Magic of Fusion for Digital Transformation Leadership

The term fusion refers to joining different things with different attributes or functions together to co-create a single new entity or form. The notion of fusion relates to business compelling concepts such as integration, blending, merging, amalgamating, and more importantly bonding. Fusion relates to collaboration from several angles. It is an enhanced form of collaboration designed for specific and advanced missions such as digital transformation for large business organisations.

Fusion principles aim to bring individuals from various backgrounds, small groups with different purposes, various teams with differing capabilities, communities of practices with uplifting missions under a single umbrella for serving a mission.

By undertaking many tasks to initiate and maintain fusion, the strategic technical leaders keep repeating these tasks multiple times with multiple teams and integrate these teams to aggregate mass collaboration. The magic of collaboration starts with these repetitions to larger scales. Successful repetitions make ripple effects leading to more desired success. In a relatively short time frame, these teams create a fusion culture aligned with the organisation’s ecosystem and strategic goals.

This collaborative culture at work can be invaluable from many facets. When collaborative culture starts flourishing using fusion oriented collaboration, a desirable phenomenon called innovation flourishes naturally. Fusion and innovation are tightly coupled processes in digitally transforming enterprises.

Innovation is one of the exciting results provided by a collaborative culture fed by diversity, inclusiveness, and implementation of fusion principles. The power of connected people from diverse backgrounds for the same goal generates new ideas and insights. Some of these ideas and insights may touch on people from different angles and further motivate them even to take more responsibilities in the transforming business ecosystems. This shift causes the emergence of new leaders with the ignition of the initial strategic technical leader. Innovations enabled by fusion culture are highly desirable for creating new business, growing established businesses, and transforming legacy businesses.

This magical aspect of fusion causing innovation is an ideal situation for digital transformation initiatives. Excellent technical leaders take advantage of this desirable situation by creating, maintaining, facilitating, and making further advancements. More about the astonishing characteristics of excellent leaders can be reviewed in my recent publication titled A Technical Excellence Framework for Innovative Digital Transformation Leadership.

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