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Writers of ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, and Technology Hits can submit their stories to these social media platforms. Quora Pinterest LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Reddit How to connect with me I established three significant publications supporting 7,000+ writers and serving 70,000+ readers on Medium.… Read More

Short-Form Stories on Medium

What is the purpose of short-form stories? After reading many articles on several publications on benefits, my understanding is that short-form stories have three main goals. 1 — Introduce your readers to your profile using short stories from various topics. 2 — Collaborate with other writers and enhance your network. 3 — Demonstrate a variety… Read More

Fascinating Stories from ILLUMINATION-Curated

Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Editor in Chief Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Crystal Jackson The Things We Learned This Year We May Too Soon ForgetWhen 2020 is over, I hope we’ll remember what we Remington Write Praha, SoloBecause I could; that’s why (and so can you) Mark C Watney Beauty Bothers MeA Conversation with… Read More