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Robert Trakofler

The Luminous Man
Poetry and spoken word (A true story)

America Zed

Medium Poetry May Go Unrewarded
Changes on Medium could mean your poetry adds up to

Terry Mansfield

Our Magic Vaccine Is Coming
The tyranny will end

Bridget Cougar

Fave Essays I Read Week Ending 10/17
Essays on flowers, endurance, food and racism, coyotes, a Beatles ashram, friendship, and dead

Oskar Tokarski

10 Apps & Extensions Every Student Needs
Boost your productivity with these

Vee Goldman

The Wonderful Lightness

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Amplify Your Medium Stories with YouTube
Use ILLUMINATION YouTube channel to create visibility to your profile and Medium

Debesh Choudhury

Durga Puja is a Family Reunion, Celebration with Friends and Relatives
But the festival shouldn’t overtake the rule of physical

Eshan Samaranayake

The 3 Tips For Managing Your Virtual Office
#2 Build the ‘3C’s’

Matthew Royse

Your Biggest Risk Is To Not Take A Risk
5 things you should think about when it comes to taking a

Kavish Kamat (KK)

A Unique Uber Ride to Remember for Life!!
Humanity starts with YOU!!!

Abhishek Verma

A Spiritual

Khadejah Jones

My Hardest Work Never Matters
A poem on

Amy Hartsough

How to Get the Most Out of a Mastermind
4 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Mastermind

Filip Van Roy

Cry Me a River
Do you want a bullet in the head? A

Floyd Mori

It’s Almost Too Late To Change Any Minds For The Elections
People are

Jazz Parks

How Stoic Philosophy Changed My Life Forever
Learn to be content; accept the way things are — become your Best

Kartik Nayak Deshmukh

Why should you try everything rather than working on specialization in a single career ?
Is it really worth to work on

Laura Izquierdo

5 Lessons from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Lead the Change You Want to See
And live life on your own

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Rushing at a Racetrack


Before We Said GoodBye


“Wish You Well”

Bhavna Narula

Here’s Why You Will Get Personal Notes From Me But Not Comments
What can you expect from a girl whose name itself means emotions?

John Green

Ode to Multiple Sclerosis
Thankful every day for my “illness”

Christopher Madsen

Discarded Beauty
a poem on losing confidence when faced with an

Sachin Mishra

4 Lessons all Humans should learn from Ants
Even one of the smallest creatures is a

Andre Puddie

Behind The Monster
Never wanted to cause pain but sometimes we aren’t given a

Sabah Ismail✨

I Quit a Job I Absolutely Loved
…and these are the powerful (and quite random) lessons I learned along the

Jax Hudur

How Best to Handle Stress in these Unprecedented Times
“Remember that stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life. It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on…


My Anniversary Letter
Dear husband,

Gerald Gabel

It’s not politics…It’s


I Like the Dusk Best of All
I like the dusk best of

Myriam Ben Salem

How to Develop The Emotional Intelligence Skill ?
It is all about re-writing your subconscious program!

Arthur G. Hernandez

Should You Work for Someone’s Publication?
Or just create your own?

René Phongam, DPT

Unmasking COVID’s Impact: The Plastic Pandemic
Plastic pollution is piling up with nowhere to

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.; J.D.

My Unconscious Sings To Me
and I

Patricia Dillon

How to Use the KonMari Method to Declutter and Improve Your Life
Create joy by leaving toxic relationships

Jim McAulay🍁

Opus 100
All my jokes from the last 100

Liam Ireland

Fine Dining At Home Japanese Style
The secret of a long and healthy

Bill Abbate

How Do You See the Power of Words?
The creative force in the

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Sending Poison In The Mail Is So Polite
My First Reaction Was ‘You Go Girl’

Alexandra Forsyth

Tarot Cards

Nasar Karim

Take away the sunsets
A poem for my

Erik Ruof

The Sky Remains Blue Above It All
A poem about a higher

The Everyday Poet

Anthem o’ the Shattered Heart
Just collect what you need and get
Yourself gone from here,

J M Mantium

Unfairness — Mindset
A mini

Floyd Mori

Why Would Trump Want A Second Term?
He wants it

Aurellia T. Elisha

The 4 Attitudes to Have If You Want to Achieve Your Goals
A one-year-old’s 4 brilliant tips to achieve your

Neera Mahajan

Are You Prepared For Your Authorpreneur Journey?
Authorpreneur demands a lot of

Emily Morgan

Making Leaders More Human
The case for humanities in a STEM-focused

Kevin Buddaeus

Here Are 26 Free Training Courses To Develop Your Skills
Over 163 hours of free training material — SEO, Marketing, Data Science, Programming & much

Geetika Sethi

Don’t Get Lazy- It’s Now or Never!
Let my quotes uncoat you from

Stuart Grant

The Faller of Giants
Sexual harassment is taking down the high and

Agnes Louis

What Makes A Place Like Singapore So Safe For Tourists?
An expat’s

Jack Holmes

Roe v. Wade
Why everyone’s talking about it, and a high-level overview of the

Christina M. Ward

Medium Makes Changes to Their Platform, Illuminating Individual Writer’s Expression
The integration of these changes should strengthen the reader’s connection to individual writers, but leaves many…

Brian Lamacraft

writing icomeWhy Fiverr is not the Best Site for a Writer
Fiverr is not worth

Jade-Ceres Violet D. Munoz

Moving on From Medium Publisher Rejections
How long should you wait before you try again?

J.A. Becker

What Grammarly Thinks of Famous Authors Will Surprise You!
Grammarly evaluates the greats, King, Steinbeck, Joyce, Fitzgerald, Browning, Twain, and so on — See how they

Roger Himes Esq.

Do We Compete in Wrong Ways? #8
Competition Is Usually Healthy, but We Need to See Who or What We Are Competing Against, and Compete in Correct

Vinita Ramtri

Alone, Not Lonely
A Poem On Learning to Love and Live With

Rebecca Blume

The Gift of a Compliment
Giving compliments empowers us to strive towards genuine kindness as we see our own strengths in the joy perceived from…

Yolanda Fleming

For the Love of Audiobooks
A List of Audiobooks that Made Me Happy to Sit in

Bryan Dijkhuizen, BA.

Der Bodensee, the most southern German lake.
Lake Constance, or mostly from German untranslated Bodensee, in some languages Lake Constance, is a lake in the border…

Matt Reicher

Five Tell-Tale Signs that you are Getting Old
Views from the front seat of impending old

Sara Taki

Medium got me two paying jobs
This story is not about me getting two jobs. It’s about what every medium writer should keep in

Jarrett Wilson

My Arsenal of Democracy
The Ordinance of Suffrage in

Walid AO

I Started Writing as a Hobby but Suddenly Found a Passion Instead
An analysis of the past 4 months of

Amy Hartsough

The Biggest Regret of My College Years
If I Had It To Do Over Again, There’s One Thing I’d Do

Terry Trueman

Talking About the Shit They Want us to Talk About . . .And Not
A brief examination of the power of rhetorical questions . .

Brian Lamacraft

So, You Want to Be a Writer?
Be a writing survivalist in a

Zach Goreczny

Perform Well Externally by Looking Deep Internally
Lead Yourself Before You Lead

Agnes Laurens

Medium Changed Personal Profiles
Changes in our profile

Shreya Badonia

5 Worst Mistakes I Made As A Writer
Some of them may be affecting your writing

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

I Don’t Like My New Profile; Do You?
My Medium profile changes reflect serious issues, impact and

Roxanna Azimy

Europe’s Regional Languages Risk Dying Out
But is it worth trying to save them?

Dr John Rose

Applying AI to Group Collaborations.
Applying AI to my research in group collaborations. Sharing some poetic

Karen Madej

Litter Mars Our Communities, Countryside, and Beaches
What are we doing about it?

Aldo Alberto Naef-Cruz Martinez

We Need To Talk. A Couple’s Guide For Better Communication.
This ten-point guide will help you strengthen your relationship. Learn to communicate with the love and respect you…

Jay Krasnow

The Eye Of The ‘Dishwasher’ Storm
The pandemic changed everything for me — not just how a repairman replaced a dishwasher for

Brian Dickens Barrabee

Becky’s Turtle Ran Away And It United A Town
An oxymoron personified:a turtle run away? Maybe a cat or dog, possibly a ferret but a turtle?

Alexandre Porto

Between Cats And Humans
What can we learn from cats?

Paul Abela, M.Sc.

Would Free Money Make People Happy or Lazy?
A Universal Basic Income is a policy whose time has come, but it’s not without

EP McKnight, MEd

Nov 3, The Time to Breathe
Two Lines Strategy to Breathe


Reading, a constant well-being therapy
You should try it because it has zero side-effects and it’s not bitter at

Simon Spichak

Four Easy Ways To Supercharge Your Productivity
Unless you’re first stage booster, it’s not rocket science!

The Maverick Files

7 Writing Ideas for The Upcoming Week
First of my Sunday bulletins for writing ideas inspired by outstanding

Jacquelyn Lynn

What Did You Start Doing During the Pandemic that You’ll Continue After It’s Over?
Many have developed new habits. Will they stick?

Bob Jasper

A September Thank You Note to Readers
It Was a Doggone Tough

Vee Goldman

The Rising Sun And Dawn Of A New Day

Gurpreet Dhariwal

Trip to Pakistan
I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them. Mary J.

Dr. Ming

Is a PhD Degree Really Worth It?
According to the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, advanced education is associated with a higher income. On average…


Planning a More Useful Newsletter
Removal of newsletter ads from ILLUMINATION stories and providing ad- free

Jay Krasnow

A Sonnet For The Arranged Marriage
A poem to make you happy you got to choose your own


My Perspective of China
I explain my experience with China after staying for 2

Steve QJ

Make Your First Mark
The fragile nature of

Zen Michael

Be Calmer — While Cleaning Your Glasses
Discover simple ways to reduce

America Zed

Callous Courtroom
Poetry of

Myriam Ben Salem

Are We Emotionless If We Are Optimistic Despite The Pandemic?
What if we are secretely trying to save lives through our outlook?

Earnest Painter

A Creative Fellowship
When friends push each other in

Onur Inanc

3 Quotes by Stephen King That Will Boost Your Writing
Keep these in your mind as a

Sherrie Hurd Hyatt

Because of My Abuse, I Could Never Grow Up
What it feels like to be a sexual abuse

Samarth Dwivedi

The Manufactured Famine of 1943
The value of human life has been reduced to a statistic, many times. In a pandemic or war — people become numbers. They…

Anthony M. Davis

What Happened to the Suicidal Girl and a Biker Gang
Unexpected encounters that could have ended life

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Experimenting with Psychedelics
Not very

Emily Wilcox

A Broken Kettle
A poem about

Abhishek Verma

A Mental Health

Sajina Ignatius

Behind the Masks
Are we hiding?

Lena Le

Thoughts of the

Kimberly Thomas


Christina M. Ward

What I Learned as a Newspaper Columnist
After a year with a small-time newspaper, we went our separate

Khadejah Jones

3 Unexpected Ways to Stay Excited on a Rainy Day
No more weather

Aquila Nyakio

The 3 Main Qualities You Should Be Looking For In Friends Right Now
Great friends make life more colorful and vibrant — and cal last a

Erin King

Network Like A Toddler And You’ll Be The Most Successful Adult In The Room
Share your toys and play nice to make connections in business and

Holly Kellums

Surrender To Swim
Principles of

Kimberly Thomas


Greg Barber

A poem about text message

Keira Fulton-Lees

Bridge of Sighs
Poetry by Keira

Iva Hotko

The Seed
Strength within

Aurellia T. Elisha

How to Run Away from Suspicious People You Meet Alone in Public
You have to think

Megan Holstein

How to Have Life-Changing Insights Whenever You Want
All you need to do is get better at reading

Neha Sandhir S

Rebirth Of Mother Earth
As she heals and

Jim McAulay🍁

Building A Bridge Hand Generator With Python Part One

Liam Ireland

The Beginning Of An Adventurous Life
Looking back on the bright lights of human

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

You Need To Use Energy Thoughtfully
A New

Aldric Chen

How The World Got Destroyed By A Winning Tortoise.
The Tortoise. The Hare. A World

Liam Ireland

How To Grow Your Following And Be A Success On Illumination
With a helping hand from the editors of Illumination and Illumination

Greyson Alman

4 Traits That All Successful People Share
Success leaves

Hari Sudhan

7 Hidden Traits of Highly Responsible People
#1 They prefer to be honest than


How I Got Torn to Feces — Inky I-talk, storytellers podcast.
I had to think this one through, long and hard. Do I share this with my friends or should I keep it to myself, in the…

Anysha Layne

The night the Angels sang
Over 50 years later, it still sends chills down their

Gregory Reece-Smith

You Need To Take The Wheel To Steer In Your Direction
Your deeper connection to the creator is waiting to be

Anggun Bawinur

Disabling My Instagram Was One of the Best Life Decision I’ve Ever Made
and no, I don’t feel like I’m left

John Emmerling

Five Old Friends Create “Get Out the Vote” Cartoons
Fifty years ago we worked together at a legendary ad agency—today we’re using our talents in a different

Ed Newman

A Visit with Artist Susanna Gaunt on Her New Show at the DAI: Integument
I wanted to learn as many new mediums as possible. — Susanna

Rose Bak

Don’t Let the Pandemic Ruin Your Halloween
How to have a fun holiday even if you can’t go to a party or take your kids

Ephraim Champion

Your Life Sucks
Here’s what you can do about

Justin Phillips

Yes, I Wake Up at 4:00 AM Every Day.
No, I Do Not Expect nor Encourage You to Do the

Steve QJ

For All The Things You’ll Do Some Day
A poem to

Matthew Royse

What Matthew McConaughey Can Teach Us About Success
What I learned from watching the Academy Award-winner actor’s commencement

Patricia Koller Sisson

Pausing at a Crossroad
How a California Girl Became an Unlikely New

Mario Lopez-Goicoechea

Living in a Multilingual World
The one about “ellipsis malaise”

Tamela Handie

A Poem About

The Everyday Poet

O Princess!
O princess of the great land
Why do you look so sick?

Sah Kilic

Breaking Down What Good SEO Looks Like for a Medium Article
My top article earned $2,852 and is #1 on

Nanji Erode

Getting a Dose of Energy
A centina about staying conscious in the

Marisol Consuegra

Bharatanatyam Dance
Bharatanatyam dance was created in Tamil Nadu, South

Vaibhav Kalekar

Why do I wander?
I take the same street everyday to and from work, walking past the centuries old Chicago Theater and the well lit…


Thanks for Planting the Seeds of Knowledge
To the world you maybe just a teacher but to me, you are a

Vaibhav Kalekar

Rearview Cityscape
Once the buzzing in your head stops and you gather your thoughts and belongings to make sense of your surroundings and…

Brian Dickens Barrabee

I Was The Dumbest Guy In The Room For A Week
If there was any remaining confidence in my ability to answer Jeopardy questions in a timely manner, it was lost that…

Chuy G. Gonzalez, M.Sc.

On The Quiet Nights
Today in bed he realized, he’s got to stop making himself feel small in order to compensate for his

Agnes Laurens

What If
Does it exist?


9 Ways to Increase Web Traffic !!
There are many ways to increase web traffic; the most valuable of course is offering some ongoing and dynamic value…

Hunter Eskew

The Demon Pumpkin
A short horror story. The Halloween from

Viraj Acharya

An Overview of the Octalysis Framework
A whistle-stop tour of

Dr John Rose

Meditation: Creative or Innovative?
My Son’s Artisan Pottery Cup, triggered the question about the nature of creativity and

Jo Ann Harris

The Storm
A little girl’s true

Christopher Akinlade

Mentoring Writers From the Basics
These two great authors mentor writers from the first

Evgeny Kim

I Don’t Care Anymore
Now is the only time we have. Don’t wait for when the pandemic

Davidson Phil

Warning Signs of Your Mental Health Demise
Your progress in life has a lot to do with your Mental

Semi Koen

10 Things Nobody Told Me About Japan
Subtle glimpses into Japan’s hidden side — from a foreign resident’s point of


Welcome New Writers
Meet new writers joined to ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated

Tom Handy

5 Youtube Secrets to Make You a Better Writer
Who knew this video platform also applies to your

Brian Lamacraft

How to use Google Voice Dictation to Write Articles
Google Dictation helps you save

Walter Rhein

Small Changes Lead to Big Results
My new publishing concept in

Ashish Nishad

How to get rid of Bad Habits?
“Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.”

Ivette Cruz

Giving Love

EP McKnight, MEd

How Injustice From A Warped Mold Equal Injustice
When Prosecutors, Judges and Police Union Join Forces To

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Amplify Your Medium Stories with Facebook Pages and Groups
Use ILLUMINATION Facebook pages and group to create visibility for your Medium

Jacqueline Rich

Be Vulnerable. Expose the Best and Worst of You with Your Date.
I Came “Out of the Gate” with my Darkest Secret. No

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Epstein V. Manafort
While very different people, they had one thing in common: I was their prison

Nasar Karim

22 years
What it’s like when your closest friend kills

Oskar Tokarski

20 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore
Following zero-waste and minimalist way of

Shawn Jr

Daily reminders for peace
Train your subconscious mind to be at

Gary McBrine

7 Powerful Ways to be an Effective Leader
Some of them may surprise

Alihan Yılmaz

4 Valuable Life Philosophies That I Learned From My Psychologist
He gave me light on the way of life…

Patience Marshall

Beauty in the Storm

Tochukwu Okoro E.

Does It Ever Feel Like Someone Has Written About the Idea You Have?
Should you write about it or not?

Jani Nendl

This Is Why Starting Something Is So Hard
And Why Most People Quit Before They

Jess Tam

Quiet Forest


Dhadeecha Pratha : Renting Of Wives
We call our country India as Bharatmata (Motherland). We see our country as the female

Rita Arosemena P.

Why The Law Of Attraction Is NOT WORKING For You
The only reason why it is so easy for me to manifest everything I want in life is that I vibrate at the same frequency…


A Loving Letter to Jeff
Don’t forget your grandfather’s

Leo Guinan

Empathy is Overrated.
Family Political Discussions

Trista Ainsworth

Angels On My Path
Day 100: You are never alone on your

Stephen Dalton

Book Review: Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz
Ashley Bell is an excellent read, a book I could not put down. As cliché as that sounds it is true. I was a little…

Abhishek Verma

I Want To Touch The Sun!

Naouress Akrouti

Anonymous Employee Feedback-Designed to Stir Up Trouble
Leaders should think twice before opting for the anonymous employee feedback

Haley C. Cason

Made For, Has Become.
A Poem About Social Media, Don’t Judge Me; My opinion is

Emily Buenting

Wake Me Up

Stephanie Domrose

Personal Empowerment Isn’t Loud
And why ‘loud empowerment’ never worked in my intimate

Bill Abbate

How to Overcome Challenges in Your Life
Challenges in everyday life can strengthen

Ugur Sen

If you don’t have thousands of dollars for entrepreneurship, start here.
2 ways to start a business for free or for very little

Sofiane Ghecham

The best teacher you could have

Nanji Erode

The Hitchhiker
A Centina for the prompt:

maurice blocker

Sufferers unite
I know your misery
Pain a thief in the night
Stealing moments of delight

Jayne Stevenson

Say A Little Prayer — The Nine Nights of The Goddess
Lighten your load, October 17 to 26,

Jasmine Poulton

How Wide Is Your World?
A rumination on happiness and expanding

Jerren Gan

How Reading Fiction Helps You Learn About the World
Lessons we can all take away from reading more

Oliver Brunchmann

A Successful Career Is Not Just About What You Do But How You Do It
Practice fundamental ways to increase your odds of

Kelsey Jean Marie

How Stimming Can Save the World
An autistic practice you probably want to know more

Dr. Elizabeth John

How I saved 50% of my wage in a year.
The Savings Hack You Need To Do Right

Vee Goldman

Hold It Close To You
It may flicker, but never let it fade

John Green

We all have times
To test us and measure our strength.
Some days there isn’t enough lift
Like today.

Terry Mansfield

I Survived U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp ‘Shark Attacks’
USMC boot camp was extremely challenging, especially interactions with tough, no-nonsense Drill

Emily Wilcox

The Boy Across the Bar
A poem about

Lena Le

All the Time
Thoughts of

Haley C. Cason

The Choice To Be Here
A Poem about Existing, Reasons for

Valentina Colapicchioni, PhD

Profiles of COVID-19 Tests: Accuracy, Performance and Timing
Molecular tests, antigen tests, antibody tests, rapid tests, serological tests, PCR tests, viral RNA tests… do all…

John Emmerling

Sheer Insanity at Merrill—In the Matter of 9 Cents
As the economy stumbles a financial giant grasps at

Maria Cross

Raw versus cooked: Which diet is the most nutritious?
A raw, plant-based diet is cleansing, detoxifying, energizing and purifying, if the Internet is anything to go by. You…

Dayana Sabatin

The Secrets To Effective Time Management
Learn to beat work overload, be more effective, and achieve

David Kingsbury

Ten Life Lessons From A Record-Breaking Legend
Ten insightful Yogi-isms that capture profound ideas with charm and


Holy Leisure
Written on silent retreat at the Zen Monastery Peace

Lady Foxx

My Black Friday
Ramblings of a Girl

Ibukun Faleye

#EndSars — The Long-awaited Fight For Freedom In Nigeria
How a new Nigeria could be

Amna Asif

Are Your Body, Brain, and Mind Connected?
Mental health disorders can kill you.

Steve QJ

How To Not Lose Sight Of What Matters
Productivity doesn’t equal

Tony Young, Jr.

Romantic without Being Sexual
There are so many ways to express your

Sharon Brandon (Readywriter59)

911 Terror Attack Anniversary

Amanda D.

Three Reasons why It’s Time to Stop with listicles
Listicles, or ‘List Based Articles’ are about as 2020 as you can get. Let them

Viktor Marchev

5 Ways To Be Less Frustrated While Working At Home
And how you can easily implement them to become better and more productive at what you


J.D Salinger’s Top Writing Tips For Writers
Want To Write Like J.D. Salinger?

Miriam Slozberg

What You Need To Know About Chiron The Wounded Healer In The Signs
Think about the area of your life where you feel the most wounded. And, you are so impacted by what wounded you to the…

Louie Rahil, MBA

People’s Vision of the World is Flawed
They don’t know what they


Poetry prompt

Kenan Kolday

The Meaning Of Double-Headed Eagle Holds Many Secrets
Learn to see the invisible behind the

John Ross

I go to Barre3 at 8:00am because I’m Lazy
Short Story about waking up, working out, and everything in

Harry Hogg

The Fear of Our Children
A Lori

Holly Kellums

How Bad Communication Is Destroying The World
And How Listening Can Save

Britni Pepper

The Buck Stops
Well, it used to stop in the Oval Office. No

Dr Ludovic Gros MD

I’m Comparing the Different Pandemics (and Letting you Know why it’s a Ridiculous Thing to do).
Pandemic in 2020. What’s new in the news?

Margarette Mathias

On Careers: How I Cope with Ridiculous Interest-hopping
The struggles of having too many

Helena Pedersen

10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans
Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world… They are all

Michael Joslin

5 Reasons Why We Aren’t Chasing Our Dreams
#3 It’s all a little too

Patience Marshall

8 Life Lessons Learned from Sports
Lessons on

Henner Townlove

Please, Please Call Me Filipino
And not

Amna Asif

Self-Reflection: A Voyage Within Thyself
4 ways to practice self-reflection, it’s that

Jamie Golob

Introducing Jamie Golob
Writer. Artist.

Aldric Chen

How Does It Feel To Be Brain Dead.
This is the toughest story I wrote. It was a clear

Jolina Maitland

Facebook and Twitter Need a Sharp ‘Right’ Turn
I can’t make it happen, but maybe this will reach someone who

Liza Blue

How To Have Healthy Parasocial Relationships Online
Why We Consider Influencers ‘Friends’ Even Though We Haven’t Met


Loving Myself

Doody Richards

The Story That Got The Most Viewers Isn’t The One I Loved The Most
The Four Curated Stories By Medium Among Many


4 Simple Methods You Can Do Immediately To Protect Your Precious Time
#1 Learn to delegate to others, not work all by

Obsidian Eagle

Astrologia Esoterica: Retrograde Transits
First Steps Toward A Deeper Understanding…

Gary Goodwin

How to Nudge a Client into Your Business
People prefer sure things when it comes to gains, and take risks when it comes to avoiding

Janice Arenofsky

Wonder Dog
A superhero of

Atheist Blogger

For those still in search of The Meaning of Life
This may not be the answer you were looking

Wildan Faathira

What Can I Do During COVID-19 Pandemic?
You will be better human at COVID-19 pandemic situation …

James Ssekamatte

4 Traits That Will Make You More Creative
What creativity is and 4 ways to improve

Alexandre Porto

Are You Waiting For Results or For Discipline?
Work Hard or

Riku Arikiri

How Background Music Influences My Productivity
“Without music, our life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich

Agnes Laurens

9 (Fun) Facts About Classical Music
Classical music facts you might not

Ivette Cruz

I know you love

Marty de Jonge

Red Sand — A 100-Word Story
Border guard Melissa Walter fumed, “Madam President’s lost it.” A new batch was arriving. The count had crossed 10,000…

Anggun Bawinur

5 Warning Signs You Need a Mental Break from Work
Because if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Kalis King

How to Get Rich Without Getting Lucky
A Twitter thread from Naval Ravikant will change the way you think about getting

Cyril Hardin

Marketing strategy for Generation Z: Purple Cow!
Marketing entered a new era with the advent of Gen Z. How should entrepreneurs adapt to Generation Z? Purple Cow is an…

Ahmad Mukhtar

World Top 5 Most Heavily Guarded Places on Earth
Here are some of the mysterious places on earth which have enclosed stories in its security

Floyd Mori

Sitting At Your Computer
Writing and reading on

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