How do you know that you are You? this question alone is best to explain the perplexing stature of consciousness. Consciousness may have different definitions but the understanding of I being ‘ME’ is the most popular.Man has touched this question a lot but never did his tiny water-filled brain come to know what it is.Image credits:

Man is planning for Mars now but do we know how it started? No one knows the truth of consciousness. There are thousands of definitions of consciousness but its explanation is still a mystery.

Why people still ask this question when the Neural world is already saturated with the invention of Mr. Benjamin Franklin, the Electricity? Well, this is because there are still a lot of phenomena that cannot be explained by mere transmission of current or the flow of ions.

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For example, the Split-brain procedures, in which two cerebral hemispheres are separated from each other do not end up in two different beings in the same head, which then holds two clumps of water-filled bodies floating in it. Our simple understanding reveals that it should result in two different personalities in the same person but this does not happen after all the consciousness of a person stays being singular not plural. There are some tiny changes in perception but no such anomaly is ever recorded. According to the theory, there should be two different personalities in the same person since the brain has NO focal point to follow nor ONE to be followed by.

We know that the electrical theory of messaging and transmission has done a lot to explain the peculiarities of Neural research but this phenomenon of impulses sometimes seems an effect not a cause of its proliferation and existence.

Secondly, the NDE or Near-Death Experiences in which patients have recorded events that happened at a time when they were scientifically dead because they had zero brain activity and that clearly hints at the missing part of the picture. According to me, this phenomenon is wrongly called Near-death experience as it reflects partial death whereas in reality there is either life or death. In binary tongue either 0 or 1. Hence it should be After Death Experience or ADE. This can either be ignored as false statements or can be researched upon as truth as it happened with so many people and has been recorded so many times. Even if it had happened with just one person it should have been enough to ignite our thinking process.

Bring to your mind, the truth of an apple falling on Newton’s head was more than enough to push the Theory of Gravity to its physical interpretation.Image credits: The language Gallery

Thirdly, the ignition of thought, in other words, the very beginning of the birth of questions still a mystery to humankind. There is no specific electrical frequency for a specific question or even a specific word in the brain. Every human has a different EEG curve and even that changes with time. Then how will we be able to explain this baffling process? Tapping on the same door or clicking on that same theory has been worthless for so many years. Surely, there is a need for another theory but according to me it will be based on inductive reasoning and will be supported by a lot of Biochemical evidence since it is the only leftover tool in Biology for extensive research.Materialistic philosophy demands a materialistic picture consisting of vertices and points not an ocean of possibilities and probabilities that cannot be compressed into a beautiful equation that is true for everyone.

In my journey of life, I not only considered the Neural approach to consciousness but also regarded the views of physicists and mathematicians since they helped to bring Biology into practicality.

So, according to some Quantum physicists and Mathematicians like the Noble laurate Sir Roger Penrose consciousness is the product of Quantum perturbations in the brain. And according to Kunio Yasue and Mari Jibu it requires a beautiful system of Microtubules in the brain. These good men lead to a new field of science known as Quantum Brain Dynamics.

Neither such an elegant system of microtubules has been found nor such research is possible today but the belief in the truth that one day or another we will get to know the veracity can never be rejected.Little are the people who would stare at the sky, sleep on their desks, and punch, again and again, to diversify their means and methods of research when they know that the threads of funds are loosening.Image credits:

In my view, the answer to this question is such a huge one that these riddles need to be answered by specialists from different fields of science, and only then these bamboozling pieces would join to become an exquisite mosaic of human art. This will be the biggest achievement of mankind, the best understanding of itself.

THE QUESTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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