stress management

For a Healthy & Satisfying Life, Five Ways to Beating Chronic Stress

Responding to daily stressors methodically and mindfully helps us live a more resilient life. Here are five practical tips. We Need A Methodical Stress Management System Chronic stress is not a trivial matter. It is the root cause of significant physical and mental ailments. Our quality of life and satisfaction depends on how we manage […]


10 Proven Tips to Mastering Pattern Interruption & Brain Stimulation for Mental Health

The importance of interrupting patterns and stimulating the brain with natural activities for mental health Do you sometimes feel stuck? Admittedly I do, but I can get myself unstuck effortlessly and swiftly. I have been using pattern interruption and brain stimulation to design my happiness. But unfortunately, my active, well-educated, and disciplined brain still constantly […]


Going Above And Beyond

The meaning of transhumanism. Humans have the ability to look towards and plan for the future. This capacity for future-orientation distinguishes us from other creatures. Our brain has evolved and developed a unique part — the neocortex. This structure, also known as the prefrontal lobe, enables us to think about, plan, and visualize the future, as well […]