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I read and published hundreds of stories on ILLUMINATION publication submitted by over 5,000 writers..

Here is a quick list from my reading list which you can directly read from Medium. They are eclectic from various topic.

Hope you find something interesting and enjoy them.

I’d appreciate your feedback on stories that you enjoy.

Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Khadejah Jones

How to Be Incredibly Self-Aware in 5 Minutes
No fancy meditation

Karen Madej

Weekly Wisdom from Karen
#chilling #freestyle #happiness #writers

Rouguiata Barry

Lessons the education system didn’t teach us
Things we should have learned/be learning in

Bill Myers

TOC with Synopses: Romance & Philosophy (B. Myers)
Don’t suffer scrolling through dozens of Medium’s new profile pages. My table-of-contents (TOC) includes a brief…

Moreno Zugaro

If You Struggle with an Application, Don’t Write It
It’s a filter for both

Stephen Dalton

7 More Books That Scared the Shit Out of Me
Here is my answer to my “critics” about my recent review of books that scared the shit out of

Myriam Ben Salem

Beggars Need Much More Than Our Money
They need your genuine love and to be treated as equals…

Harald Juengst

Come with me from Carnarvon to Meekatharra
An adventure into the Australian


6 Solutions for Overwhelm
Enough with the Multi-tasking

Erin M. Singh

Thank you Dr Mehmet Yildiz for mentioning my story, “Mate, Did You Crack a Dinner Plate?”,
I enjoy writing humor and illustrating too. I hope I’ve made a few readers

Leo Guinan

Your Hiring Process Sucks
That’s OK. So Does Everyone Else’

Kalis King

You Have a Twitter Account? Use it to Make Money. Here’s How
Don’t waste time on social media, earn with

EP McKnight, MEd

How to Look Younger 12 Easy Steps
Transformation Life Lesson to Look and Feel

Aurellia T. Elisha

When the Raindrops Sing
A poem about

Terry Trueman

“The End of The United States”
The madness that GOP/Pro-Trumpsters spout . .

Ana Esteves

Let me tell you a story
How companies appeal to your

Riku Arikiri

Why Small To Medium Businesses Can’t Afford Licensed Systems
The demographic doesn’t lie when it comes to using counterfeit software to operate small

Alihan Yılmaz

Realize Your Potential As An Introvert and Get What You Want In Life
And learn how to use your

Rose Bak

You’ll Never Write That Novel — or Whatever Your Secret Dream Is
If you can’t turn your dream into a passion, you’ll never

Luqman Abdi

Perceived Risk and Reward Affects Your Investment Strategy
Grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the

John Tinney

Out of Jail Free Badge
Getting in and out of jail in a few easy

Ivette Cruz

Do Your Best

The Unlikely Techie

The Psychology Behind Machine Learning
Reinforcement Learning and

Nancy Huang

Self Improvement DIY
Declutter, Demolish, Renovate and Extend to a New

Anggun Bawinur

25 Simple Ways to Use Your Journal for Self-Care
These small things I do in my journal that have changed my life for the

Agnes Laurens

Inside Using Substack Newsletter
How you can start using

Myriam Ben Salem

Does Protecting Your Sanity Sound Attractive to You?
If so, then educate yourself around narcissism!

EP McKnight, MEd

“The Way I See It “
President Obama Presidency in

Jazz Parks

Six Ineffective Habits Of Highly Unsuccessful People
What not to do in order to be

Julian Garcia

Noah’s Prediction
A story about a young man’s

Moreno Zugaro

How to Quickly Make a Stupid Amount of Friends in a New City
Yes, I’m an

Caitie Eddy

Ready, Set Goals!
Goals seem to be the last thing on everyone’s mind in these Covid times. But now, the new year is quickly approaching…

Jeff “Captain Content” Herring

A Secret of Life…
Try a little “nostalgia in advance”

Mel Piper

The pact between a giant and the tiny

Terry Mansfield

Not The Smartest In The Room
A good leader knows what a great team consists

Sachin Mishra

Is it worth investing 5$ in Medium?
It is all about Priorities in the

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Amplify Your Medium Stories with LinkedIn Groups
Use ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated LinkedIn groups to create visibility to your profile and Medium

Vic Alcuaz

Power to the People
I almost gave up on America, until…


Success, A Simple Look
A mathematical problem was given to you by your teacher for


Six Things to Read To Help You Deal with the Pandemic
I’ve been reading the following to help deal with emotions caused by the pandemic, without having to read about the…

Nishith Goyal

You Need Less Than You Think
Want to make life big? Start with Less. Just

Abhishek Verma

Illuminate Me
A Mental Health

Eshan Samaranayake

The 5 Reasons Why School Isn’t as Important as You Think
Do I really need to know how to calculate the volume of a parallelogram?

Rob Yonkers

How Astrology Can Help You
Why Using Astrology Every Day Will Help You Master Interpersonal

Jessie van Breugel

24 Surprisingly Simple Ideas to Improve Your Thinking
8 — “Earn with your mind, not your time.”


The Generation Between No Gadget and Gadget World

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

An Awkward Interaction

Floyd Mori

Why Rural America Supports Trump Is A Mystery
They thought or think he would make things

Baye Amina

Of strengths and weaknesses.
How does your strength affect the next person?

Nancy Ann

Thoughts of an Insecure Mind
A poem about

Jo Ann Harris

The Mating Game
Today in my backyard . .

Geri Shumer

Don’t Leave Trader Joe’s Without These Five Items!
No trip to Trader Joe’s is complete without these products in your

Bernard McDonough

Model To Mayhem

Debesh Choudhury

How to Add a Privacy Cloak on Your Profile Photos on Social Media
It is a privacy cloak that can shield your profile photos from unauthorized tracking using facial

Liam Hunter-Bailey

How You Can Realistically Save $1400 in 1 Year
How to get in control of your finances in

Estelle Bardon (MyLibook)

Brilliant ideas to teach children how to read their name
These simple and effective ideas will inspire your children to start their reading journey with the most central…

Jeanette C. Espinoza

The“Listen To Black Women” Letter Forgot an Important Demographic: White Women
Why white women should look inward before chastising Mayor Fischer’s lack of action for Breonna

Bill Abbate

How to Use Encouragement for Powerful Results
Encouraging to motivate, inspire, and accelerate

Vee Goldman

It’s The Little Things
That makes it all

Greg Barber

Line > Circle
A thoughtful little

Rachid Bekhechi

When Stammering Can Get You Out Of Trouble
In any situation, people with a stammer always find it hard to participate in social gatherings however small or…

Nasar Karim

To escape the crush
A poem about failed relationships and

Harry Hogg

Can A Writer Be Seen In Words?
Or is he hiding in the spaces between the words?

Brian Lamacraft

What to Do If You Feel Like Quitting Writing
We All Have Bad Times as a

Dr John Rose

Memories of Trees.
Aside from Family and Kookaburras, Trees are my best friends. Well, I like Crow and Currawong too and Raf the sheep…

Sah Kilic

How One Programmer Sold His Dating Site for $575 Million
He had 100% equity and kept every

Alison Tennent

Things The New Medium Logo Looks Like
Hint: None of them are a Medium

Mariana F.

6 Realistic Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Writing on Medium — From Someone Who Wants to Quit…
What every new writer should know before walking

Steve Alexander🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

Writers on Medium Connecting with Other Writers for Mutual Support
Writers on Medium need a feature by which to connect with other writers or

Sofiane Ghecham

Everything you need to know about Self-Help
And how to avoid its

Jim McAulay🍁

Building A Bridge Hand Generator With Python Lesson 2

Liam Ireland

Three Useful Tips For Writers
How To Make Your Writing Stand Out With Not A Single

John Ross

Breakfast Time
Poetry for your


Google Apps are used a lot, but do you know the meaning of this word?
The humorous history of Google is

Nicole Kenney

I Want To Delete All of My Social Media, But I Can’t.
How we’re stuck in a vicious

Jessica Vu

5 Adulting Lessons I’ve Learned After College
From harsh truths to comforting

Leo Guinan

Why I think Biden’s First Act as President should be to Pardon Trump
It is the Ultimate Boss

Greg Barber

High School Bullies

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Why I Liked Doing Acid
And Why I

Adjustable Normal

Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Really Change Lives?
Do the real world results live up to the hype?

Kimberly Thomas


Koko Wolfe

House of Ma
A Ceremony to Begin the

Nicole Dyer

What No One Tells You About The Deeper “SELF”
…how to talk to yourSELF and

Carolyn Hastings

Is a poem, is a dribble, is a …?
The trouble with

Jessica Lynn

Set Your Intentions for 2021 with These Questions
Ask yourself these questions and reevaluate your

Jesse J Rogers

How and Why I’m Going To Help You
And how you can reach

Brian Lamacraft

We Need that Profit
A poem about money and how it impacts this

Shawn Jr

The importance of thinking less
How to do it and 3 immediate

Paul Abela, M.Sc.

What’s it Like Playing Pool with Gangsters in Ghana?
Drinks at a beach bar had an unexpected

Matilda Swinney

How Medium Increases Your Chance Of Winning Big Pitches And Earning More Money
You’re benefiting


Electronics — Be Gone!
Deep work at

Ruoyu Cheng

Hymn of Peace
A poem of life, cruelty, and more—ripples for

The Dozen

Inspired Once Again by Seth Godin’s Upcoming Book — The Practice
Words that stuck with me this

Thomas Dylan Daniel

COVID-19: The Fall Of Donald Trump
I assess the damage done to the Trump administration by

Ria Tagulinao

This is How Marketers Build Great Brands from Within
Leadership lessons from world-class

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

We Needed Your Leadership
“Is it really possible for the roots of racism to be destroyed in the United States? I believe because I have hope.”

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Illumination Writers — This Affects You
New Profiles Impact Your

Lydia West

A Thank You Letter to The Stethoscope
This iconic symbol of medicine needs a moment in the

Clay Raymond

The Innate Spirituality Of Psychedelics
We’ve lost touch with the

Brian Lamacraft

Thoughts After Turning 50 Years Old
I Wish I Felt Better About the

Markus Scorelius

An Unexpected Answering of Your Lifelong Question: You Look Familiar, Have We Met Before?
Yes, this is the Messenger Gabriel, who stands in the presence of the

Ivette Cruz

Feelings and

Angela K. Irvin, M.A.

When Being Polite Isn’t About Politeness
Gendered politeness isn’t about being polite. It is about ensuring that women don’t disrupt the gender

The Everyday Poet

America Lay Tied in Chains
America lay tied in chains,
Violated again and again;
Scores of women warned us beforehand,
But we ignored all their…

Alexandra Forsyth

Inside the Corn Maze
A Halloween

Kristen Abram

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Business
My top ten tips for

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