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Vocal Media is writing platform. I post important articles to Vocal. In this post, I share some eclectic articles. I cover health, fitness, lifestyle, mental health, relationships, and technology topics SELECTED STORIES FROM VOCAL.MEDIA A 73 Year Old Man Like A Teenager How Did I Get Rid of Loose Skin? Staying Fit While Travelling How […]


What Is Business Architecture?

A simplified overview In this story, I share my experience as a Business Architect worked on massive digital transformation programs. I simplified the topic as much as possible. Let me introduce the most critical points to give you a broad picture of business architecture. In order to create effective business architecture for complex digital transformation […]


Two New Articles on Vocal Media Today

I submitted two articles articles reflecting my personal experience yesterday. Both of these articles were accepted and published. I want to share these two articles as they may provide useful tips to you or your beloved ones. The first one is titled “Dealing With Anxiety At Difficult Times”. We notice that the level of anxiety […]