Short-Form Stories on Medium

What is the purpose of short-form stories?

After reading many articles on several publications on benefits, my understanding is that short-form stories have three main goals.

1 — Introduce your readers to your profile using short stories from various topics.

2 — Collaborate with other writers and enhance your network.

3 — Demonstrate a variety of your writing.

These three goals look compelling to me.

Considering I dislike the new format and function of my profile, I believe the short-form stories can be a temporary relief to my pain.

I plan to try it shortly and encourage our writers to do so.

Key points for consideration

1 — Short-form stories are expected to be under 150 words.

2 — You need to bold the first sentence of the paragraph.

3 — Copy and paste the links to your first paragraph.

Hope you enjoy the details from this story on ILLUMINATION – Medium.

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