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Why Don’t I Snack Anymore?

My suggestion is if you are snacking right now, pause a moment. Read this story highlighting my experience with snacks. After reading this article, you may continue your indulgence if you want.Why Don’t I Snack Anymore?
Snacks never worked for me. I found the reasons later, after suffering a

I Fixed My Brain Fog With 7 Simple Hacks

Brain fog affects many of us. Living with brain fog is not fun at all. It prevents us from enjoying life thoroughly. Everything looks colorless and life seems to be meaningless. When I was experiencing brain fog, all I wanted was to sleep and stay away from the excitement of life around me. Even small things were upsetting or irritating me.I Fixed My Brain Fog With 7 Simple Hacks
After a decade of trial and errors, I found some practical ways to overcome brain fog and prevent it from happening…

Do We Really Need A Morning Routine?

Morning routines can be fine. I am not against them. However, I wonder why only morning routines are emphasized, instead of midday routine, or evening routine. Some people stick to morning routines. They spent their time to follow the exact routine because they believe that many successful people have morning routines. I used to have a morning routine influenced by successful people but ditched it for various reasons.Do We Really Need A Morning Routine?
I used to have a morning routine influenced by successful people but ditched

Having Six-Packs After 50 Years Old

Even though fitness is passion for me, I am not obsessed with a six-pack belly and did not make it my specific fitness goal. Experiencing a six-pack abdomin happened as a by-product of my lifestyle choices. It served as an indication of my fitness progress on the right track. Being able to lose abdominal fat was a significant achievement for me. Redefining my fitness goals and a small changes in my lifestyle choices helped me gain a defined body structure after a century in my lifespan.Having Six-Packs After 50 Years Old
I don’t believe in age limit to fitness and heath

How I Defeated Arthritis

According to my health care professionals, I was supposed to be disabled or dead by now. But I’m healthier, happier, and more successful now. Knowledge is power but using knowledge wisely can be more powerful. The words of my rheumatologist still echo in my ears. He confirmed that my arthritis was a lifetime condition. He pointed out that no treatment to arthritis. My specialist wanted me to accept and move on with my life by addressing the symptoms with pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine. Even though I naively believed these claims, I later debunked these words by taking full personal responsibility for my health. I believe having immense healing power in my my body.How I Defeated Arthritis
My journey to overcoming inflammation and freeing from

Preventing Gum Disease With A Simple Hack

Learning about severe inflammation of the arteries could cause the development of atherosclerotic plaques was an eye-opener for me. Plaques in the arteries can increase the risk of a heart attack or even cause a stroke. With this knowledge, I paid more attention to my dental health. I became pedantic about it. A straightforward measure was to increase brushing my teeth three times a day. I used to brush once or twice sometimes.Preventing Gum Disease With A Simple Hack
No more debris, plaque, and bacterial colonization in my

How I Fixed My Leaky Gut

The symptoms of leaky gut for me was excessive allergies, food intolerance, constant bloating, excessive inflammation, mild arthritis, and skin disorders. I used to take anti-acid supplements that dented my digestive health and caused other health issues. Stomach needed more acid to digest food but I was reducing the acid to feel comfort. My decision was to fix my gut using the techniques I acquired from the body of knowledge. I wanted to try one thing at a time to record the progress, try the next compelling items, and integrate them to my regime.How I Fixed My Leaky Gut
With two simple

Fat Loss Has Nothing To Do With Calories

The notion of fat adaptation is invaluable piece of knowledge. To achieve being fat-adapted, I needed to focus on a crucial hormone called insulin. It is the master hormone for metabolism. Insulin is critical for health. Insulin regulates blood glucose for survival. Excessive glucose in our bloodstream can be toxic, therefore insulin removes it naturally. Insulin does its work. But too much of this hormone triggered frequently and over a long period is the primary reason for not losing fat.Fat Loss Has Nothing To Do With Calories
Our hormones have the final say for fat

Loneliness Is In The Mind

I transformed loneliness into pleasant solitude and serenity. We are born lonely and will die lonely. I learned that dependency on others would not bring joy but disappointment and pessimism. I found real joy when I learned to love myself. Accepting the disturbing emotions, observing them without judging, and allowing them to wash through us can help bring pleasant emotions such as excitement, joy, hope, serenity, and optimism. All emotions are ephemeral, and they don’t define us.Loneliness Is In The Mind
I Used To Feel Lonely; It Was

Tricking Brain To Stop Smoking

Whenever craving was coming, I started seeing it as an object. I was talking to it. Here we go, another message from my brain. It was only a thought. I did not entertain the thought; hence they did not turn into feelings. Some advice from this psychologist was critical. She said thoughts could turn into emotions, and emotions come and go. They were not permanent. By observing the emotions, and not judging them, I noticed that the unpleasant feelings were disappearing.Tricking Brain To Stop Smoking
My personal story on how I quitted smoking 40 years ago and never smoked

Physical Health Transformation

1 — Sleep

Sleep is critical for health and happiness.

I learned the importance of sleep when I was very young and adopted the conventional wisdom of going to bed early and rising early.

My aim has always been to get at least eight hours of sleep. However, I still suffered.

In this article, I share my experience on how I improved my sleeping problems caused by my active mind, work stress, metabolic activities, and environmental factors.Simple Sleep Hacks
How I resolved my sleep problems to gain a better mood, improve memory, increase libido, reduce stress, and lower my…

2 — Fitness

Fitness is a topic close to my heart.

I believe that a strong mind requires a healthy body. One way of improving health is regular and smart exercises.

The purpose of this story is to share my experience with a practical fitness regime in my transformation program.

I introduce three joyful activities to make us happier, stronger, and healthier.

After reading this article, you may cancel your gym membership, sleep extra few hours in the morning or work on a business plan, and become a lifetime exercise lover.Fitter, Stronger, Healthier
How I transformed my fitness with flexible exercises at home, without going to a

3 — Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition play critical roles in maintaining our health and improve our performance.

In this story, I share my experience with intermittent fasting implemented as one meal a day. I experienced many noticeable benefits from this lifestyle.

This regime helped me reduce my body fat, improve my lean muscle mass, mental sharpness, blood markers, e.g. stable glucose, reduced inflammation, an optimal level of insulin, cortisol, testosterone, and growth hormone.Breakfast Not Necessarily The Most Important Meal
Remarkable health benefits of one meal a day, intermittent fasting, ketosis based on personal

4 — Stress Management

Stress management is a critical factor for improving health.

Focus on stress management provided many benefits to me, but the key point was improving my immunity using natural approaches.

In this story, I share my experience improving my immunity, muscle health, and stress reduction.

Discovering the use of Epsom salts to use in my baths made a positive difference in my physical sensations.

Epsom salts helped relax my muscles, especially after a workout or a stressful situation.Epsom Salts: An Incredible Substance for Immunity
Healing power of magnesium sulphate based on

5 — Body Fat and Lean Muscle

Cold exposure is a regime that I use to improve my health conditions.

In this story, I share my experience to improve my energy, increase the immune system, and keep healthy body fat.

By using this simple lifestyle hack, I gained energetic alertness, improved mood, increased courage, improved immunity, reduced risk of depression, improved sleep, enhanced tolerance, fast recovery, reduced pain, reduced body fat, and even increased lean muscle.

All benefits were by a natural hack based on a challenging habit.Instant Mental Boost for Leaders
I had more energy, gained alertness, improved mood, increased courage, improved immunity, reduced risk of depression…

6 — Disease Prevention and Longevity

Similar to cold, heat exposure can also be used to improve health conditions.

In this story, I share my experience with dry sauna supported by science.

It is a fact that the heat in a dry sauna induces quickly noticeable physiological effects in our bodies. More specifically, the heat can increase skin and core body temperature quickly. This quick increase in body temperature can also increase heart rate, skin blood flow, and cause perspiration rapidly.

This simple yet powerful physical phenomenon can have tremendous health benefits.

Research on longevity gene expression inspired me to start this bio-hack. It has been an excellent addition to my transformation program.Wonders of Dry Sauna
Reduce stress, improve sleep quality, speed up recovery from exercise, increase energy, reduce inflammation, and

7 — Mitochondrial (cellular) Health

Energy is essential for productivity and satisfying life.

In this article, I highlight the importance of mitochondrial health for leaders.

The reasons for this awareness and actions for leaders are the energy we need to thrive and perform rising above mediocrity and perform sustainably.

When our mitochondria are damaged or malfunctioning, our overall energy levels and daily performance drop dramatically. We start feeling sluggish, tired, and lazy. Low energy can be noticeable, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I point out and highlight 20 key considerations to improve our mitochondrial health aiming to increase our energy.Energy for Excellent Leaders
Critical awareness for mitochondria

8 — Epigenetics

Genetics has been an important interest for me.

I am passionate about this topic because I learned that our lives are not necessarily prone to genetic predisposition.

When I discovered epigenetics, my outlook on life situations transformed into a more optimistic and joyful state.

We are not slaves of our genes any more.

Trying DNA tests, I applied my knowledge of epigenetics to improve my health conditions and take necessary measures to sustain my good health.Genetics vs Epigenetics
DNA testing is a two-edged sword, but understanding the power of epigenetics can address the

9 — Autopathy — Self Healing

One of my trending articles in physical health is related to a science topic. I am pleased that this article is indexed by search engines and used by many reader who want to learn more about this topic.

Through my studies, I learnt that there were practical and simple ways to get rid of loose skin; however, these simple solutions were not necessarily easy.

The solutions required lifestyle changes, persistence, and commitment.

In this article, I explain how autopathy could help us get rid of loose skin after substantial weight loss.

The article guides initiating autopathy with natural lifestyle choices.

Loose skin is only one use case. There are many other health benefits of autophagy beyond the scope of this article.We Can Get Rid of Loose Skin
Effective ways supported by science and

10 — Dealing with Toxins

Charcoal is a miraculous ingredient in my diet and a powerful tool in my biohacking toolbox.

This miraculous element improved my digestion, increased my energy, made my skin clearer, made my teeth shinier, and activated my health.

I explain what it is, why I needed it and how I used it.

I came across this element when I was reviewing PubMed for the implications of heavy metals for the brain. I bumped into fascinating articles about its use for digestion discomfort in a serendipitous way.

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Do We Really Need A Morning Routine?

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A Powerful Perspective to Life

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Summary of collections are covered in this story.

Thank you for reading these stories.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Since then, I use this element as a lifesaver.Activated Charcoal
A miraculous element

Thank you for reading my stories.

Reference: Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks.

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