More

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Featured Stories Issue #4 Selected stories from 8,500+ writers supporting 81,000+ readers on ILLUMINATION Dear Readers, It is a pleasure for us to present these featured stories submitted to ILLUMINATION. Today we crated our third issue. Thank you for your feedback on previous three issues. We are glad you enjoy our service. We selected a small… Read More

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Featured Stories Issue #2 Selected stories from 8,500+ writers supporting 80,000+ readers on ILLUMINATION Dear Followers and Readers, We started a new series featuring stories submitted to ILLUMINATION. We present our second issue today. We selected a small number of engaging stories from a broad range of topics for your enjoyment today. We also share links… Read More

Articles By Dr Mehmet Yildiz on News Break

Welcome to my blog, where I syndicate my stories for your enjoyment. I write about leadership, technology, self-improvement, life lessons, transformation, science, philosophy, health, mental health, content development and marketing. Please follow my account to see my insights in your News Break feed. Dr Mehmet Yildiz’s Home PageI am a writer with four decades of… Read More

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Please Enjoy Recent Stories Published on News Break I compiled my featured stories for easy access of reader. When I Cut Fibre Entirely My Terrible Bloating Gone. How Naive Was I For Not Listening To My Body When I Cut Fibre Entirely My Terrible Bloating Gone. How Naive Was I For Not Listening To My Body… 1… Read More

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Reading List on Technology Hits Selected stories for enjoyment of our readers Background on Technology Hits My aim is to bring writers with backgrounds from all aspects of technology and create eclectic stories which can offer something for everyone. I have a connection with and access to thousands of writers on Medium and other platforms. I… Read More

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Sunday Digest — Selected Stories Stories selected from 5,900+ writers supporting 50,600+ readers on ILLUMINATION ILLUMINATION Blogs: https://digitalmehmet.com/my_blog/ Dear Readers, ILLUMINATION completed the fifth milestone with 50,000 followers yesterday. We are grateful to our readers for their support of our writers. Celebrating 50,000 FollowersILLUMINATION writers attracted 50,000+ readers in 9 months and manifested it in the top 100… Read More

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Outstanding Stories — Volume 78 Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curated ILLUMINATION Blogs: https://digitalmehmet.com/my_blog/ Featured Stories of ILLUMINATION-Curated on MediumOutstanding Stories — Volume 77 Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curated ILLUMINATION Blogs…digitalmehmet.com Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated ILLUMINATION-Curated Outstanding Stories — Volume 77Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curatedmedium.com Edward Robson, PhD Amy and the ShrinkA scene from my unpublished novel, Follow… Read More

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Outstanding Stories — Volume 69 Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Please enjoy and share Teresa D Hawkes, Ph.D. Writing in this internet ageI was born into the Rock and Roll era, 1950’s TV (its own animal), and the high days of the 1950s-1970s just-burgeoning…medium.com Rebecca Stevens A. Words, Like Bullets, Can Kill.Words like a thousand stray bullets,medium.com Bill Abbate Your Life… Read More

Articles on Vocal Media

Please enjoy and share if you find them valuable. How Did I Become Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier How Did I Become Fitter, Stronger, and HealthierIn my personal development and biohacking journey, exercise made the biggest impact on my transformation both at…vocal.media Dealing With Anxiety at Difficult Times Dealing With Anxiety at Difficult TimesWe notice that… Read More

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Compied by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Editor in Chief Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Rosennab Four Responses to Trauma that Destroy RelationshipsAnd the one that buildsmedium.com Rebecca Stevens A. Who Benefits Most From A Divided America?Criminal investigators always ask themselves a crucial question when starting on a new case. Who stands to benefit the…medium.com Julia E Hubbel What… Read More

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Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Editor in Chief It is a pleasure to present these outstanding stories written by our top writers on Medium. These eclectic stories cover many topics. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did while editing. Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Steve QJ — [Viral story of the day] The Left Still Doesn’t… Read More

How Can You Become An Excellent Leader?

In this article, I provide an overview of the 26 key characteristics of excellent technical and technology leaders who can survive and thrive even in the most critical situations. These excellent leader deliver outstanding business results, keep their team members sane, make their stakeholders happy, and delight their customers. My aim is to guide aspiring… Read More

Exquisite topics created by ILLUMINATION writers & poets: An Easter Special

Creative ILLUMINATION writers produced articles on a diverse range of topics as Easter special. The readers provide excellent feedback. I attach the curated articles in the link below: Proudly Curated Topics for Medium Readers Easter Special We know that Medium readers deserve well represented and diverse range of topics. Medium readers are valuable for ILLUMINATION… Read More

How Writing can be Therapeutic for Writers

I submitted an article to the ILLUMINATION publication on Medium discussing the challenges of writers and the need for community. The main premise of the article is that When people start feeling a warm and friendly atmosphere, they feel the therapeutic value of a writing community. As writers, we have our challenges and difficulties at… Read More

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Many talented writers submitted their articles to ILLUMINATION on Medium. We created a curated list of articles for your enjoyment. ILLUMINATION articles on Medium is linked in a single article by Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Editor of ILLUMINATION. Check this link to access the articles on many topics from technology, leadership, business, personal growth, humor, writing… Read More

Illumination Writers on Medium

ILLUMINATION is a publication and community of writers on Medium content platform. This publication is producing eclectic topics consist of a diverse group of writers. You can read about the bios of these writers written by from their pen. ILLUMINATION WRITERS More information about ILLUMINATION can be found from the Frequently Asked Questions article documented… Read More

Magic of dancing between two optimal zones

Do you want to thrive with joy despite the most challenging situations and keep producing with passion and sustained energy? My purpose in this article is to share a hard-learned lesson, which made a life-changing impact on my success and insanity. The approach I share in this article helped me to stay calm and composed… Read More

Turn Chaos to Coherence with Architectural & Design Thinking

Warning: upon reading this article, your architectural thinking in your entrepreneurial brain can boost substantially. The context of this article is based on a three-pronged business perspective: 1. new business, 2. modernising iteratively, and 3. transforming the current business capabilities to desired versions. I offer the use of an architectural approach empowered with design thinking… Read More

Magic of Fusion for Digital Transformation Leadership

The term fusion refers to joining different things with different attributes or functions together to co-create a single new entity or form. The notion of fusion relates to business compelling concepts such as integration, blending, merging, amalgamating, and more importantly bonding. Fusion relates to collaboration from several angles. It is an enhanced form of collaboration… Read More