Rethinking Trust and Influence for Digital Transformation within CES2020 and NRF2020 Context

By Dr Mehmet Yildiz

I posted an article titled “Top 50 Selected Digital Influencers in 2019” which was published on Medium yesterday. It was inspiring to receive insightful comments by some of these passionate influencers preparing to go to #CES2020 and #NRF2020 global events.

Today, I elaborated upon the trust and influence in another article titled “Trust and influence in the digital world” on #Linkedin . It was well received by readers and excellent feedback particularly from the digital influencers who agreed with the point of views and motivated me to create awareness and visibility for this topic from architectural standpoint in my collaboration circles.

Why do I specifically mention CES 2020 and NRF 2020 in this article? Because, these two large global events are attended by many of the digital influencers whom I conversed and had a collaboration dialogue recently. Let me briefly introduce these two events and how they relate to my core message.

As you may have already heard, the CES is the world’s biggest collaboration place for leaders in the business of consumer technologies bringing people from 161 countries, regions and territories. 79000 senior executives and 6300 plus media members are expected to attend this event. It is owned and produced by Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®.

Famous Hyun-Suk Kim from Samsung will be delivering the keynote speech at CES 2020. The featured topic of CES 2020, not surprisingly, is 5G. I mentioned and emphasized the importance of 5G in one of my recent books on IoT Solution Architecture. You can obtain more information about the exhibitions of CES 2020 from this link.

CES 2020 will be held at Las Vegas, NV, on Jan 7-10, 2020.

NRF bring many retail companies from 99 countries to one place to discuss the future of retail industry. This year, they expect around 38000 people, 16000 retailers, and 800 exhibitors to attend.

Key Note speakers for NRF 2020 are Satya Nadella Chief Executive Officer Microsoft, Corie Barry CEO Best Buy, and Kevin Johnson President and CEO Starbucks. In this event, 2020 Chairman’s Circle Sponsors are IBM, Microsoft, AWS, American Express, Google Cloud, SAP, JDA, Profitect, and ZEBRA.

One of the biggest expectation from the audience, apart from seeing 400 speakers, is actually seeing Gwyneth Paltrow (Founder and CEO of Goop) who will be joining NRF2020 Vision in a closing keynote about her journey in building a successful luxury lifestyle brand and the valuable lessons learned from her fascinating experience.

NRF 2020 will be held at Javits Center NYC on January 12-14.

As society, we trust in these kinds of collaboration gatherings because they deliver on time, on quality, and on promise. They have excellent track record. We know that we will get value out of the services from multiple angles. We can certainly find some aspects appealing to our business and personal goals and objectives.

These are two contemporary examples for trust based collaboration events taken globally. I reckon this is one of the reasons many of the digital influencers passionately go to these events to enhance their insights for synergistic outcomes.

You can follow my ideas, thoughts, and industry insights on digital world in my articles on the Medium content platform including The IoT Magazine, The StartUp, and the Data Driven Investor Magazine.


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