Yoga The Way To Happiness And Good Health

Build your immunity

Author’s own picture! Picture credit Nirmala

Yoga is a balance of mind and body. You cannot separate your inner self from your outer self.

There are two ways to do it. Laugh aloud till your insides begin to feel happy. Alternatively, think and make your inside peaceful, calm, and happy and it begins to reflect your exterior.Three simple exercises to make you happy and boost your immunityThe laughing exercise, the clapping exercise and the blowing exercise.

The Laughing Exercise:

In the parks, if you take an early morning walk, you sometimes see a group of people laughing loudly together, They smile and then they begin to laugh and in the next moment, their laugh is even louder.

What does this laughing session imply?

In yoga, we say that this is a group activity where when we are together we lift our spirits and there is happiness.

During the Covid 19 lockdown and spread of the virus people could not do this group activity. The people who continued this activity in isolation as well could feel the balance in their minds.

This exercise increases your lung power which was so required as the deadly coronavirus affected the lungs.

It also keeps your spirits high and gives you emotional well being.

The Clapping exercise.

The clapping exercise is simply to clap clap and clap your way alone or in a group.

Clapping improves our blood circulation. It is a nerve tonic. once are irritated nerves are calmed, we are relieved, we smile and we are happy. We begin to sleep well and do our work happily.

After the two simple exercises sit quietly smiling like my pose in the picture above. With practice, you will be able to sit like me in the half Padam Asana.

This is an easy posture but people do not find it easy at first. Note that one leg is on top of the other thigh. Those who practice yoga can sit in this pose as well as in the full Padam asana pose for a long time.

You will automatically be calm and happy once you laugh and clap. We have a lot of group dances in India from Punjab, Gujerat, South India, Assam, and in all the dances, there is happiness with the beating of the Indian drums through clapping and laughing.

Now I want to explain another simple exercise in yoga for boosting your immunity. To keep away from coronavirus, it is important to boost your immunity and increase your lung power.

The blowing exercise:Author’s own photo. Picture credit: Nirmala

All of us blow a candle when on our birthday or anniversary or an auspicious occasion cut a cake and friends ask us to blow out the candles.

Moreover, at birthday parties and other occasions, we all like balloons and blow into them to see them getting bigger and bigger. This exercise is quite similar.

Take a deep breath in

Now slowly blow out exhaling as long as you can.

Do this every day and your immunity system gets a booster dose. Your lungs also improve their power.

The major takeaways are the following:

#1. Yoga is simple and sweet and gives very good results. Yoga need not always have difficult poses to master. There are several levels of difficulty and you can choose what suits you.

#2. Exercises like laughing are very good for people who are prone to depression. This exercise helps people to regain their confidence. Since it is a group activity it is a socializing process for people who live alone or have no one to care for them.

#3. The clapping exercise gives a feeling of exhilaration and happiness since you clap on occasions when people do well or win something and you celebrate the occasion.

#4. Blowing out is also removing your tensions by breathing out slowly until you have completely exhausted your full breath.

To conclude,Yoga gives you happiness and boosts your immunity. It is a tonic for your health. It is like one apple a day keeps the doctor away. It certainly improves your health. The only catch situation is that it has to be practiced every day with regularity and without fail to get the best results. It is also a mood enhancer by bringing peace and tranquility in your life.

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