The Last Day for the Fee-Payment in the College

The Last Day for the Fee-Payment in College

Sometimes you have to make a tough choice.

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One day, There were two long queues before the entrance of the library of a college. One was for the boys and the other was for the girls. The queues were for the fee-payment for the new semester and that day was the last day for payment. There were some issues with the mode of online payment of the fees, so, the ones who had not paid the fees till that day, had to pay the fees by the offline mode.

The students had to submit the fees with the fee-submission form by filling up the required details. Before standing in one of those long queues ahead of the library, the students had to get the fee-submission form from the main office of the college. It was not easy standing in those queues, especially on a very hot day like this one.

Harish with his friends in one of the queues, noticed that the queue of the girls was getting shorter at a much faster rate than that of the boys. After a few moments, Harish and his friends found out the mystery behind the curious case of the girls’ queue getting shorter so fast. The reason was, most of the boys in the queue with their fees and form, were also submitting those of some girls who were their friends, girlfriends, or crushes. If you go by the statistics of those boys, each boy with their own submission was submitting those of a minimum of one girl up to a maximum of four girls.

This thing which the other boys were doing, was frustrating Harish, his friends and many others like them in the queue. Harish and his friends were dealing with the very hot weather, the long frustrating wait in the queue, and the hunger deep down their bellies. They asked the boys to submit only their own fees, but the request went in vain as these were one of the few chances the boys got to impress their girlfriends and/or their ‘girl’ friends. After that, the requests turned into shouting at those boys, but that too went in vain as those boys seemed more powerful than Harish & his friends, both physically and socially.

After half an hour, both of the queues had got shorter, but the queue of the girls was very much shorter than that of the boys. Harish, waiting his turn, was randomly looking here and there. When he looked at his right side, he saw his crush standing in the girls’ queue. She was getting very impatient. It seemed like she was getting late for something. When she saw Harish looking at her, she said, “can you please submit my fees and the form? Please-please.” Then, Harish looked at his friends.

One of his friends, while looking at Harish was denying to help his crush, by moving his head horizontally from left to right continuously. Harish’s heart was telling him to take her fees and form, but his hunger and tired body were saying no, dont do it. The other boys in the queue were also wanting Harish to turn her down.

Harish, after considering the situation he was in, chose to say no to her. After that, she said to him, “Idiot.” But he got huge respect from the boys standing behind him in the queue. The respect was evident in the eyes of those boys. Sometimes, you have very tough choices to make. No points for guessing why he was still single at that time.

The Last Day for the Fee-Payment in the College was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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