How Writing can be Therapeutic for Writers

Image by Lukas Jancicka from Pixabay

I submitted an article to the ILLUMINATION publication on Medium discussing the challenges of writers and the need for community.

The main premise of the article is that When people start feeling a warm and friendly atmosphere, they feel the therapeutic value of a writing community. As writers, we have our challenges and difficulties at a personal and professional level. Being able to express our thoughts and feelings in a friendly environment can undoubtedly be a therapeutic activity. I hope this therapeutic effect can be reflected in our culture. I am very pleased and feel privileged that that this serendipitous outcome “the therapeutic effect”, naturally occurred in our community.

You can access the article from the following link.

Therapeutic Value of Writing: How communities can motivate and empower writers

If you are a Medium member and would like to submit your articles to ILLUMINATION, please leave a message on this article: Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to frequently asked question for writers and editors of ILLUMINATION publication and collaboration community

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