Dealing With Amygdala Hijacks

Our thoughts and biochemistry trigger emotions. Most of the time, we are not aware of emerging feelings. They seem to come from nowhere. Our thinking brain perceives situations much slower than our limbic system (emotional part) where amygdala reside. In this article I shared my experience and views on recognizing and dealing with amygdala hijacks.… Read More

Featured Stories from ILLUMINATION-Curated

Image designed by author based on artwork of DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay ILLUMINATION Blogs: ILLUMINATION-Curated publishes high-quality stories, covering a wide range of topics from many experienced writers. We are delighted to present these stories for your enjoyment. We distributed 72 volumes of our outstanding stories. You can access previous volumes from this link. Stories… Read More

Articles on Vocal Media

Please enjoy and share if you find them valuable. How Did I Become Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier How Did I Become Fitter, Stronger, and HealthierIn my personal development and biohacking journey, exercise made the biggest impact on my transformation both at… Dealing With Anxiety at Difficult Times Dealing With Anxiety at Difficult TimesWe notice that… Read More