30 October 2020 –


Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Mike Pole

A Perplexing Comment by David Attenborough in his: ‘A Life on Our Planet’
Nuances and complexities about ‘hunter-gatherers’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘options’

Kashish Mehta

Writing Lessons From Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclass
Understanding the fundamentals of

René Junge

The Second Wave Is Here. German Government Decides on New Lockdown
So far, Germany has been luckier than other European countries. The infection rates were lower than in France, for…

Gal Mux

Are Child Content Creators Protected From Exploitation From Their Parents?
Jackie Coogan was one of the first mainstream child actors. Discovered by Charlie Chaplin himself, he graced the…

Aurellia T. Elisha

I Hate The Sun
A poem about

Ananya Ashok

Time & existence
Counting it, and counting upon it;

Patrick M. Ohana

Star Trek Tonight
An alexandrine for Mr.

Wendy Owen

Using the Power of your Mind to Heal your Body
It’s an accepted fact today that stress can make us sick. Not only does it cause us a lot of emotional anguish, stress…


Chicago 7
The whole world is

Alana Shegog

Waiting to be

Wendy Owen

Can You Treat Depression Without Prozac?
We all feel depressed from time to time when life is being unkind. This is quite normal and usually doesn’t last long…

Khadejah Jones

3 Ways to Enjoy Being Single
Entertain yourself like

Liam Ireland

Fidelity is Merely the Lack of Opportunity
Only you know the

EP McKnight, MEd

Is Giving Up Everything to Follow Your Dream Worth It
How Hollywood dreams got deferred, three life lessons

Louis Dennis


John Hendry

The Week Before Election Day
With apologies to Clement Clarke

Erin King

You Might Not Feel Extraordinary But Your Effect On The World Is
Reimagine your life in a way that takes you from passive to pro-active and you’ll see that small acts of selflessness…

Vee Goldman

My Parents Wouldn’t Know Me Now
The person I’ve become after they

Flavio Aliberti

Digital and music notes while gliding over the innovation sea
What have in common the greatest songs of all time with latest digital innovations around hope an fears of our time…

Patrick M. Ohana

We Are Asking a Lot
Love is

Michelle Jaqua

My Writing is Unpredictable
When I start a blog, I usually start with a title. I have an idea in my head, name it in my title, and go with that…

Daisygwoods (Cocoa Griot)

You don’t always see what you think you see!

Lynda Coker

Writing Idea of The Day Challenge — #15–30
Increase your productivity the easy way with these writing

Obsidian Eagle

Sententious Sonnet
Reinvigorating A Fallen

Oak Smitt

What I Learned From Video Games
Five things that video games have taught

Rita Arosemena P.

The Girl Who Got Lost Hungry For Money
A poem about how ambition makes us lose

Sanjukt Saha

Same, old

Iruoma Osonwa

#EndSARS: the start of a marathon.
Nigeria wakes up at the count of

Sachin Mishra

How My 1 Blog make earn in 3 ways +Bonus
It is Amazing that you work once and get paid multiple times for it as Your 600 Words have the potential to earn

Chris McQueen

What Effect Does The Pandemic Have On You?
Your choice is between seeing this time as an opportunity or letting it drag you

Emily Wilcox

Energy in Motion
A poem about

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

The Bright Side of Covid
All the stuff exiting New York City residents leave

Lee Mont

The Third Paige
When The Unplanned Comes


With the American Election on All Our Minds
Illumination Highlights Two Outstanding

Nasar Karim

A poem about fading

Kae Smith

I Don’t Trust People Without Hobbies
Actually, let’s call them “passions”

Gurpreet Dhariwal

When I Signed An NDA With a Misogynist Man
Inspired by true

Floyd Mori

Keep On Wishing
Your wishes may come

Ian Worrall

I Stormed Area 51
A short story for your

The Maverick Files

LinkedIn Isn’t Facebook or Twitter, and Surely Not Tinder
The blurring lines between professional and social

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Joe Was The Coolest Cat of All
Live Your Best

Muda El Masry

A World with No hope
The pain of an unintended

Shreya Badonia

Life With You
A love

C.J. Obikile

My anxiety

Trista Ainsworth

The Unending Progress Bar
Finding an abundance of time without my

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

A Musing on Mindfulness
The Power of

Kevin Lee

The Perfectionist Within Is Here To Help
Just don’t let it run the

America Zed

The History of Carelessness
Poetry lyrics with original song

R. Scott

The Shovel in the Cemetery
A Halloween

Mynah Marie

The Proust Questionnaire Answered by Mynah Marie
Time to get


The Moon Rise

Terry Trueman

A strong, working marriage in two parts. (Imagine what the 3 FAILED marriages were like! (For Patti of course))

Susan Verghese

January Is Tired, Fat, Broke & Sad
All the

Douglas Pilarski

The Ballad of Steakhouse Dave
Everyone was in on it except

Geetika Sethi

When People Try
A reality to

John Cousins

A Bulging Wallet Overstuffed With Angels Pay
The struggle ends where gratitude

Dr. Ming

Five Soft Skills that Employers Value
The Soft Skills that Help You Stand Out in Job

Rick Chen

When You Feel Down Do This To Make Yourself Feel Better Tremendously
Yes, by doing this simple yet rewarding

Alison Tennent

Get To Know Me: An Idea Unapologetically Filched
Twenty-three things you never wanted to know about me and didn’t care to


Why I Say YES to Everyone in September?
And it was a Game I Played with

Brian Dickens Barrabee

I Was Fired By The Person I Hired
The only resemblance to a diamond my next call had was that it was

Joe Luca

Who Should You Turn To, When God is Busy?
The Answer May Surprise

Paul Myers MBA

Warning: The Hostile Enron Virus Can Attack Leaders
A new pandemic is upon

Neha Sandhir S

Feel The Magic In Rain
A nature

Charlotte Kingsbury- Fink

Coming Clean
~an embarrassing


Depression- An Enemy Within You
It is only you who can help yourself to defeat this

Jessica Vu

The Split Future on Remote Work
Are you team working from home forever or returning to the office?

Megan Holstein

This 1 Book Will Transform Your Writing Business
The Art and Business of Online Writing by Nicolas Cole is

Aldric Chen

How to Disengage From The Noise. How to Reengage With Our Mind.
A memo to all of us seeking that cocoon of sanity and mental

Louise Moulin

That Judge

Abhishek Verma


Steve QJ

There’s Enough Racism In The World. Stop Trying To Invent More
I’m sick of the way race is spoken

Muad Arshad

Three Months writing on Medium
Here’s what I learnt and what you can

Tina Viju

Running Saved Me From Myself.
When Insomnia

Liam Ireland

“I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit.”
The most overused Hollywood line has reached the end of the

Jesse J Rogers

Imagining a Day With White Privilege
A reply to THE ILLUMINATION author Rebecca

Anthony M. Davis

How To Deal With Politics And The Blame Game
A useful approach to keep them

Anouska Parr

Vietnam Aces COVID-19 Control, Fights the Worst Floods in Decades, and What Makes the Headlines?

Bill Nicholov

Why Won’t You Defend My Ethnic Group Against Hate?
I’ve condemned racism my entire life. I’ve been a human rights activist for as long as I can remember. When someone…

Markus Scorelius

Very Promising Results from MDMA (Ecstasy) Clinical Trials to Treat PTSD
Using psychedelic therapy to overcome abuse and trauma leads us towards a true free

Audrey Malone

5 Reasons Why Some People Like Making Others Feel Low and Bad About Themselves
What do they get out of it?

Jeff Herring

True Stories from a Church Day Camp
Me, 2 staff members, and 35 grade school kids…

conny manero

She Gives Me the Creeps
I wish I could mention her

Khannas Kiran

2 Million Dollar Ideas Medium Helps You to Achieve
After a few years, if you look back on the online content you have built so far, it will amaze

Katherine M. Gamble

Another Year
I love birthdays. I see them as personal

Emily Wilcox

A Boy in Lipstick
A poem about

Greg Barber

Forever High

Zen Michael

Be Calmer — Changing the World Starts Inside
Discover simple ways to reduce

Dr John Rose

The Turpentine Tree
Turpentine Trees in a Forest Remnant Near My

Amanze Collins

Gratitude: What It Is, Why It Is Needed And How To Develop It
“A hidden power to change your reality”

Miriam Matthews

7 Signs you are Holding Yourself Back
Recognise these signs and save your

Anna Thomas

Emotionally Unavailable Man- Why You Should Leave That Situationship
Things I learned dating

Riku Arikiri

Creating A Timer Prank Using Arduino Uno & Pink Panther
A minimalistic IoT project to tinker and have fun while building

GFC: Grown Folk Conversations

Practice Kindness
Three Things You Can Do Today To Help Your Fellow

Zee Praise

Malaysians to LGBTQ: We Care About You, Now Repent
Homophobia without homophobes & radicalizing

Liam Ireland

The Perfect Woman
The Perfect Woman Is More Than Meets The Eye, The Bedroom Or The

Sylvia Emokpae

The “Just Live” Attitude
The key to adjusting your happy

Obinna Uruakpa

Please, Bring Them Home
Where Their Names Are Not Hard To

Robert Trakofler

poetry and spoken word by Robert

Tom Handy

What No One Tells You About Christians Killed in 2020
Deaths continue to occur as they have for the past

Łukasz Gebel

6 Tips That Helped Me Run 10 km In 1 Hour
Improve your health and achieve your

ML Sadler

Five Things to Say to Get the Job You Want
Whether a full-time or freelance gig, these statements will help you close the

Floyd Mori

Trump Says He Gave Everyone A Tax Break
Ordinary people may not have seen

Dr Mudassir Hussain

Origin of Democracy and the Problem of Power
Was preferring to settle in the cities was a bad idea?

Ken Green

How to Reframe the Way You Look at Life Insurance
How you can double-dip with the use of tax-exempt life

Alison Flickinger

Network Marketing Nightmare
Network marketing, aka Multilevel Marketing (MLM), is often perceived as being a pyramid scheme or a scam. I am not…

Miriam Slozberg

How Can You Use Tarot To Write Fictional Manuscripts?
You already learned about how to use tarot to push through writer’s block. It is a matter of pulling a card to give you…

Amanze Collins

Proactive Attitude: HowTo Become Masters Of Our Own destiny
The choice is always yours

Nancy Huang

Your Money or Your Life?
I live in Melbourne, Australia. We suffered our second wave of COVID-19 outbreak back in July and have just come out of…

Beth Elkassih

COVID Reality Check… 7 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Mental Health and Happiness
Discover Tips to Boost Your

Naf Beltran

Chosen for Further Distribution and I Know Where to Find It
View your stat page to reveal if you have been Medium

T. Mark Mangum

Mr. Mason #5, Mr. Mason, and the Gargantuan beasts of Zada-3
Hovering just above the tops of the odd-looking trees, the gigantic insect had its long snout stuck into one of the…

Amanze Collins

From Crisis To Success: Transform Your Crisis Into An Opportunity
What is a

Younes Henni, PhD

Your Side Hustle Needs a Boring Day Job
A lesson from entrepreneurs who shaped the

Alejandra V.S.

10 Sneaky Time Wasters That Hold You Back From Success
#6 Having an

Mayank Pamnani

7 Easy Tips to Earn More Than $100 Per Month on Medium
Learn the platform

Emmanuel Addo Anderson

The Art of Decision Making: How to Avoid the Common Mistakes People Make When It Comes to Decision…
Consequences are more important than

S. J. Wynn

The F in Cancer. The Marshmallow Fluff
Bodhisattva Billy rides to

Amanze Collins

Blind Vision: Always Making The Wrong Choices
Common reasons why bad choices are


The Regrets Of Life.
A Haiku about Regrets within

Viraj Acharya

The Power of Conversations
Where has our

Akhtar Mehmood

Self Portrait
My love listen — my body and my soul is for you now,

Josh Bolstad

Why You’re Not Good at Expressing Yourself in Words
And how to get good at

Dr. Jackie Greenwood

Time On Our Hands
An isolation

The Dozen

Writer’s Block
There’s no such

Agnes Laurens

Stay Here or Stay There
Did you move through life and walked the path you wanted?

Featured Stories

Alyssa Atkinson

How to Create a Morning Routine You’ll Actually Look Forward To
Follow these 4 crucial

Beth Bradford, Ph.D.

The World Is Burning. Get Off Your Asana
We need healing, not a $150 pair of

Dr. Tonya Crombie

Pay No Attention to That Crazy Mom Behind the Curtain
I’m not a real parenting expert, I just play one on

Dr. Audrey

When We Dream of the Dead
Do they dream of us too?

Adam Stinson

How to Turn Dropping Out of College Into Your Competitive Advantage
You have a chance to do something

Sheldon Clay

God Writes an Opera
Some fathomless span of time ago God created what, for lack of a better word, we call creation. Heavens rose. Angels…

Tim Maudlin

The CURSE of Knowledge
5 steps to cure this curse once and for

Aldric Chen

Have You Found Your Niche In Writing? If Not, I Have A Way.
I will keep things

Alberto Guerrero

It’s Not the System, It’s You
Take responsibility for your actions… or lack

Vee Goldman

Where Do They Live?
Those thoughts of

Geri Shumer

I Shipped Crack To My College Freshman
Now her friends are all

Brian Lamacraft

Top 10 Women Musicians That Will Save Rock and Roll
These modern women rockers put the men to shame…

Suntonu Bhadra


Sienna Mae Heath

6 Easy Ways to Create Kind, Nonviolent Communication
Having a vulnerable conversation is one of the bravest things you can do. The good news from Gandhi is: Compassion is…

Bhavna Narula

Dating a Handsome Man Was My Biggest Mistake
I should have known it will backfire one

René Junge

Lock Yourself in and Write. There Has Never Been a Better Time for This.
Fall is here, and the pandemic is raging out there. What better thing to do than to close the door behind you and…

Brian Lamacraft

Light still

Roger Himes Esq.

Living Life in Abundance and Health
Abundance is a State of Mind, but It’s Also Planning and

Sumera Rizwan

The Proust Questionnaire
Answered by Sumera

Ephraim Champion

Be Your Own Hero
You don’t need to look up to

Jesse J Rogers

13 Conversations That Changed My Life
By Jesse J

Austin Harvey

I’m in a Toxic Relationship With the Restaurant Industry. Help.
I once had a woman ask me, as if these were the only two possible options:“So what’s your deal? Are you still in…

Deena Thomson

Hold you tight
A poem about Autism, Epilepsy, mother’s love and

Nathan Burriston

5 Quotes That Will Help You Get Your Life Together
For those of us in need of a wakeup

Erin King

Beauty In The Time Of Covid
What do people do when their most significant asset is their looks, and no one’s looking?

Donn K. Harris

Wednesday Wisdom: Election Day
Something Like The Truth, Vol. 1, Issue#3 —

Agnes Laurens

Living In Another Country?

Kristina Segarra

Beware of Scammers on the Internet
As more people work from home, scammers are

Mike Ortega

These Are Easy Steps to Promote Your Stories on Quora
Your views will grow like a

Brian Lamacraft

Will Racism Ever End?
Philadelphia riots are YET another sad

James Ssekamatte

13 Habits You Need To Change The World
You need power to change the world and you get power through

Kyle Davison Bair

How to See A Better God Than You Ever Expected
Seeing clearly is a gift often

Felipe Xavier

Let it go
Don’t hold it back

Floyd Mori

Trump Is Angry At Fox News For Covering Obama’s Talk
He must think Fox is his personal

💾 Aivaras Guja

What We Have to Teach Our Children About the Internet?
Millennials haven’t been thought how to use the internet and here we are…

Vixen Lea

I want a man who wants to text me back
Why you are worth more than an


Baking Soda — The Secret Hack of Performance and Health
Why and How to Tap into the Science-backed health benefits of Baking


So, You’re Down in the Dumps?
If you’re anything like me or anything like most people, you go through periods in your life where the puzzle pieces…

Patrick M. Ohana

Dust Past

Amy Hartsough

Michael Jackson Songs to Make You Feel Something
A Cathartic Playlist For Your Every

Eric Sutherland

UK Democracy vs US Lobbyists and Campaign Contributors
Create or sign a

Timothy A Rowland

Treat Every Day Like an Election Month
Love Our Country All

Trista Ainsworth

Lessons from a Lost Connection
Internet issues brought more abundance to my

Sienna Mae Heath

When was the last time you felt truly heard?
Being biracial is like having a moth fluttering in my mind and learning to train that moth. The United States may not…

Eugenio Cibruscola

COVID you say? I am off to South Korea then
We shall keep our ambitions

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

#1 With a Bullet
My first Medium $10-earning

Terry Trueman

THE Truth
Sometimes our certainty is our greatest enemy to understanding . .

Gerald Gabel

Our Election Approach is a Poor Value Proposition for America
Voting Against, Rather Than

Terry L. Cooper

Psalm 23:4
Not something to be thinking about when you’re waiting for your surgery to

Lawson Wallace

The house my grandparents lived in
It was a very creepy

Charlotte Kingsbury- Fink

My Strange Dream
Can you make any sense out of it?

Charles Stephen

Powerful Mega-Tsunami Coming From Alaskan Ice Melt
Scientists warn of an imminent catastrophic

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Top Ten Ways To Let Anybody With Half a Brain Know You’re An Asshole
Guess who I’m talking

Patty Torres

I Almost Forgot How To Write, But I’m Back.
Sometimes taking a break makes you feel more empowered to keep


Living In Lockdown
42 Experiences I Once Would Not Have

Geetika Sethi

The Proust Questionnaire Answered by Geetika Sethi
Conversations and

Sienna Mae Heath

A Call to Hope from an Independent Voter (me)
Independents could be the new progressives of the future. Here’s


Healing Trauma Can Be Quick and Nearly Painless
A little known and easy to learn energy release process is the

Roger Himes Esq.

Choices in LIFE Are Plentiful -4
We Have a Plethora of Choices in Life. But the Reality is that the Decision is Ours as to Which Ones We

Joe Moody

So, that’s what They Meant by “Shut Your Mouth”
The Surprising Benefits of Breathing

Steve QJ

Celebrating James Randi’s Lifelong War Against Bulls**t
The legacy of the amazing

Don Feazelle

Second Chances
The Disappearance of Marisol Birch from Elbow

Beth Elkassih

Remember ‘Back in the Day’ Halloween Candy?
Halloween Treats from the 60s &

Koko Wolfe

Eek to Eureka!
What theft and killing taught

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

How To Live Your Best Life
Life Lessons From Joe the

Younes Henni, PhD

Fix Your Posture to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Science-backed power

R. Scott

What I Learned About Myself After Living in the North Pole for a Year
Living in Thule, Greenland was the year I grew the

Molly Jo Triplett: The Wonder Compass

Arriving In Time
A Poem on the Creative Process & Surviving

Kenan Kolday

Transhumanism, Neo-Humanism, Meta-Humanism, and Post-Humanism. What Are they?
They are all different parts of a similar dream to improve humanity with major

Armando Almase

Hey, Jude! Where Do You Turn in Times of Trouble?
To John and Paul?

Kae Smith

I Don’t “Keep Up” With People
& I’m not sorry about

Annelise Lords

The Proust Questionnaire Answered by Annelise

Rita Arosemena P.

When My Demons Take Control
A poem about fighting our

Naf Beltran

How to Gain Sales From This Simple Facebook Hack
Facebook hashtags increase your reach for

Nikola Ojdanić, Ph.M.

7 Things We Should Look For in a Long-Term Relationship…
…or in a real friendship, for that

Shyamdeo Ranjan

5 Alphabet Vision Behind the Apple
The alphabets are I, E, P, S, and

DB Crema

What I Learned about Race as a Child
How our earliest memories determine a lifetime of

Anita Durairaj

How I Follow Writing Advice on Medium
Especially when it is conflicting or

Amanze Collins

7 Battles That Only Highly Intelligent People Understand
Being smart brings huge benefits, but it’s not always easy. For example, here are seven problems that highly…

Aldric Chen

What Is The Key To Personal Growth In Life?
The answer can be found in

Rose Bak

Long Distance Highway Robbery
Calling friends and family far away used to be expensive — now it’s only people in hospitals and institutions who are…

Susan Verghese

A Journey From Hamster Wheel To The Magic of Human Life
A tale of how I finally chose

Anthony Fireman

After The Pandemic, Who Will You Be? And What Will You Do?
A random list of questions about your post-pandemic

Louie Rahil, MBA

Why Are You Stuck? 5 Questions to Shift Your Mindset And Get Unstuck
Most people struggle with mastering their mindset, they feel stuck in their lives, careers, and relationships. They…

Father Matt

Want To Change Your Life?
Start with these 4

Neera Mahajan

Why Cal Newport Is Right About Productive Meditation
Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President, had hopelessly scattered attention. He had, what his friends called an “amazing…

Jim McAulay🍁

There Is Something In The Water
That is making them all

Julian Drach

How Waking Up Early Ruined My Productivity
Until I realized what the risks

Chad Rayborn

Why Facebook’s Fact-Check has Coronavirus Bias
When informative intentions get turned into a twisting of

Vuk Ivanovic

How to protect Humanity from A.I.
But there is also a danger of destroying A.I. in the

Ivette Cruz

Scars on My Heart
A poem about

Sachin Mishra

5 Alternatives of Google Adsense to Monetize and make $$ on Your Blog Site
Because hard work needs to be a

Emanuel L. Lusca

Bullies, Teenagers, and Technology
How Your Hurtful Words Get Amplified Online and How to Stop

Eugenio Cibruscola

How Universities Can Make Education More Affordable
And revolutionize the industry in the

Prajakta unKNown

Moms and Dads, You Have Been Duped
And why you should be glad about

Nuno Fabiao

How To Pursue Love With 5 Simple Ideas
It’s abundant, it’s everywhere. So why is it so difficult to accomplish?


In Coronavirus, the United States’ advance vote dropped to 70 million
Six days before the US presidential election, more than 70 million people have cast their

Sinem Günel

How I Gained +15,000 Followers on Medium in Less Than 10 Months
Here’s an honest overview of everything I did and the bullshit strategies I

Erin King

The Perfect Micro-Workout For Writers That Won’t Kill Your Flow
Get your exercise without losing precious writing

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Imagine Sheldon In A Content Platform
Reflections from the inner world of rowdy writers, editors, curators, publishers, and platform

Michael Patanella

The Wrath Of Loneliness
And the path it

Louie Rahil, MBA

Our Biggest Challenge
Can we protect our customers and employees at the same time?

John Ross

Why Illumination Grew So Quickly
Perspective from a

Khadejah Jones

3 Ways to Be an Effective Productivity Activist
Advocate for productivity like you mean

Naf Beltran

Voice Tweet Was A Thing
Until Twitter forgot that there are 466 million people with hearing

Brian Dickens Barrabee

Confessions of a 7 year old bartender
He also told me to cooperate with her and be as helpful as

Emily Wilcox

We are Starmade
A poem about our deepest

Patrick M. Ohana

You’re Never Alone
Ask yourself if you

Zul Bal

Why Medium’s New Symbol Rubs Us Wrong Way
We may learn to live with it, but we may not learn to love

Sau-Wai Wong

Wind ….“extremely expensive, kills all the birds…”
my thoughts on energy transition to renewable solar and wind

Andrew Poletto

The Main Reason Why I Don’t Have An iPhone
To me it’s an obvious reason. Others may call it petty, but it is what it

Ashley Broadwater

Medium Featured My Article After Two Publications Rejected It
Never give up hope or feel bad about

Quy Ma

How to Fire Your Employee and Make Sure They Leave With Their Head Held High
Their self-worth will be shattered after hearing the words. Make sure they leave with their dignity

Bobby Dubey

Positive Workaholism.
In Defence of Hustle

Shyamdeo Ranjan

Reluctant to Read a Books Start With These 5 Books
Books are tiny, but the lesson is beyond the

Kimberly Thomas


Luqman Abdi

Managing Overconfidence While Investing
Keep yourself in


How To Worry A Little Less In Times Of Panicky Moments
We obsess over our desire and

Trista Ainsworth

The Ever Flowing Garage
In an abundant world, projects are always

Maryam Merchant

To All Writers Who Feel Unmotivated to Write Today
It’s not just you who can’t write they are many on the

Aurellia T. Elisha

How to Use Your Brain’s Weakness to Stop Being a Nervous Wreck When Facing Big Moments
Repeat “This is nothing big” until it becomes your

Vee Goldman

Tired Of Being Tired
Admitting to yourself it’s all getting too

Louis Dennis

One thousand

Matthew Royse

3 Simple Yet Powerful Tips to Rise Above the Marketing Clutter
In an ever-growing stream of information, how do you stand out?

Terry Trueman

One Thing is Everything . . . Sometimes
A brief philosophical flirtation with relativity . . . sort of . .

Alejandra V.S.

What a Sci-Fi Movie About Clones Can Teach Us About Happiness
Congratulations! You’re going to the

Sofia Isabel Kavlin

Selfishness or Self-Love
When saying no becomes an act of

McCain T.E.

What’s in your Space Between/
There is too wide of a space between…

Brian Dickens Barrabee

The Importance Of Being Listened To
At 11:00 AM I was let into the room where my listener was waiting… He said nothing. He apparently took his job…

Zhenya Zerkalenkov

A Small Thing to Help You Achieve Your Big Goals
Overseen and underestimated by so many

Patsy Fergusson

New Stories We Love
What’s happening on Fourth

Kylie Craft

First Heartbreak: Evil In The Form Of A Teenage Girl
I have never met anybody capable of such pure

Sabana Grande

Children’s Creativity HACK For Success In Life
And WHY Did Steve Jobs Create The iPhone?

Greg Barber

My Monster

Harry Hogg

A Bear with Violet Gums
Or an author with his hands on the ejector

Tom Handy

I Was Scammed Again. This is What I Learned.
With a shaky economy, people are trying to scam you out of your

Susannah MacKinnie

Please Vote
It is time to make a

Caroline de Braganza

What a Fascinating Mathematical Sequence of Numbers
Fibonacci poetry is easy if you understand the

Steve Alexander🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

The Proust Questionnaire Answered by Steve Alexander🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 for Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA
Honest Answers to Eighteen of Marcel Proust’s Questions About Oneself That Might Reveal More About One Than One Would…

Bill Abbate

How to Make Sense of the Two Fundamental Leadership Styles
What style of leadership do you prefer?

Janice Arenofsky

Surprise! I’m Coming for You
Why I hate and fear surprises in all

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

I Search For Peace of Mind
We jump off the

Scott Hickman

6 Best Places to Cross-Post your Blog Content
A complete list of the best places to cross-post your blog content to increase website

Ivette Cruz

As a Journey
Sometimes we get

Jessica Lynn

How I Lost 20 Pounds and Got to My Pre-Trump Weight
The last election triggered the emotional eating I learned in


Meet New Writers
New writers joined to ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated

Jammie Phillips Ed.S

Heartbreak & Healing
Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for…

Amanze Collins

The 5 WoundsThat Prevent Your Growth | Outdo Yourself
Ever heard of the 5 soul wounds that prevent your growth? I am talking about humiliation, rejection, abandonment…

A.j Thomas

A poem about our choice of reaction to problems is how simple our solution

Emel Bayramoglu

You Are More Than Your Productivity
5 lessons to rid of success urge and ironically be more

Anggun Bawinur

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Stand up for Yourself
A step-by-step guide to speaking up and getting what you

Patrick M. Ohana

The Longest Word
Everett M. Smith goes to

Dr. Preeti Singh

The Little Pup Momo
The darling of all (Tanka)

Aurellia T. Elisha

When I die
A poem about leaving loved

Andrea Audenino

Why password managers are secure and you should start using them
So you’re like me. Skeptical when it comes to security and how to safely store your sensitive data. But over the last…

Amanze Collins

How To Manage Anger | The Energy That Is Misplaced
Are you looking for methods or ideas to understand how to manage anger?

Chad Rayborn

Your Intelligence Is Needed
You Are More Important Than You

Anaïs Schlienger

3 Behaviors That Will Boost Your Career
Stop talking and start doing: Mellody Hobson’s secrets to

Marcus Musick

Why Publishing White Papers are Critical for Content Marketing
How you can use white papers to grow your

Abhishek Verma

Be One
A Mental Health

The Dozen

A Message to Medium Trolls
“Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.” — Jorge Luis


How I signed off one hour of my life!
The digital

Chad Rayborn

How Change, Changed Me
Overcoming depression with the

Fleurine Tideman

I Never Knew I Was Ambitious
And you might not realise

Denise Garratt

Cat Food and Crackers
Getting Through Life With a Little

A. S. Deller

How to Beat the Mid-Afternoon Slump
For me, it seemed to start in high school. I would return to classes after lunch and, inevitably, sometime around 2–3…

Anne Varvel

5 Tips to Use Hashtags Strategically for Blog Post Promotion
You pour your heart and soul into your blog, so of course you want your work to be read and enjoyed. Unfortunately, the…

Douglas Pilarski

Perfect Pitch
Power Through your Investor

Enne Cruzin

Even Though You’re Struggling, You Can Still Become a Symbol of Hope
I joined a school pageant to get my crush’s attention. He became my

Sirin Yakob

I love my skin too! AND LET ME!!
Growing as a brown girl as always been a struggle cause everything you do would affect your marriage or you getting…


The Proust Questionnaire
Answered by

Oskar Yildiz

4 Habits To Boost Your Success
And no they’re not exercising, eating well, or making your

Louie Rahil, MBA

How to End Negative Self Talk in 3 Steps
Examples of how top performers silence negative

EP McKnight, MEd

How Bullying is Not the Answer but the Problem
Bullying comes from the insecure, and the

Lanu Pitan

Nutritional Benefits Of Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a very popular orange winter squash, made famous in

Camille Allard

8 Habits to Make Your Lovemaking More of a Spirit Experience
Having sex is related with a different type of

Emily Wilcox

The Boy on the Roof
A poem about a

Sean Smith

My Not-so-little $5k/Month White Paper Side-Hustle
A Former tech CMO explains how to break into this lucrative writer’s

Jesse J Rogers

4 Mentors to Challenge Your Limits
Redefine what your potential really

Ephraim Champion

You Already Know What You Have To Do. Don’t You?
No one is telling you anything

Marne Platt

Dear COVID Rebels
How do you sleep?

Emmanuel Yerumoh

11 Lessons On Relationships From A Successful Lawyer In His Prime
“I never made this mistake. But the first time I did, the deal later went south fast”

Enne Cruzin

12 Reminders If You’re Feeling Anxious
One minute of

Handriani Puspita

Find The Keys To Cultivate Reading Habit
Start small and progress over

Markus Scorelius

Disillusioned by Trump, Conspiracy Theorists Need to Support the Democratic Party
Trump’s non-disclosure of “the truth” betrays conspiracy theorists

Erin King

4 Reasons Why Consistency Is Important For Toddlers
Once you understand, it makes perfect

Anthony M. Davis

When First Impressions Of People Are Not Reliable
The silly way I learned a valuable

Kaz Matsune

What Does Fresh Fish Smell Like?
Fresh fish does NOT smell

Ella Pearson

Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time; Learn How to Create It Yourself
You’re not too busy. Here’s

Priyesh Patel

Have Netflix and co taken over cinema?
Do you remember going to the cinemas for birthday parties and family events? I do. As a kid whenever it was one of my…

Johnathan Reeper

5 Key Aspects Of A Succesful Blogger
Shortcut your success, and become the next big

Elena Emma

Spaghettified By Waiting
Did you hear that the black hole has eaten the star yesterday? The spaghettificiation, according to astrophysicists, is…

Enne Cruzin

To be honest…
Maybe I’m extra emotional this week because I’m on my

Martin Andersson Aaberge

Will the New Dymaic Design Change How We Look at Headlines? Slightly
Remember when Niklas Göke taught us all how long a headline should be?

The Maverick Files

Three 10-Minute Habits for Lifelong Benefits
Prompted by Quora, backed by science and verified by personal

Geetika Sethi

The Circle of Life = The Laws of Karma
What goes around always comes around, so make your choices

Jack Krier

Who You Are Today is a Result of Yesterday’s Priorities
Change your priorities to change your

Ashish Nishad

How to get rid of Negative Thoughts?
“Creating mental images that involve the things that you want to memorize.”

💾 Aivaras Guja

If Happiness Doesn’t End it Becomes a Nightmare
There isn’t a more terrifying place than heaven…

Bob Jasper

“Where the Crawdads Sing”
Review of the Audible Audio

Ashley Jane

5 Ways I Get Inspired To Write
How often do you find yourself staring at a blank page?


How Not to Click “forgot password” Anymore, Once and for All — Advanced
Why and how to use Multi-Factors Authentication (MFA)

H.Daneel Olivaw

Entrepreneurship 101: lessons from S. Walton, J. Bezos, H. Ford, H. Schultz
Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos, Henry Ford, and Howard Schultz all applied these principles, grew them into habits. You can…

Naouress Akrouti

Narcissistic Leadership And Business Growth
“Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” — Henry

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

A Challenge to All Writers On Our Illumination Slack Channel
Join the

Stevie Wilkinson

Applications that Make All Aspects of Writing on Your Phone Easy
Free, writing applications that I use

Justin Phillips

3 Mistakes to Avoid If You Want the Best Talent.
Freelancing Platforms Are a Fantastic Tool for Clients and Freelancers Alike, but We Need to Use Them

Amanze Collins

Bent But Not Broken
Rediscover yourself and take back what’s

Ava Marie LaMonica

Is Being a DoorDash Driver Worth it?
Weighing the pros and cons of being a DoorDash

Felipe Sanchez

Regaining your Inspiration to Write
Sometimes we as writers need to rediscover our

Jess Tam

How Your Interests During Childhood Can Be the Key to Unlocking Your Life’s Purpose
Oprah suggests talking to your inner child to help reveal your rooted

Lawson Wallace

Three Dogs at the Squadron Picnic
Dogs are smarter than we


Last Week’s News
A summary of the most important news that happened last week in the

Colin Munro Wood

Trump Will Lose: Here’s Why
Donald J. Trump will lose the election by ten percent, as voters flock to the

Harry Hogg

A Cable Car Ride
Ridden all the way to

Vee Goldman

It’s Always Running Out
And we always want

Sachin Mishra

2020 is the Worst year in Mankind?
Only if the Man is kind enough to spare coming

Molly Jo Triplett: The Wonder Compass

Fall Into A Season of Joys Meditation
“Every Mindful Step Says, I Don’t Want To Miss The Wonder’s of Life,” — Thich Nhat

Cortney Cino

The Life & Career Questions I Ask Myself Since My Dad’s Unexpected Passing
There is nothing like the self-reflection caused by mortality’s smack in the

Kim McKinney

Working Naked — I Don’t Believe The Statistics
What are you wearing?

The Dozen

Write as if You’re Learning How to Walk
Learn from

Bill Abbate

How to Change Your Life by Working for You, Incorporated
Immediately change from being an employee to a

Anita Durairaj

A Job Loss Triggered My Shopping Addiction
The lesson I had to learn and the fear that I could

June Carlyle

My Life in Quotes
Tears in

Liam Ireland

The Proust Questionnaire Answered by Liam Ireland
Like life, I’m only in it for the

Jim McAulay🍁

Make America Great Again
Take a stand for

Geetika Sethi

It’s a gluten-free, low cal treat that’s yummy on its own but yummier with some cutting

Lynda Coker

#3 Writing Idea of The Day Challenge
Writing Challenge — Idea #3 — Have you ever been drawn to something — Like a moth to a flame?

Rick Chen

Face Wash And A Revitalizing Body Lotion
A story about an honest mistake I

Mario Lopez-Goicoechea

Living in a Multilingual World
The one about the MLF teacher and his

Annelise Lords

What Is The Truth?
A Story about the Truth and



Patricia Joseph

C’mon America, We Can Do Better!
The decision we make in a few days will show who we really

Taha Abbas

7 Deadly Words By My Mother
How I lived in terror during my

Mike Goldberg

This is the Best Cure for Imposter Syndrome
Tough experiences earn

Riku Arikiri

How To Fail With Purpose
Failure is the catalyst that propels you in the direction of finding your

The Everyday Poet

The Little Green Men of America
The secret police arrests protestors here
Like the little green men back in Crimea.

Matt Inman

The 5 Essential “Tech” Tools for Your Home Office
Gear not to be overlooked in the quest for more

Mark Ellis

How to Find Your First Freelance Clients (and keep them)
And no, it doesn’t involve costly pay-per-click advertising or giving away your time for

Pelin(e) Kaya

5 Practical Tips for the Financially Challenged Professional
Does money go in one pocket and out the other? Here’s what you can

Cecily Lawless

British and American Humo(u)r: What’s the Difference?
Who would have noticed another madman round here?

Audrey Malone

What if we are living in a computer simulation like “The Matrix”?
How do we really know that we’re not?

Lulu deCarron

The Tragic Story Of Margaret Holloway
“The Shakespeare Lady”

A. S. Deller

Solve for X and Avoid Decision Paralysis
A logical method for helping to make difficult choices in life and

Tee, Conscious Creative

Top 10+ Modern Female Vocalists
And a quick commentary on segregation in music and the disappearing Black

Binlong Li

A software engineer’s view of pandemic
From the working environment setting to a software engineer’s view of

Dr. Preeti Singh

Beautiful Roses

Abhishek Verma

A Mental Health

Boateng Sekyere

7 Common Things to Avoid Doing Online if You Want to Be Well-Respected
And what you should consider doing

Randy Wolken

What Gives You The Rest You Need Now?
Rest gives you the energy you need to be

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

The Proust Questionnaire Answered by Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA
Join the

Mayank Pamnani

My First Month Earnings on Medium and 3 Tips for New Writers
It’s a great learning

Erika Chaudhary

Pakistan — what Happened when I jumped into a Deep end
What tourists don’t

Kimberly Thomas

A brief story of

Rita Arosemena P.

The Woman I Love Has Become A Memory
A poem about an absent

Vee Goldman

Just Being In The Moment

Esther George

Just Stop Giving A Damn And See How Your Life Changes For The Better
It’s really possible to let

Tiffany Ciccone

I Just Found Out I’m Entitled.
What I’m Learning about Myself as I Deliver

Justin Phillips

5 Ways You Can Get Paid to Learn.
Why Pay to be Taught, When These Jobs Will Pay You to Learn?

Marco Antonio Ghiani

LinkedIn Will Kill You: Stop Shaming
This is simply an account of someone who followed Linkedin from the beginning, noticed that since then, things have…

EP McKnight, MEd

America Needs More Mr. Rogers
How one man made a profound difference in the

Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

Expect the Unexpected
Finding love between the

Beth Bradford, Ph.D.

How to Use Block and Pull Quotes
Being consistent in your writing style can add to your

Paul Myers MBA

Not Everything New Is Good for You
A story about the pain of

Agnes Louis

Things I Would Change From My Own Upbringing When I Raise My Children
#1 — Mistake is not a bad

Jack Heimbigner

Childhood Memories From My Grandmother’s Kitchen


The Golden Rule for Success
The easiest thing to

Anggun Bawinur

You Deserve a Break — the World Can Wait
Don’t burn yourself

Vee Goldman

And On The Seventh Day


A Culture Colonized
Reclaiming its

Dan Chigwada

Don’t Just Get Through Life, Actually Live It
How to stop unconsciously missing out on

Jordan Mendiola

The Double Life of Lawrence Bader
A man disappears unexpectedly, then reappears as a TV show host under a different name three years

Naf Beltran

Will I Be a More Successful Writer if I Was White?
A question my inner critic

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Here’s What Can Happen When You Meet Other Writers
You Will Be Inspired!

John Green

Look closely to see the

Matan Valdman

Why Tesla and Elon Musk changed the Model S pricing
Tesla Model S is about to get a bit less expensive $69,

Karyin Ow

Who Is Knocking on My Door?
10 reasons you agreed to change for a better life. It is from the


Finding the Right Words for Today
How ‘Saudade’ describes what I’m feeling right

Sanjith Katta

Focus On The Right Stat For Curation
There’s ONE metric you’re probably overlooking right now!

Erin King

Parenting Isn’t Magic, It’s A Skill Set
I’m sharing my most effective strategies from 10-years in daycare and my experience as a

David Kingsbury

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Time Management
A few simple principles are all you

Lena Le

Conversations in the Dark
I find comfort with

Marcus Franke

The 4 Most Important Metrics If You Are Just Starting Your Passive Income With Stocks
All you need to know to make your first step into financial

Emily Wilcox

The Wavelengths of Life
A poem about the lightness of


3 Easy Ways to Change Your Mindset After A Major Break-Up
There is no good or bad, there is only

Stephen Marks

What Biden and Harris Should Be Saying About Covid
The case is clear. They need to lay it

Matthew Royse

The Simple Formula for Making More Money on Medium
Hint: it’s buried in the Medium Partner Program help

Denise G

The Intersection

Jim McAulay🍁

How The Captain Of The Pueblo Hammered His Captors
With A

Liam Ireland

How To Get The Best Out Of Illuminating Illumination

Megan Holstein

Productivity Advice Isn’t Only for Rich White Men
Productivity skills can help anyone, regardless of

Rose Malana

Chase Me
I’m annoying and everyone thinks
I’m a burden, a problem, a gnat
Nobody cares, I begin to sink
Should be used to this…

Tobou Egbekun

The day the Nigerian Government thought us how to be Immortal
The past few weeks have been quite crazy, not just for me but for the whole Nigeria, We got tired of police brutality…

Janice Arenofsky

Animals I merge


Know When You Need To Pull The Plug
Gain over

The Everyday Poet

Break Down All Walls
It’s a blemish on the human race
That some walls can be seen from space.

Riku Arikiri

When You Feel Like Shit, Do These 4 Things
A piece of realistic advice on how to sort out your bad days from someone who already did

Jayden Yugie

The Men Who Tried To Kill Justin Bieber
It was plotted by a Bieber Superfan who’s a convicted

iGEMStv — Jon Fitzgerald

Music & Movies
10 of the Greatest Concert Docs of All

Liam Ireland

How The Modern World Should Be
Life in Japan has a lot to teach

Michael Wilkins

Beards: A Love Story
An explanatory article about growing and taking care of a

Keira Fulton-Lees

Empty Echoes, Poetry by Keira Fulton-Lees
Empty Echoes Falling Through The Memories That Are Gone…

Ntathu Allen

Love Yourself First. What, Even Girls like Us?
a missive for all women who are abused and lied

J. P. Temps

Why ‘The Alchemist’ is An Awful Book
The self-help idea behind The Alchemist is that you don’t need other people to achieve your goals and succeed in life…

Ivette Cruz

Autumn is Here

Dr John Rose

Saga of The New Frypan.
Breakfast Stuck to the Old One. Couldn’t tell where Breakfast Ended and Frypan

Joe Luca

Relationships At Their Best
How to Fix or Maintain

Denny Enroll

Do You Know Your Heart Has Its Own Brain?
The one thing everyone needs to hear about heart

Kyle Chastain

How Box Breathing Restores Your Focus and Reduces Anxiety
A three-minute routine that has a lasting

Franko French


Malky McEwan

Two things Biden should have said to Trump
It takes a strength of character few

Jennifer Friebely

Chief Justice Roberts Probably Views Trump With Disgust
The Chief Justice should not play

Terry Mansfield

Something To Chew On
Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta

A. Rani

3 Eating Habits I Want to Raise My Kids On
When will eating healthy be normal?

Deepak Sethi

The Charismatic Superstar.
Delusions of a

Bobby Dubey

COVID-19 is that you? It’s me, Bobbie.
An open letter to the


Get Up, Get Ready, and Go Be Great
Do it as if it were the last thing you were doing in your

Julian Drach

Don’t Wait for Motivation to Strike
The art of starting before you are

Karen Madej

Weekly Wisdom from Karen

CR Mandler MAT

Too Sexy For Myself
Meow. Meow.

GFC: Grown Folk Conversations

When A Friend Brought a Frenemy To My Party Brene Brown Confirmed My Personal Growth on Red Table…
Focus on the message not the


The Dream Is Gone

Gordon Toy

The One Author All QAnon Followers Should Read
The antidote to conspiracies lies in the biggest conspiracy ever

Brian Dickens Barrabee

Preaching To The Choir
Mrs. Kline was the youth choir director. When my mother and aunt told her they were going to enroll Kit and I in the…

Jazz Parks

Here’s My Powerful Five-Step Method To Accomplish Any Goal
“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there” — Bo

Helena Pedersen

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Cake
Lets cheer up 2020 with a bit of Christmas

Natalie Carroll

What I See When MLM Advocates Post Recruitment Opportunities.
If MLM companies were honest…

Hunter Eskew

A Heart for a Soul, Version 2
A short horror story. A heart donor to

Nancy Huang

Be Kind to Yourself
How to move beyond your worst

Caroline de Braganza

Human Connection Is Not a One-Way Street
A tale told in Senryu

Alastair Isaacs

Is There Life on Venus?
Recent signs of biology on Venus might revitalise interest in the Earth’s twin

Ready Player One

Why Does God Want Men to Get Circumcised?
An Interesting idea…

Geri Shumer

Quiche Is Not Just For Brunch
Why This Easy Recipe Should Be Part Of Your Dinner

Andrea D’Angelo

To Write You Need to Be Stronger Than That
Nobody can stop you but

Patrick M. Ohana

You Have to Lie
To a

David L.E

How Cults Succeed At Making People Believe The Most Ridiculous Ideologies
It’s more about social engineering than individual

Ready Player One

What in the World is My Kid Learning?!
When reality hits listening in on “Virtual Schools.”

Alexander M. Combstrong

This One Tweet From an Author Turned Me Into a $1000/Month Part-Time Blogger
My writing improved and the knock-on effect led to improvements beyond just that. That’s what good writing can

Jennifer Geer

Stop Thinking You Need to Dumb Down Your Articles for Medium
I analyzed the top 10 popular articles for the day, and this is what I

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Is Cat Dead or Alive? Perhaps Both!
50% bug versus 50% feature superposition dilemma; you

Keith R Wilson

What Is the Meaning of Life?
I have an

Randy Shingler

Fall Transformation
Colored leaves in crisp fall air
Yellows, reds and burnt orange
Seasonal change, natural evolution,
Breathing in…

Lynda Coker

Writing Idea of The Day — #1–14
Writing Challenge — One article for each of the 365

The Maverick Files

5 Things Men and Women Can Never Agree On
#3 Ironing a pair of jeans is surely a foreign

Kiranjeet Kaur

God helps those who help themselves
God always helps in heartache

Jayden Yugie

12 Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing It
Important things every dog owner should know!

Shyamdeo Ranjan

How to Read a Book
My art of reading technics memorize forever and improve

Lady Foxx

A Journey

Ryan McCombs Jr

Do Better Fellow Libs
POTUS was NOT talking about Wile

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

How To Use Images To Increase Reads
Just The Facts

Shreya Badonia

The Rule of 100
Every Content Creator Needs To Adopt In their Creative

Terry Trueman

The Little Plaid Suitcase
A Secondary Reason Not to Allow Firearms on Commercial

Dan Chigwada

Forging Your Own Path
Only you can decide what works best for you, no one

Joshua Bolstad

Why Do People Become Prison Guards?
I believe there are two

Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

Isn’t It Odd?

Keith R Wilson

What Is the Meaning of Life?
I have an


My Wife is Always Right
I tried it again and I

The Dozen

Gmail Embraced The “M”
We’re still not

Neha Sandhir S

Our Romantic Hermitage
Sometimes all you need is a romantic

Paul Myers MBA

Simplicity Is the Name of the Ballgame
Design your thinking for design

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Joining Slack at Illumination was worth it for me.
I Look Forward to Seeing You

Jess Tam

A Gen Z With No Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Tik Tok — Oh my!
A personal essay on my complicated relationship with social

Liam Ireland

Three Ways To Grow As A Writer
It’s also a lesson in

Rasheed Hooda

Chicago to L.A. — Recap Week 12
From Edmond, Oklahoma, to hiatus in

Zul Bal

When House Hunting Turned Into a Ghost Sighting
I still don’t know what to make of what happened to

Charlotte Kingsbury- Fink

The Dreaded Snow of Winter
~here it comes

Chuy G. Gonzalez, M.Sc.

To the green eye barbie and the biracial Ken doll sitting on the highway

Dr John Rose

Tears and Islands
Zen Gardening by an Imperfect

Ephraim Champion

Something is Wrong With You…

Liam Ireland

Seven Great Reasons Why Every Writer Should Write Up A Bio
Yet another great way to succeed on

Ephraim Champion

“Should I Quit?”
Seriously? How dare you?

Greg Barber

I Give and Give

Kae Smith

Exercise Alone
An Act of Radical Self


Let’s Redefine

Rita Arosemena P.

Please, Give Me Some Space
A poem about how I secretly hate people

Peg Duchesne

My Experience with Voter Suppression
“I’m NOT Dead!”

C.J. Obikile

The battleground that is my

Evan May

The Bird and the Window
This morning a sparrow taps my window
Trapped in open field and empty air
Imprisoned on the outside
Seeking entry to my…


Stop, Fight, Reunite
A battle against

Aldo Alberto Naef-Cruz Martinez

Hello World, This Is Me.
Hi, my name is Aldo Naef- It’s a pleasure to meet you. I invite you to read my Story and get to know me a little. Let’s…

Kim McKinney

The Wonderful Memories of Grandma’s Kitchen
I can still smell the smells, and hear the

Emily Wilcox

Under the Influence
A poem about a first


Everything You Wanted to Read About Halloween
A Collection of Halloween Stories From Illumination

Kristen Abram

Goal Setting: A Guide to Determining Your True Desires
Are your goals yours, or are they based on external influences?

Jai Shankar Pandey

This about why you should not have a pet unless…

Agnes Laurens

Is This Racism — Trying To Understand Injustice and Racism
Could one sentence be racist when it is meant to be positive?

Donn K. Harris

9 Pieces of Wicked Wisdom
‘The Tyrants of the Appropriate’ and other evils in ‘Something Like The Truth’, Vol. 1

Yolanda Fleming

Automatic Pilot — The Day I Almost Killed My Whole Family
A Cautionary Tale (because Carbon Monoxide Can Kill People)

Shilpi Agarwal

How To Not Let Your Emotions Get The Best Of You
By choosing to

Molly Jo Triplett: The Wonder Compass

Fall is Made for Photographers Mindfulness Meditation
This meditation is set up to honor the dawning of the breathtaking Fall Season ahead of

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

Use Tags to Increase Your Readership
Just the Facts

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Five Questions To Increase Curation Chance and Reading Fans
Critical questions serving as a self-editing checklist for

Dew Langrial

7 Ways to Be a Hero Without Doing Anything You Don’t Want to Do
You have to challenge the idea of a stereotypical

Liam Ireland

The Essential Guide To Writing Success On Illumination
Illuminating What It Takes To Succeed As A Writer On

Bill Abbate

How to Know Where You Are on the Optimism-Pessimism Scale
Would you want to be a pessoptimist?

Walid AO

5 Powerful Phrases That Make You Instantly More Likeable at Work
It’s not what you say but how you say

Megan Holstein

8 Reasons Physical Books Are Way Better Than eBooks
They’re cheaper to buy, easier to read, and more fun to

Jazz Parks

How To Identify Your Strengths And Your Weaknesses
Using self-knowledge as a floorboard for

Kelly Davis

People Say the Strangest Things
They say that kids say the darndest things, but adults sometimes say the strangest things to each


How Not to Click “forgot password” Anymore, Once and for All.
How to increase your security of all your user accounts and reduce complexity at the same

Tee, Conscious Creative

Interview: How To Explain Why You’re Leaving A Job Without TMI or Burning Bridges

Elena Beliaeva-Baran

AI for President? Is it a good idea?
1 reason why it makes sense, 1 reason why it doesn’

The Maverick Files

Am I Crazy or Do These People Annoy You Too?
I want to tell them, but conventional courtesy holds me

Molly Jo Triplett: The Wonder Compass

Nature As Ourselves
A Poem On Perseverance In Honor of all Nature

Patsy Fergusson

What’s Happening on “Fourth Wave”
Welcome to new writers, thank you to returning ones, and call for

Ashley Jane

How to Write an Apology Email
Here’s exactly how you can deliver bad news in the best way

Hakima T A N T R I K A

I Hit My Boyfriend After He Called Me Crazy
Crossing that boundary is the best thing I could have

Kashish Mehta

To Understand Why People Behave The Way They Do, Place Them In These 3 Buckets
Behavioural, Circumstantial and

Julene Cole

6 Inspiring Quotes from Leaders of the Fitness Industry
Plus a timeless BONUS quote ❤

Neil Pavitt

Leave Your Writing And Let it Prove
The time you don’t spend writing is just as important as the time you

Brandon B. Keith

Don’t You Dare Open Another Browser Tab, App, or Document
A Strategy to Reclaim Your Time, Focus, and

Bobby Dubey

College during A Pandemic.
Through the eyes of a

Rita Arosemena P.

No Matter How Much I Try
A poem about overthinking and

Nasar Karim

Shroud of dirt
A poem about ethnic

Deepak Sethi

Successful Parenting During Corona Virus Pandemic
Ways to enhance your parenting

Alexandre Porto

The Two Main Way of Spending Your Time
Helping others and helping

Shubhrika Dogra

Another One, Lost to the Hands of Society
A Short Fictional

Viraj Acharya

What Is Living My Best Life?
And how do so many people have it sorted?

Vinita Ramtri

Some Days
A poem about effort and

The Everyday Poet

America Needs a Makeover
America needs the brown and the gay
America needs the poor and forsake.

Nishith Goyal

Mental Candy vs. Mental Protein — A Lesson from Brian Tracy
Your brain needs the right protein to flourish. Feed it

Markus Scorelius

My Spirit Guide Told Me to Consider Buying the New Amazon Echo, Fourth Generation
The perfect gift for your paranoid agorophobic

Rahul Raj

5 Inspirational Quotes to Never Give Up in Life
“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third…

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

See You On Slack
Joining Slack at Illumination was worth it for

Alexander Yung

5 Life Lessons From a Third World Refugee
How a broke, Latin American taught me to

Lindsay Brown

I Quit Smoking By Reminding Myself That Cigarettes Are Like A Bad Boyfriend
Smoking is a toxic relationship you don’t

Stephanie Domrose

How To Date An Introverted Empath
A guide for the extrovert who sees life very

Younes Henni, PhD

Quitting Your Goals Will Make You Happy
A lesson from Breaking Bad

Elena Emma

The Letter To The Sailor
When I wrote this letter to my ten-year-old son, as requested by the school for his fifth-grade sleepover trip to the…

Terry Trueman

Being Thankful
As Thanksgiving approaches I recall the greatest Thanksgiving I ever had, the one that was totally ruined . .

Tree Langdon, CPA, CGA

A Place Where Writers and Editors to Meet
Joining Slack Was Worth It For

Jenine Bsharah Baines

I Believe in Santa not Daenerys
Political games of

Chris Carter

Mixed Up
Under the evening

Anish Ramjee

Desolate Soul
A poem for my guiding

Michelle Jaqua

Sometimes The Writing Doesn’t Flow
Keep writing

Henner Townlove

A Printable Health Cheat Sheet For Living Longer
Put it on your

Rick Chen

A Simple Trick that Can Skyrock Your Productivity and Eliminate AllYour Bad Habits
It’s actually simple, you just got to “move” to

Kristina Segarra

4 Truths to Live by to Become a Successful Writer
Writers are not born — they are

Angela K. Irvin, M.A.

Enjoy More of Your Life by Proving “Someday” Exists
How to put an end to existential

Danni Pelcher

Things I Learned From My First Week As A Production PA
A view from a life on

Steve Alexander🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

The Best Study Techniques of Highly Effective Students
It’s a simple formula. Success requires work. Work requires time and concentration. Put in the time. Do the work…

Haley C. Cason

Introducing ME
Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

Vanessa Ozigbo

Your mind: Bestie or Enemy?

Matt Reicher

5 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Improve Your Day
Reasons to get out of bed and actively engage in the world around
A Whatsapp Interview With a Queer Muslim
“Now I’ve come to understand that even within Islam there is scope to be who I am.”

Terry Mansfield

Life On The Edge
It’s always wise to hedge one’s

Stephen Dalton

Making Something Hot & Delicious in Grandma (Nana’s) Kitchen
I never felt safer or more loved than in my Nana’s kitchen. Also, I never went

Dr. Ming

You Can Be Anything with a Growth Mindset
Success against All Odds — Turned out the Odds were Only in Our

Abhishek Verma

A Mental Health

James Ssekamatte

4 Habits of Extremely Lucky People
Anyone can be “lucky”. It’s just about

Donn K. Harris

Snipers in the Pre-Dawn
Follow the Allegiance is an essay about modern group dynamics leading to war; this is a poetic passage from its…

Aurellia T. Elisha

Want to Stop Trying to Control Everything? Learn How to Play the Guitar
You’ll start creating beautiful melodies only when you stop pressing the guitar strings so

Agnes Laurens

Let Me Get To Know You
Let’s meet each other!

J.A. Becker

I Scored Low On An IQ Test, Am I Done For?
How to succeed in life with a low

Caroline de Braganza

A Song of Praise for Effective Discourse
Free speech has the power to harm or to

Nancy Huang

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Did
Lessons from your future

Bridget Cougar

Fave Essays I Read Week Ending 10/24
Essays on lockdown in Vietnam, kindness, the Void, the Irish Sea, a river, dying & living, and amusing New York

Vic Bowling

4 Tips on How to Live with the Shiny Object Syndrome
And thrive while trying to tame

Elena Emma

Pass Me A Loaf, Please
Have you ever denied something so strongly that its absence added weight to your body and psyche? What if it was a…

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

No, You Are Not The Only One!
Many writers ask why stats declined substantially. I reflect upon my

Beth Bradford, Ph.D.

How We Can Improve Trust in Science
We can make America smart

Erin King

5 Shows You Need To Watch When You’re Totally Sick Of Thinking About Your Problems
These shows will give you a laugh when you’ve had just about enough of

Bogdan Marincu, MD

7 Life-Changing Habits You Can Start Right Now
Even if you’re tired, poor, or crippled. Or all

Jennifer M. Wilson

Can the New Normal Stop Changing, Please?
I can’t keep up with life right


There Is a Place for Animals in Illumination
Stories From Our Writers to Educate and Make You

Zahra Ali

She Called Me A Terrorist — And My Reward From God Was Priceless
Trials Are Treasures When You Leave It To

Nancy Huang

Feeling Overwhelmed?
A super-quick way to take back

Ahmed Sherief

Away from You
A few words from the heart to My Wife, Lover, and Mother of

Christie Li

The 3 Life Lessons That I Never Valued Until I Started Rock Climbing
How it made me a better person than I was

Robert Trakofler

The Politics of Diversion
A collection of poems on the state of my

Tim Ebl

Cancelling Cancel Culture Could Save the Human Race (From Being Stupid)
Chris Pratt is only the beginning, get ready to cancel Christmas over on-screen bullying in the 60’

Keira Fulton-Lees

Medium’s New Image — A Symbol of Dwindling Payouts?”
Penny’s Not from

Matilda Swinney

Why an Image of Ice Cube and 50 Cent is a Scary Part of Trump’s Campaign
The truth behind the

Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers

Bluebirds Rejoicing
Joy and

Michael Patanella

Confusion About Medium“Curation”
Medium curation, what’s the secret?

Annelise Lords

Poverty’s Incentives
The simple tools that can be used to eliminate

Kenan Kolday

Do You Want To Change Your Life? Here Is Your Chance To Live Your Dream.
You can do it. Follow this time-tested, simple guide step by step today and see the difference

Sumera Rizwan

Working From Home is not as Luxurious as I Imagined it to be
Moms working from Home are multitasking like

John R. Miles

Anyone Who Dares to Be, Should Stop Saying Can’t
It’s our inner voice that gets in the

Patrick M. Ohana

Are You Looking at Me?
A mindful

İpeksu Durmaz

Liberation of the soul
“..Kill me,” said the poor bird; and he bent his head down to the surface of the water, and awaited death. But what did…

Vee Goldman

The Infant’s Poem
The wonder of a

Matthew Royse

What Makes the Biggest Impact on Your Mindset?
Your mindset is very important — it determines how long you’ll

Riku Arikiri

The 7 Habits Of Highly Toxic People
#6 — They cheat on you with your best

Joe Luca

For What It’s Worth
The Time to Change the Future is

Geri Shumer

How To Get Your Kids To Ask For Salad
Make a Dressing They Can’t

Julian Drach

10 Things You Can Do During Your Pomodoro Breaks
Instead of going down social media rabbit

Kylie Craft

8 Unusually Effective Ways To Relieve Stress
Not the normal stress relief, but effective

Laina Stanford

On My Last Nerve
Inspired by Philip K. Dick’s “The Eyes Have It”

Aditi Khandelwal

What Is Stealing Your Happiness?
Why do you feel unhappy and how to deal with it?

Richard J. Goodrich

The Stoic Threefold Path to Knowledge
How does a philosopher grow wiser?

Anthony M. Davis

What Happened: a Survival Story — Near Crash in the Jungle
A flight like this made us see the value of

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