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I am regular writer on Medium. I published over a thousand articles. In this post, I share a list of my recently trending stories enjoyed by readers. Many of my health, fitness, lifestyle, mental health, longevity, spirituality, and leadership article are hosted on Transhumanism Publications. As a transhumanist, I share my knowledge, thoughts, & experience […]


Bioidentical Hormones For Longevity and Vitality.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz Medical breakthroughs substantially changed our lives. They contribute to our longevity, vitality and enjoyment. Bioidentical hormones are one of these breakthroughs, but their value is still not well known by the public for several reasons. What can we do? My biggest wish is to reduce suffering and pain from those who are […]


Dementia Is Problem. What Can We Do?

In this piece, I touch on a few culprits for dementia, introduce the concepts of cognitive reserves, and how I take preventative measures considering the previously elevated cortisol as a symptom of my chronic stress. You can read the article free on News Break app. Everyone Desires Longevity But Nobody Wants Living With Dementia