IoT Cloud Integrated with Edge Computing

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We all know the recent growing trends for Cloud Computing. Cloud marked a paradigm shift to Information Technology and Computing field. IoT Cloud is a critical player in the overall data ecosystem. The central role the Cloud plays in IoT is to facilitate the data integration of the solution components.

IoT solutions are mainly used to provide real-time information to consumers. The data required in real-time can be massive in scale. The Cloud, along with computing power, storage, network, analytics, metering, and billing components, can make this information rapidly available for the consumers.

The integration of Cloud to IoT can create new revenue streams from big data. Integrating the Cloud with the IoT can create new business models enriched by real-time analytics and directly-consumed information anywhere at the same time. We can confirm that without the Cloud, the IoT can hardly add any value due to its real-time data and information-rich nature requiring special hosting mechanism.

The addition of the Cloud to the IoT can also contribute to improved security, availability, and performance of the IoT based Big Data and Analytics solutions. Cloud providers have rigorous security, availability and performance metrics established based on a service consumption model. In particular, IoT-enabled Cloud systems seem to pose additional security measures as evident in several public Cloud service offerings.

When integrated with the Edge computing in the IoT ecosystem, Cloud computing can add better value to the IoT based Big Data and Analytics solutions. The main reason for this is that Edge computing can do the filtering for the Cloud to focus on the usable data.

Therefore, it is essential for the IoT solution architects to understand the Cloud Computing service models using Edge Computing and how they can be integrated into the IoT and Big Data Analytics solutions. Being aware of the capabilities of Cloud technology stacks, Edge Computing and the tools can be beneficial in creating large-scale commercial IoT and Big Data Analytics solutions.

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