leaky gut

My Battle with Carbs: How I Learned to Let Go of Anger and Take Control with Intellect and Intuition.

The unexpected lessons learned and actions taken when I discovered carbs and fiber weren’t essential nutrients for humans. Overcoming Challenges with Personal Responsibility: How I Transformed Adversity into Opportunity I wrote this story to share a transformative experience that ultimately improved my health and well-being using my intellect, intuition, and adversity quotient. I intend to provide […]


How I Solved Some HEalth Conditions

Health & Fitness 12 Entangled Health Conditions I Owned & Fixed By Myself How I transformed my problematic health and fitness situations by methodical trials & errors Introduction and Context This story puts me in a full vulnerable position bringing all my physical and mental health conditions in one place. This is my honest and defenceless piece of sharing […]


Here is How I Fixed My Leaky Gut

After severely suffering from digestive discomfort, allergies, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders over a decade I suffered from digestive discomfort and pain for many years. Since my teenage years, I have always felt something wrong with my stomach. Many physicians reviewed my case by using medical procedures such as endoscopy and colonoscopy, but they did not […]