A poem depicting how intelligence and courage can help anyone defeat deepest of depressive situations

Photo from personal files

Today she has taken the reins
Of her soul, mind and brains
It is a real feast to behold her
Once again playing with paints

There she sits with her heart
Filled with creativity, wit and art
Now I hope the white canvas
Of life will turn into colorful cart

She shed her gloom and despair
Surely time does heal and repair
Every insult, injury, scar and fear
If you brace up, face, fight and dare

It takes courage to fight the battle
Of raging fires within one’s self
And win one’s dreadful demons
Unbolt, tame and freeze them to shelf

She is a synonym of courage
A genius of creativity, a sage
Grit, guts and gallant surface
On ceding agony, angst and rage

So relative are losses and gains!
Firmament of her entity she reigns
I admire her caliber and resolve
To steer through tosses and turns

If you like my poetry and write-ups, you can also read my work on my blog at https://cascadingemotions66.blogspot.com/

Resolve was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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