Final Summary And Farewell To 2020

Mindfulness became my secret weapon

The year 2020 has been a hell of an experience for almost every person. In many ways it’s almost indescribable, because it was a hectic and isolated way of living, which for the most part, we never experienced before. For me, it has been one that involved a lot of looking deep within my own self, and it was a more difficult year for being a writer than I thought it would be. But that problem became the solution, because I had to dig deeper, and work harder, in an entirely new way of living mindfully.

Now over the past few years, I have made it a continuous mission to become more and more mastered in the study of mindfulness. 2020, with all its antics, made mindfulness a key tool, which could only make a rough year with a pandemic go by as smooth as it could possibly go.

When I got sober for the last time three years ago, I took it upon myself to stop simply hearing about mindfulness. This time, I wanted to actually listen to what it was all about. To hear is one thing, but to really listen is a much better and deeper way to take in a subject like mindfulness. It leads to a whole new way to get in touch with our souls and find that world of spirituality. It was that listening that helped me really excel and be mindful, and really work peacefully on getting through this year in a way that promotes sanity.

Mindfulness practice is a great aid in which we can really approach something tragic like the coronavirus in a rational and open minded way.

In this process of 2020, I have developed a different view on this year’s pandemic troubles. It isn’t a theory that I have really heard before I developed it. In many ways, it’s a way of looking at something, that brings more clarity and light, to the comforts of our life. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

What I’m speaking of, is my philosophy about how it is us mentally ill, and addicted people, that can often harness all we have learned, in a way which provides comfort, to the struggles we assume are there.

I found that the education that I have received in the treatment of mental health and addiction, has prepared me for those times where I have to find comfort in my own self. In a world where I am not distracted. In a world of a pandemic, where we are told to just sit, at home, and for many, that means being all alone. Alone with our troubles. Being forced to be okay as your own company. Where your only focus, in that “here and now” moment of you. The real you. The one person that you know, more than anyone else.

They teach us in sobriety, to find acceptance, love, and comfort within our own selves. It almost seems like it’s the only field that they teach this in. I have noticed throughout life over the past weight months, that this struggle to live in quarantine isn’t always worse on the mentally ill. We are the addicted, the depressed, and the anxious, however it is we who are taught how to be okay in our own self.

Some people do not have any histories with any mental illness, nor addiction. And this quarantining life is not something that those other people have ever learned to do. They have lived their lives in total distraction from themselves. Workaholics, and family life, and social media can distract us from everything, including our self. But when we are now stuck home, and alone for every part of life, we really learn just how comfortable we are with self. Do we accept ourselves, love ourselves, and do we know how to live in a world where we can love ourselves? A world where we can’t hide from the person we are. Many have become introduced to themselves for the first time ever this year.

It a realization that seems twisted at times, however it remains true for me. Because I have felt prepared for many of these crazy experiences. Having to socially distance, and spend more time within ourselves, is something that came as peaceful as it could for me. 2020 has hurt us in many ways, but in other ways it tested me, it strengthened me, and it felt like a relief to realize I can handle adversity to the level that I have.

For some, it is the first time in years, they are being introduced to themselves. Years are sometimes spent avoiding that type of scenario. But when a person’s number one goal of the year, is to quarantine, then it’s not uncommon for us to quickly learn whether or not we love or accept the person inside us.

While it has been a difficult year for the world in such an immense way, I still try my best to look at the drama of the year 2020 as blessings in concise ways. It has been all my therapy and counselling that’s been strongly tested. It was a learning lessons that solidified the things I have learned, when it comes to my relationship with self.

I could spend plenty of endless time picking apart the year 2020, and it would likely never come to a clear, precise summary. With the past 12 months of praise and support that I have given to the practice and idea of mindfulness, I find it only fitting to look for all the hidden blessings that blend in, to all the heartache of a pandemic filled year.

I leave this year with my health, physically, and mentally. And that also stands true for all the important ones that surround my life. While much of my life is currently still one of social distancing, and quarantining, I still have amazing gratefulness bestowed upon me, by God and his many mysterious ways.

I go into the year 2021, as a professional author and publisher is who about to share a three year anniversary, since I published my very first article. I come to a point, and a juncture in my publishing career, where I look at my stats and success, and I see myself 15 articles away from 700 official published works.

The journey of 2020, has actually helped make all of that possible. So, now I say goodbye to 2020, and I pray on 2021, as the year where people finally overcome this pandemic.Happy New Year,MICHAEL PATANELLA

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